Video marketing is an integral addition to the brand promotion toolbox – this idea is not new. From traditional television ads to today’s IGTVs and Facebook Lives, videos are everywhere. Videos have become a staple of our personal and professional lives.

Advantages of Video Marketing for Businesses 

Experimental studies reveal that, on average, successful businesses post around 18 videos per month to boost their marketing campaigns. Thus, it is high time to invest in a video marketing strategy. Otherwise, you will lag behind your competitors.

To help you better understand how video marketing can help you grow and why it’s wise to invest in video marketing, here are some benefits of video marketing:

Videos Improve SEO:

Google loves videos because it sees high-quality content. So, using videos on your website and social media platforms can work wonders in improving your Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Here, the key is to incorporate the right keywords, a catchy title, strong meta descriptions, etc. 

Videos Increase Online Presence:

Videos increase your online presence by making your content easier to digest. Without a strong online presence, businesses find it difficult to stay alive in the competition, let alone thrive.

Since videos are engaging and entertaining, they encourage viewers to visit a website or click on a subscription link. Plus, when viewers like what they watch, they spread the  word by commenting, clicking the “Like” and “Share” button. Make sure to create a YouTube end screen for video. This will encourage viewers to share your video. 

Videos Retain Users on the Page for Longer:

People find watching videos more engaging than reading text or looking at a still image. Also, they retain information better from a video as compared to text or images. On average, users spend 80% longer time on a website with videos than on one without videos. Therefore, you can make your users stick to your site longer by adding videos to your marketing campaign.  

So, producing product videos, demos, how-tos, etc. increases your chances of reaching your customers and retaining them for longer. If you are struggling with the ideation or creative direction of the content, whether it’s a video for a tech company or a medical center, professional video marketing agencies, or experienced videographers and freelancers, can help you with this.

Videos Help You Stay Competitive:

Around 90% of businesses these days use video marketing techniques. Do you know why? Because videos are a practical tool to get all types of messages out there. A short and well-produced video can create a world of difference in informing people about a product or service compared to any other type of content. Depending on your business, you can create explainer, animated, storytelling, or tutorial type videos. They should educate, entertain, and engage people. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Videos Increase Conversions Rates:

Videos instil trust in customers, and trust leads to conversions. Hence, adding a video on a landing page of your website can lead to more conversions. As per recent research, replacing an image with a video may increase conversions by 70% or more. This is because customers like to touch and test products before they purchase them.  A video enables them to do so to a greater extent.

With the ever-increasing trend of online shopping, it has been integral for businesses to produce videos. Videos relieve the customers’ doubts about purchasing. It offers a detailed description of your offerings and replicates the traditional in-store shopping experience. Thus, consumers are more likely to retain the message and make a purchase.

Videos Are More Shareable:

Videos receive more shares than images and textual content. On platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, users are more likely to share videos than any other kind of content.  Videos are highly shareable because they bring practical value to the users by showing tips, tricks, and hacks.

Videos Are Easy to Produce:

Producing and publishing videos is very easy. Many successful businesses create professional videos with only a mic, a smartphone, and a few editing skills. There are some instances where you may need professional assistance. Yet, there are multiple types of videos you can create in-house with or without assistance.

Videos Boost Social Media Engagement:

Writing articles and posting images on social media is a general practice. Everyone does it. So, how will you stand out of the crowd? The answer is by creating captivating videos. If you produce informative videos that speak to your consumers, you will boost your social media engagement.  Engagement is essential in the current age of digital marketing. If your image or text content fails to drive engagement, traffic and sales will decrease.

Videos Reveal Personality:

Often a brand fails to be memorable as there is no human representation. Videos eliminate this anonymousness. They give a face to the brand.  This allows users to connect with the brand on another level compared to the other types of content. Videos provide users with a real glimpse into your business. They are a way to get close to your customers.

Videos Drive Sales:

Videos improve online presence, humanize a brand, create brand awareness, increase SEO, build trust, and are easy to produce. But, the best benefit of video marketing is that they drive sales. To promote a product, make a video to encourage people to visit your website and explore your products. You can use an invitation maker online to create such a video. 


Marketers use videos in a variety of ways to promote their businesses. They record webinars, shout with Facebook  Live, shoot videos for emails, IGTV, YouTube, landing pages, etc. Indeed, video is one of the latest tools in digital marketing. It is not likely to go anywhere soon. With the right strategy, video marketing can leave a beneficial and lasting impact on your business!