Diabetes is one of the most common diseases and is also one of the deadliest if not managed properly. When you’re diagnosed with diabetes, that means that a lot about your life has to change, including your diet. 

The best way to prevent this from happening is to prevent developing diabetes at all. There are many ways to do this, such as watching your sugar intake and caring for your body, but for some, it’s not enough.

When you’re given the diagnosis that you are pre-diabetic or are repeatedly told by your doctors that you need to be careful what you eat due to being at risk, it’s time to take things seriously. Thankfully, you can balance your glucose levels and keep yourself out of harm’s way via daily supplements.

These supplements can balance your blood sugar levels and cleanse your body of fats that cause diabetes. One such supplement that we are going to review in this article is known as Sugar Balance.

Who Should Use Sugar Balance?

sugar balance reviews

Sugar Balance is an all-natural daily supplement that aims to help cleanse the body, specifically the liver, of harmful fat and balance your glucose levels. So, by doing this, you will be able to further prevent the development of diabetes.

Sugar Balance is meant for those that are having a hard time keeping their glucose levels under control. Mainly, this means those who are pre-diabetic or are already at high-risk for developing the disease.

No matter the reason for your struggles with blood sugar levels, whether it be due to an inability to fight impulsive cravings for sweets or a low tolerance for sugar in food, Sugar Balance might be able to help. Even if you are already a diabetic, this herbal supplement can help to stabilize your blood sugar levels if they are erratic.

Sugar Balance Reviews: Overview of the Supplement

Sugar Balance is a daily herbal supplement made by Nature’s Formula with the goal in mind to make preventing and managing diabetes a little easier. Because the founders of this supplement wanted this to be as smooth as possible, they developed an all-natural formula that won’t cause any further harm to the body.

Because all of the ingredients used in Sugar Balance are natural herbs, this supplement has no reports of any serious side effects. You can flush the problems out without putting any more in with this highly researched formula.

Every single ingredient used in Sugar Balance is picked for its properties in helping to balance and maintain the body’s glucose levels. Each ingredient has been researched and proven to do this, all with minimum side effects on the body.

Sugar Balance works to help the body in the following ways:

  • Detox the liver of sugar and fat
  • Stimulate your pancreas to work better
  • Balance your glucose levels
  • Reduce your cravings for sweet and sugary foods

Furthermore, every single bottle of this herbal supplement is manufactured in an FDA & GMP approved facility. 

Pros & Cons

Every product is not without its pros and cons, and Sugar Balance is no different. To help you in your research, we have compiled this list of pros and cons that we have found and will give our opinion on if it’s worth the risk at the end.


  • Balances blood sugar levels
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Increases the body’s metabolism
  • Helps to reduce sugar cravings
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Visible results in just a few days.
  • Made in an FDA and GMP approved facility
  • Offers 180-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available on the Official Website
  • Cannot be used by pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Not suited for children under the age of 18

When weighing the difference in pros and cons, we think that Sugar Balance is worth it. Except for those who should avoid using this supplement, it checks out as being a safe and effective way of detoxifying your body and stabilizing your glucose levels.

Sugar Balance Ingredients

As previously stated, the ingredients used in Sugar Balance are all-natural herbs, and each one has a purpose in making it the amazing formula it is. Let’s take a moment to go through each of the ingredients and explain how they work to help stabilize your blood sugar.


Schisandra is a fruit-bearing vine native to Northern China that has many benefits to human health. It’s a beneficial ingredient because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it lowers the levels of glucose and fructose within our small intestines.

Licorice root

Licorice root is fantastic for your immunity and gastrointestinal health. It works to prevent unwanted fats from building onto your liver and working to further cause glucose problems.

Astragalus root

This root is quite possibly the most important ingredient in Sugar Balance as it has multiple purposes such as anti-inflammatory, anti-adrenal fatigue, and relieving stress. By doing all of this, astragalus reduces glucose levels and enhances insulin sensitivity.

Wild yam root

Wild yam is a common ingredient found in different supplements because it has many uses for our health. When it comes to Sugar Balance, it helps lower sugar levels and works to rebalance your hormone levels.

