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The year 2020 has affected our lives drastically. The entirety of the population getting forced into staying home made it difficult for us to keep track of our fitness and health. Moreover, fitness professionals consider cardio workouts to be the most effective for maintaining fitness. Anyone can perform them smoothly at the leisure of home without requiring any specific equipment. Hence, here are six cardio exercises at home that will help you stay fit this year. 


Admittedly, the cardio workout that even the pros fear is a burpee. Despite that, it is widely considered one of the best calorie-burning exercises, especially at home. It requires no equipment but just some space, and your bodyweight itself. The steps are quite simple: stand upright, squat to the floor, and kick your legs back into the plank or pushup stance. After that, perform the same steps in reverse; pull your legs back and go into the squat position, followed by standing up again. 

While even the average burpee is hard for most individuals to perform, the exercise also has several variations. Incorporating an extra step, such as a pushup or jumping up, can significantly raise the workout’s intensity. Some advice would be to go at your pace and incorporate up to a minute of the burpees session.


The nature of cardio exercises requires the immersion of the entire body. Thus, what better a workout than one that incorporates the same strenuous principle of climbing a mountain? Not only does the mountain climber spike the heart rate, but it also strengthens the core. It does not require any specific skills or equipment. However, like the vertical workout machine, fitness equipment provides the same intensity of body toning while simplifying the process. 

The workout form and stance are relatively straightforward. The pose requires you to keep your body in the plank position, kicking your legs back and forth. Ideally, the knee must get pushed as far as the chest area. Similar to a burpee, the circuit should last anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute. Some added steps like pushups or bear crawls can serve as notable variations to the exercise.


Squats get inherently hailed as one of the most vigorous workouts for the lower body. They do not require any exclusive sessions, making them suitable for working out at home. Since squats are essential for strengthening your legs and hips, the exercise will need an additional twist for burning the calories. One such option is to include jumping in the workout. 

The routine for this exercise can be done in 30-60 seconds, followed by other lower body exercises. For an entirely cardio-based session, perform it along with the other cardio exercises you have planned.


Cardio workouts at home are very much possible, and you already possess the essential equipment — a staircase. The variety of exercises you can do with the stairs at your home are limitless. They enable you to challenge your body’s strength and stamina simultaneously. Depending on the steps, you can alternate your workout accordingly. A lesser number of stairs means you can focus on strength increasing exercises like pushups, dips, and other bodyweight exercises. A higher number of steps will allow you to practice jogging and jumping jacks. Additionally, high-intensity interval training involves a fair chunk of a stair-based workout plan. 


Kickboxing is an astonishingly fast means of burning calories and staying fit. It demands the use of some equipment. However, the benefits easily outvalue the price of the equipment. The commonly used gear includes punching gloves, a punching bag, or wearable gear for your partner to prevent any injuries. Moreover, kickboxing makes it possible to burn over 100 calories in just 10 minutes. While it is vital to have some necessary skills, following a video is also possible. Another benefit of kickboxing is the opportunity to relieve yourself of the pent-up stress and frustration you may have. 

A workout plan revolving around kickboxing tends to have several chains of punch and kick chains.  Jabs, hooks, uppercuts are some examples of punches, while kicks include front-kick, jump kick, tornado kick, and many more. Nevertheless, kickboxing and martial arts generally require the presence of a mentor to correct your mistakes. Therefore, viewing certified trainers and their videos is crucial to prevent any injuries when practicing at home.


Many of us have wonderful memories of playing jump rope as a kid, making it a fun activity. Then why not bring the same level of fun into your workout routine? The training is simple yet effective. Studies show that an average 20min of jumping rope can potentially burn up to 250 calories. Furthermore, other than the jump rope itself, you will only require some space for jumping. Many fitness trainers claim jumping rope as the best cardio workout that can get performed anywhere. 

Although the thought and childhood experience dictates how easy it may seem, it isn’t. Therefore, to avoid injuries and fatigue, proceeding at your own pace cannot be stressed enough. 


Health has a direct relation to the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. Thus, weakness in either of the aspects is likely to yield negative results in the future. Taking out some time from our busy lives and dedicating it ourselves is imperative. Not only will it improve your physical health, but it will also help you cope with the mental strain you undergo every day. Conclusively, a healthy mind requires a healthy body.