As we approach a certain age, even the fittest of us needs an oil change from time to time. The Government has our back on this one through Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people over 65. If you are over such age, you’re approaching it, or you know someone in that situation, you may want to ask yourself, “Is it enough? Do I need to consider a Supplement?” Well, statistics show that around 77% of Medicare users appeal to some type of supplement, so let’s see what the options are. Here we look at the best Medicare Supplement plans for 2021. 

Best Plans for 2021 

Unlike Original Medicare, Supplement Plans (also known as Medigap Plans) are run by private companies and they are designed to cover those aspects that the federal program can’t. This can include co-payments and healthcare assistance when traveling outside the U.S., among others. Following the recommendations from the official website, there are 7 aspects to consider before choosing the perfect plan: costs, coverage, your current coverage, prescription drugs, doctor and hospital choice, quality of care, and travel. But what are we comparing exactly?  

Your current options are 4 different Medicare plans (A to D), and 10 additional Supplement Plans (E to N). Each of them consists of different features, and as you can imagine finding the perfect one can be a complex task. We are facilitating that decision for you by going through some of the best options. Here we take a look at the best Medicare Supplement plans for 2021.  

  • Plan G 

This is probably the smartest choice if you visit hospitals frequently but don’t want to meet high premium fees. In terms of features, it’s an intermediate option between the Plan F and Plan N, which we will now discuss. It includes: 

-Medicare Part A Coinsurance & Hospital costs 

-Medicare Part B Copayment 

-Blood (first 3 pints) 

-Part A hospice care Copayment 

-Skilled nursing facility Coinsurance 

-Medicare Part A Deductible 

-Medicare Part B Excess Charges 

-Foreign Travel Emergencies up to plan limits 

What it doesn’t include is the Medicare Part B Deductible.   

  • Plan F 

This is the most comprehensive one, but it can also be the most expensive. It covers all Part A and Part B copayments, including the Part B deductibles and excess charges. And if you travel outside the USA it can cover up to 80% of the healthcare expenses, depending on the plan’s limit. This is the most comprehensive option and is recommended if you want to forget about out-of-pocket additional costs once you pay for your insurance.  

  • Plan N 

Generally speaking, plan N has the same basic benefits as Plan F, except it does not include Plan B deductibles nor excess charges. Because of that, it can also be the cheapest option in terms of what you pay to your insurance company. It can also have the lowest monthly premium, so if you consider that your visits to the doctor are rather rare, this might be the best deal for you.  

  • Best Companies for 2021 

Now that you are familiarized with the different plans, let’s see some of the top companies where you can get them at the best deals.  

  • Aetna

Provides a national web of high-quality option, and it’s known for its excellent reviews. It stands out the 12-month rate lock, which means that you’ll be able to maintain the initial rate during the following year. That’s right, no rate increase for a whole year! 

  • Humana 

Their prospects are mostly happy about their wide variety of plans to choose from. Additionally, they offer rewards for maintaining healthy habits, and thus promoting prevention over treatment. An example of this is their free fitness program. 

  • AARP 

They offer high-quality service. This includes a Selector tool to find the best plan for everyone, as well as a Locator to help you get the best specialist in your area. If you want to apply to their plans, take into account that you must be an AARP member. 

  • Cigna

Started in 1792 as the first Marine insurer in the USA, and if they’ve been around for so long, I’d say is because they know a thing or two. They offer a discount for members of the same household, and they won’t turn down applicants with certain conditions (read till the end of the article to find out what that means). 

  • Mutual of Omaha. 

Their discounts vary from state to state, so we recommend you check what’s available in your area. But in general, you can expect household discounts, spouse discounts, and a very favorable Claim policy. They say 98% of their Claims are paid within the first 12 hours. Impressive! 

 Finally, independently on your final decision on what Medicare Supplement Plan you’re getting, let me remind you to apply within the first six months after turning 65. This is known as your Open Enrollment Period (OEP) and it prevents you from being charged additionally or being turned down because of health conditions. Make sure you take that into account!