Have you ever encountered negative reviews about your work? Are you looking for ways to fix them and attract more positive reviews?

According to Reviewtrackers, a consumer is 21% more likely to leave a review regarding a negative experience. People are more motivated to complain than to give praise to a service. 

As a medical professional, the impact on doctor reviews reflects one’s reputation. The truth of the matter is, patients won’t trust you until they trust you online. 

Patient reviews help medical practices more than it does the patients. By reading what they have to say, you can gather ideas on how to improve, understand what needs to be done, and showcase your outstanding service. 

All are vital influencers of dictating the way you work. Here’s your easy guide to learn how you can get more positive patient reviews online! 

5 Ways To Get Positive Patient Reviews

Get the timing right 

Timing is critical when asking for feedback. 

The best time to ask for a review is right after a successful visit because the service you gave will still be fresh on their minds. 

Patients are also more likely to appreciate your efforts after showcasing remarkable service. 

On the other hand, it’s also crucial to bear in mind the condition that a patient is in. You should avoid asking for reviews after a grueling procedure. 

According to a study from ReviewTrackers, the best times to request online reviews are from 2-3 PM and 6-7 PM

This is because people often check for businesses online during lunch breaks and after working hours. 

Focus on online and automated requests

With our digitized lifestyles, our preferences have shifted to automated systems. 

If you want to adopt a digital approach for reviews, you have many options online, including email campaigns, social media, and online review tools. 

Some of the online review tools for medical professionals and hospitals are the following:

  • RateMDs.com
  • HealthGrades.com
  • Vitals.com
  • WebMD.com

Online users usually rely on these websites to find appropriate doctors or medical facilities to accommodate their health needs. 

These websites also provide rankings to showcase top-rated doctors that patients can rely on.

Automating your review system can help you gain efficient and quick responses.

You can create digital forms on a computer or mobile device that patients fill up after their visit.  

Always keep in mind to create only straightforward questionnaires and ask very few personal questions as possible. 

Focusing on the performance aspect and making the process simple is vital to gain a positive review.  

Practice transparency with online reviews

Easily accessible online reviews open your practice to criticism, but accumulating positive reviews can benefit you in the long run.

By practicing transparency, you’re giving a chance for everybody to write a review about you anytime. 

The best thing you can do to assure that patients leave positive reviews is by giving them the best patient care experience. 

Going above and beyond your patients’ expectations will motivate them to say good things about your practice. 

With your authenticity and willingness to be assessed on these open platforms, you’ll be on your way to establish your patients’ trust. 

Proper etiquette should also be followed when addressing reviews.

If your clinic receives a negative review, you should reach out to dissatisfied patients to know how you can improve your services. 

On the other hand, positive reviews should be appreciated and shared. These acts are proof of a practice’s outstanding service.

Being transparent may make you vulnerable, but it shows that you care and value your patients’ suggestions.

Be HIPAA-Compliant 

Be aware of what information to divulge in an online patient review. Always be HIPAA-compliant when responding by bearing in mind the following:

  • Do not disclose any details about the patients and the type of treatment. 
  • Control your temper on negative reviews, and do not be defensive. 
  • Do not answer in a way that indicates the reviewer is a patient. 
  • Use generic language while being polite and brief.
  • Practice expressing gratitude to patients who leave feedback.
  • Reiterate the policies within your practice.
  • Always offer to resolve the issues offline. 

Violations of the HIPAA-guidelines can lead to fines and severe penalties.

Always answer with a calm demeanor while being considerate of the guidelines regarding patient privacy.

Improve overall patient experience 

The most important step to guaranteeing a surge in positive reviews is by improving the overall patient experience. 

Your number one priority should always be the wellbeing of your patient. The way you treat them is an indication of your identity as a healthcare practitioner.

This identity is what is being described and rated in reviews.

  • Make sure patients are comfortable and skillfully assisted during their appointments. 
  • Polish your medical system so that patients can easily follow with limited supervision. 
  • After the scheduled hours, you can call and ask for updates regarding their conditions, showing your commitment to providing them topnotch service even after the appointment. 
  • Boost your customer service capabilities by responding to online queries.

Always make it easy for the patients without abandoning your professionalism and overstepping personal boundaries.

Aim For Positive Reviews! 

Garnering positive reviews is an excellent way of establishing a reputable image online and will help boost your marketing efforts. 

According to research conducted on the impacts of healthcare reviews, 72% of consumers refer to online reviews as a preliminary step when choosing a new doctor.

Keep in mind that timing is vital when requesting reviews. To make your review process fast and efficient, you can use online tools that can automate these systems for you. 

For authentic engagements, allow yourself to be transparent in online reviews. Letting your patients share their negative and positive experiences can help in establishing patients’ trust. 

Patients will assess you entirely on their overall experience. Act with professionalism but with a sense of care that will leave a mark on your patients.

Lastly, aim for improvements to your system and your customer service to accommodate all patients with quality care. 

Positive reviews are attainable online. It’s never too late to hone your practice and give the patients the quality care they deserve!