Being a nurse is hard work, and while nurses get more credit than they used to, they’re still overshadowed by doctors all too often. Working long, exhausting nursing hours on the COVID-19 frontlines can feel like a thankless job.

Many companies recognize the struggle and offer discounts for nurses to show their appreciation. Take a look at these seven exciting nurse discounts you may not have heard of.

Enjoy Time off at Disney for Less

When you get a much-deserved break from your nursing duties, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether you can afford a vacation.

So you can better spend your energy enjoying time with your loved ones, Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin Resort offers a nurse discount. This is a choice offer because the Swan and Dolphin hotels are within walking distance of the theme park’s attractions.

While the rate isn’t listed—you have to ask for the nurse’s rate on the phone or type in the code Y7N online—you can save a lot of money with this offer. Some saved hundreds of dollars per night using these hotel discounts for nurses!

Not a Disney Fan? Try These Travel Discounts for Nurses

The Swan and Dolphin nurse discount is a great deal for sure, but Disney isn’t for everybody. Some don’t have families and aren’t interested in going alone, and others have families that aren’t theme park fans. Plus, staying away from crowds and major public attractions like Disney during the pandemic isn’t a half-bad idea.

If you have other travel plans, check for transportation and lodging options at a nurse discount rate.

Some accommodations with discounts include Choice Hotels and Red Roof Inn, and you can save on travel packages with Contiki by calling 1-866-CONTIKI and requesting the discount. Contiki’s discount is available for other medical professionals, too.

If you’re traveling for business instead of pleasure, JetBlue is helping medical professionals get where they need to be. As with any of these discounts, you should be prepared to state your employer and provide proof of your job.

This list of travel discounts is by no means exhaustive, as new offers pop up here and there every day. The key thing to know is that travel discounts for nurses and doctors exist, so always ask if they’re available!

You Could Save on Unlimited Calls and Texts

It’s hardly possible for anyone to live without a cellphone these days, but phones are even more vital for nurses. They let you stay in touch with family and friends while you’re working long shifts and give work a sure way to reach you when you’re needed at the clinic. When you use your phone as much as nurses do, it sure would be nice to save, wouldn’t it?

Verizon is one provider offering a discount on some monthly unlimited plans for current nurses. If you’re with Verizon or interested in switching, take a look and see if you could be saving. If Verizon isn’t your provider and you don’t want to switch, it can’t hurt to ask and see what’s available from your carrier.

Get Enough Rest To Stay on Top of Your Game

Having enough sleep is of the utmost importance when working in healthcare.

If you aren’t well-rested, you might not be in a good mood to comfort ailing patients. Even more importantly, you’re at a higher risk of making serious mistakes. Not only could you lose your license for making a mistake, but you could cause harm or even death!

Getting enough hours of sleep is valuable to be sure, but there’s only so much good logging hours of Z’s can do when you’re in the wrong bed. Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed may cause back pain, cramps, and other injuries that add to fatigue. Discomfort from bed can affect your work performance too, making it hard to do things like lift heavy objects or even your patients themselves.

Sleep Number knows the value of enough quality sleep, so the brand’s retailers offer a nurse discount. Ask about the discount in-store and you could save big. Some nurses report they saved as much as 35% on a new bed! 

Put Your Family in a Good Home

There are a variety of housing discounts for nurses to help put your family in a new house. In the United States, the Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund can help you cover closing costs and Homes for Heroes can help, too.

Home and mortgage discounts for nurses aren’t exclusive to the USA, though. Nurses looking for housing in Australia can check out more here and get started.

Drive Safe for Less

Having reliable transportation is invaluable to healthcare professionals, so another popular benefit is car insurance discounts for nurses. The American Automobile Association (AAA) is happy to help nurse members find discounts on insurance, so give them a call and ask. Don’t worry if you aren’t an AAA member, because you can snag savings without a membership, too.

Farmers Insurance, Geico, and Nationwide are three big-name auto insurance providers with nurse discounts. If you don’t have an account with those providers, don’t assume there’s nothing available for you. Get in touch with your insurance agent and talk to them about options that may be available.

Hungry? Save on Your Lunch Break

As a nurse, you’re always in a rush. Sometimes, your busy schedule comes at the expense of quality meals. You’re not always able to make tasty dishes for you and your loved ones between long work hours, other obligations, and the resulting exhaustion.

Yet, making up for a lack of good home-cooked food with restaurant meals gets expensive. For that reason, a number of restaurants and brands offer food discounts for nurses.

Outback Steakhouse, Panda Express, and Big Chicken are a few chain restaurants with discounts available. Outback and Big Chicken discounts are available at any restaurant, while Panda Express discounts may vary by location.

If you want something healthier and prefer to cook at home, discounts from Home Chef make getting dinner on the table less daunting. Healthcare workers like you can sign in with to get 50% off your first order, and 10% off on every order after that.

If you have a sweet tooth, worry not: Snickers and Mrs. Fields have treats for you.

Mrs. Fields has a 25% discount available on desserts from their Medical Heroes Collection, and Snickers is giving away candy. That’s right, you can send any essential worker (including yourself!) a gift card for a candy bar from Walmart, no strings attached. Plus, they make a donation to Operation Gratitude for each bar sent.

Thrifty Tips and Tech Advice

With these seven unexpected discounts for nurses, you can make the most of the status your career affords you during your hours off. These discounts make your high-stress life less difficult in the financial arena.

We have all kinds of financial advice for any situation so you can save money for things that matter. We also keep you up to date on the latest and greatest technology to help you navigate the ever-changing digital world.

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