Drug or alcohol rehabilitation can be a difficult stage and stressful stage in life. If you are one of those who are undergoing this state in your life, you are not alone. Know that there are people who can walk through with you in this recovery stage. It may not be an easy path. But the road to recovery is highly achievable.  You can seek help from a rehabilitation center such as Calm Rehab

You can also find some tips that hopefully can help you. 

Have the Determination to Succeed

Many people are willing to help. But the road to recovery begins with oneself. The will and determination to leave drugs or alcohol are the most important.  We know it is easier said than done. Have faith in yourself. Trust that you can succeed. Your willpower is your main driver for that road to recovery.  Everything will follow.  With that determination, you can outline and have a clearer set of goals for yourself. 

Set Goals

What is it that you still want to achieve in life?  Is there anything in the past that you have always dreamt of? Revisit those dreams in life.  Use those dreams to power you up. 

If you have had several dreams in the past, pick one first. Which of those do you feel strongly for? There may be one that you think you wanted to achieve. 

It is not yet late. You can still work in reaching your dreams. Write your goals. It can be one major goal. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things.   With a goal, it may help you fuel the passion for your road to recovery. 

Raise and Align you Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing

Obstacles and temptations will always be there. Hence, you need to always stay focused on your goal. Your whole body and being need to be interconnected with each other. The physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects have to be aligned. They all have to be in a good state. Aim to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

A calm mind, relaxed body, and a full spirit reduce stress and anxiety. Remember a time in your life where you felt peaceful? It may be a long time ago. But try to think of how that phase in your life was truly peaceful. Close your eyes. Imagine you are there again. 

Try Breathing Exercises

Every day, take deep breaths. Have time to relax and do deep breathing exercises. If the body feels stressed, even these simple exercises can do wonders.  

Short and shallow breaths worsen the situation. It does not allow the proper flow of oxygen in the body. Hence, you need long and deep breaths once in a while. This will allow the proper flow of oxygen throughout your body.  How can you do this properly?  

First, find a quiet place to relax. As much as possible, go to a place with no possible distractions.  It is better if you can do this outdoors so you can breathe fresh air.  Nature always helps. Turn off your cell-phone and avoid doing other things. 

You can sit or stand. If you wish, sit down on a comfortable spot. You can do a cross-leg position on the floor. If you are indoors, sit on a mat. If you are outdoors, find a good grass or a clean and comfortably warm place to sit on.  

Then, close your eyes.  Place both hands on your stomach. Take a deep breath in using your nose. Try to feel your stomach fill or expand like a balloon. Then exhale slowly using your mouth.

Clear your mind as much as possible. Don’t think of anything else, most especially negative things.  Try to clear your mind of worries and other concerns. Just focus on your breathing. If you think of too many things, this breathing exercise defeats the purpose. Remember, your mind, body, and spirit have to be aligned. 

You can do this breathing exercise as many times as you can. But if possible, do this at least twice a day. 

Relax Muscle Tensions

Try this exercise and you can feel that there is a difference between tensed and relaxed muscles. 

Let’s begin this exercise. 

Sit upright on a chair. Focus on one area of your body. It can be your shoulders. The shoulders are where we normally feel tense muscles. You can try squeezing your shoulders. Or you can ask somebody to do this for you. Do this for at least 5 seconds. Hold this pose for a while. You will notice your shoulders will feel relaxed.  

You can proceed with doing this with the other parts of your body. Start from the top of your body. Then move slowly towards the other parts. You can do this exercise up to your toes. 

A lot of people have these stressed and tensed muscles. They don’t even realize it oftentimes. You have been through a lot in life. You can feel these tensed muscles. Hence, you can try doing these exercises every day. It can help a lot. 

Use Music

Do you know that music can penetrate deep into the soul? It can affect our mood. Music can make us remember a happy or sad time in our life. Many moments of our lives can be associated with certain music.  

We suggest you have a ready playlist of music that can make you happy. Choose music that you associate with good and happy memories. 

You can also choose calming music. Instrumental and classical music also helps. Healing and Christian songs are also very good music to uplift your spirit. 

We hope these techniques help you with your road to recovery. If you need any other help, contact us at Calm Rehab.