Most women find out that they have endometriosis after years of dealing with severe pelvic pain. Many believe that it’s normal to feel like that, at least on some days, and that’s why they don’t reach out to a doctor sooner. Don’t worry, as it’s never too late to start treating your endometriosis.

In this article, we’ll describe the symptoms and available treatments for this condition.

What Is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis occurs when tissue that normally lines your uterus starts growing outside your uterus as well. The condition can affect your ovaries and the tissue lining your pelvis. It very rarely spreads to other organs, but when it does, it may require surgery.

The main symptom of endometriosis is pain that sometimes never goes away unless you take a painkiller. This pain could be distributed to your abdomen, or lower back, depending on where the tissue grows. It’s not uncommon to experience fatigue and tiredness, even when you seem not to have any reason to be tired.

Doctors agree that endometriosis in the early stages isn’t dangerous, it’s merely a source of pain and discomfort. However, if left untreated for years, it could cause infertility. That’s why it’s essential to act as soon as you notice the first symptoms.

How Can It Be Treated?

It’s important to distinguish real treatment from dealing with symptoms. Many women use various painkillers, but that can’t be considered as a cure. It can make your life easier, granted, but it only treats the consequences and not the cause.

Of course, you shouldn’t start medical therapy without consulting your doctor. When prescribing a treatment, they have to consider numerous factors, such as your medical history, any genetic predispositions in your family, etc.

However, endometriosis is often related to progesterone resistance and issues with this hormone. As you may know, progesterone is a hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle as well as other processes in women’s body.

Therefore, one of the medicaments most commonly prescribed is Visanne. The name may not sound familiar to you, as medicines usually have multiple names. Visanne is a medicine that belongs to the class of progestin, medications that act like progesterone in your body.

Most women manage to solve their issues with Visanne, or a similar prescription from their doctor. It’s important to be persistent and not to expect results overnight. Hormones are very complex, and treating issues with them requires some time and dedication.

Another tip would be not to experiment with multiple medicaments at the same time without your doctor’s knowledge and consent. Stick to the one that you’ve chosen or that was prescribed to you and give it time to work. That’s the only way to know whether a particular medication works for you or not.

Natural Ways to Treat Endometriosis

Unfortunately, there’s no proven natural way to treat endometriosis. Many women claim that herbal teas helped them, but there’s no scientific evidence to support that. However, there’s one thing you can do. You can try to eat healthier, drink more water, and start with some exercise.

Working on improving your overall health has two benefits. First, when your body is strong and healthy, symptoms of pain could become milder. Second, working on your health enhances the effect of the medicaments you’re using.

We know that exercise doesn’t sound like a good idea when you’re in your bed with stomach cramps. When the symptoms are really bad, it’s normal to skip exercise and rest. However, on the other days, you could start by including daily walks into your routine. You’ll be surprised how much this small change can influence your overall health.

Walking can improve your metabolism, and as a result, it could have a positive effect on your hormones as well. It could also be an excellent way to distract yourself from your health issues, knowing that you’re doing something good for yourself.

Be Patient

Whatever option you choose, it’s essential to be patient. Endometriosis is a condition that has been on the increase for years. You can’t expect to treat it in a week, just as if it was seasonal flu. However, with persistence and a healthy lifestyle, the results are sure to be positive.