Soloman’s seal

Soloman’s seal is a nifty ingredient to add to the mix that is common for treating inflammatory diseases and lung disorders. This particular formula works to remove fat in the body that causes blood sugar levels to go out of control.

Mulberry leaf

Mulberry leaf is a fantastic ingredient for any diabetic as it works in favor of everything that causes diabetes. It helps lower your blood sugar levels while improving liver function and assisting in weight loss.

Lycium Chinese fruit

Lycium is another anti-inflammatory and is frequently seen in medicines that help inflammation and skin problems. It works by destroying any thrombus present within the body.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium is an excellent ingredient for increasing the body’s metabolism. It also derives energy for your body and helps you to feel less fatigue and get more active.

Juniper berry

Juniper berry is often used to increase the health of the liver. It cleanses and heals the liver and is often used to treat liver disorders.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Another incredibly useful ingredient, Gymnema Sylvestre is commonly referred to as “the sugar destroyer.” True to its nickname, this ingredient rids the liver of excess sugar.

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How Does Sugar Balance Work?

One of the most common reasons for the development of diabetes is a build-up of fat on the liver. When the liver isn’t working properly, it causes your blood sugar levels to get out of control and is a precursor to this incurable disease.

The ingredients chosen for the formula used in Sugar Balance were carefully chosen after years of intense research. Each one plays an important role and is frequently used to treat glucose problems for a good reason.

Sugar Balance works to improve the health of your liver by improving its overall production and reduce the excess fat that is weighing it down. With the liver working better than previously, your glucose levels will begin to balance themselves out.

Not only does Sugar Balance directly affect the liver, but it also does its own work on the blood sugar levels to reduce them to a healthy rate. This makes preventing full-blown diabetes more possible and makes managing existing diabetes even easier.

Sugar Balance also helps to enhance your metabolism and leads to weight loss and reduced cravings for sweet and sugary foods.

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Benefits of Using Sugar Balance

There seem to be many benefits when it comes to using Sugar Balance but let us take a moment to look at these benefits and why they are good to better your life.

May Help Balance Your Sugar Levels

Whether you are on the verge of developing diabetes or are already living with it, you are aware of how serious it is and how you need to take better care of yourself. Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid those sugary foods, and it comes back to haunt you in your glucose levels.

But for some people, even a healthy diet isn’t enough to keep those levels under control. It’s times like these that you realize that something different needs to be done; otherwise, your life is at risk. 

Diabetes takes thousands of lives every year, so it’s important to keep yourself in check. With Sugar Balance, you can manage those extra treats, balance your glucose levels, and stay healthy and alive.

Helps Boost Your Metabolism

Developing diabetes means a lot of things for your body, and for many, that also includes weight gain. Those with diabetes often have an incredibly low metabolism, which is a massive part of this weight gain.

Just like Meticore, Sugar Balance works to elevate your metabolism, help you break down food faster, and help in a path to weight loss. It is a massive benefit for any pre or current diabetic that has been struggling with weight issues on top of their fluctuating glucose levels.

Not only do you experience weight loss due to this enhanced metabolism, but even the excess fat it works to rid from your body will be visible.

Reduces Your Stress

A few ingredients in Sugar Balance are well-known for reducing stress levels in the body. This will make it a bit easier for you to relax and improve your overall mood.

In other words, this supplement isn’t just good for your physical health, but it helps to improve your mental health as well. Managing diabetes can be incredibly stressful, after all.

With a better mood in play and less stress hanging around, it will also help with any stress eating you may be taking a part in—other ways to manage or prevent diabetes and help you lose excess weight.

All-Natural Ingredients

Doctors love to prescribe medications to help with glucose management, but a lot of these medications come with a slew of side effects due to the man-made ingredients used in them. The formula for Sugar Balance is made with all-natural herbs to help you to avoid these uncomfortable side effects.

This is why Sugar Balance is good for your body. These herbs have all been proven through scientific research to benefit your body in helping to fight diabetes and its causes.

The lack of serious side effects when using this supplement while helping to manage your body against a serious disease is definitely a huge benefit.

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Side Effects

As mentioned, Sugar Balance has no reports of serious side effects from any of its thousands of customers. However, some effects should be watched for.

Allergic Reaction

Unfortunately, living with allergies is a reality for some people, and some allergic reactions can be even more devastating than diabetes. This is why if you have allergies, it is important to scrutinize the ingredients and make sure you will have no problems before trying this supplement. 

If you have had issues in the past of being allergic to herbs and are unsure if you will have a reaction to Sugar Balance, speak with your doctor before taking it. If you take Sugar Balance and suffer an allergic reaction, stop taking the supplement immediately, and seek medical attention.

Pre-Existing Medication

Just like with any other supplement, it is always best to speak with your physician before taking Sugar Balance if you are already taking other medications. There is always a chance that the ingredients within the supplement and your medications could react with one another.

Though Sugar Balance appears to be beneficial for your health, any medications you are taking for your health should always take precedence. Speak with your doctor first to make sure a reaction does not occur that could negate your medications.

Other Medical Problems

Sugar Balance is meant for those who have diabetes, but it is common for those suffering from diabetes to also suffer from other medical issues. If you fall under this category, speak with your physician before taking Sugar Balance to ensure it will not worsen your condition.

As you are aware of certain medical conditions, the oddest things can make things worse, so it is best to ensure Sugar Balance is not one of these things. Your health and safety are always more important; thus, it is important not to sacrifice one part of your health for another.

Who Should Refrain from Sugar Balance?

The list on who should avoid taking Sugar Balance is short, but it is important to note them, nonetheless. 

Those who should avoid this supplement altogether include:

  • Anyone who is not pre or currently diabetic
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Children under the age of 18

Those who should consult a physician before taking Sugar Balance include:

  • Those with a long history of allergies.
  • Those taking pre-existing medications.
  • Those with medical problems besides diabetes.

Of course, if you have any concerns about if Sugar Balance is right for you, you should always consult with your physician before taking this herbal supplement.

Dosage & Tips to Start

Before taking Sugar Balance, it is important to note that this is a herbal supplement meant for those who are at high risk of developing diabetes or already have the disease. If you are only looking to detoxify your liver and prevent the chances of ever developing diabetes, there are other healthy ways to prevent this.

Since there is no prescription required for purchasing Sugar Balance, you may not have a doctor’s instructions on how many capsules you should take at a time. Without a doctor’s directions, the label instructs you to take one capsule 3 times a day during mealtimes.

When taking Sugar Balance, it is recommended to drink lots of water to help it to work properly. Since water is the best thing for the body anyway, this is a good thing.

Where to Buy Sugar Balance and Guarantees?

sugar balance reviews

Sugar Balance is only available on the Official Website. You should always avoid purchasing supplements like Sugar Balance on third-party websites such as Amazon to ensure you are receiving the real product.

Furthermore, when you purchase the supplement on the official website, you are privy to fantastic bulk deals. If you buy this item anywhere else, you will not be qualified to receive these sales.

Current prices for Sugar Balance are:

  • 1 bottle for $69 with a retail price of $99
  • 3 bottles for $139 with a retail price of $297
  • 6 bottles for $199 with a retail price of $594

Sugar Balance offers an amazing 180-day money-back guarantee. If, at any point, during the 180-day trial, you feel that it isn’t doing what you thought it would simply call up customer service, and you will receive a full refund. 

Sugar Balance Review: Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, based on our research, we think that Sugar Balance is a fantastic product for preventing and managing glucose levels for diabetics. With its all-natural ingredients and a lack of side effects to go with it, it’s good for your body and health as well as improving your current condition.

It has many benefits that definitely outweigh its cons to the point that it improves both physical and mental health. The reviews for this product are mostly positive, and the ingredients truly speak for themselves in terms of scientific research.

The best part is that if you buy Sugar Balance and decide that it’s not working for you the way you feel it should, you have 180 days to get your refund. You don’t even need to return the product you have purchased to get your money back.

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