Perhaps you have donated blood before, or maybe you never have. It doesn’t occur to some people to ever do it. Others haven’t done it up until this point because they’re afraid or don’t like needles.

However, donating blood is a fantastic thing to do. Here are five of the best reasons why you should at least consider taking part in a blood drive if there’s one happening near you.

Hospitals Almost Always Have Blood Shortages

One reason is that hospitals have a blood shortage more often than not. They need as much blood as people are ever able to give. They use it for:

  • Blood transfusions
  • Helping sickle cell and cancer patients

In the United States, every day, hospitals need about 36,000 red blood cell units. They need about 10,000 plasma units and 7,000 platelet units.

Many times, hospitals need blood for sickle cell patients. They often need transfusions throughout their lives.

Also, those who receive a cancer diagnosis and are undergoing chemotherapy often need blood. Sometimes they need blood daily during chemo. Blood also often goes to car accident victims who have sustained traumatic injuries.

Your Body Replenishes Your Blood Supply

Some individuals also worry about the blood they’re losing if they make a blood drive donation. What you have to comprehend, though, is that:

  • Your body replenishes the blood you donate
  • Within a couple of days, you’ll have the full amount your body needs again

When you donate blood, the blood drive workers only take as much as is safe. They never take an amount that puts you in any danger. Within a few hours, your body will create more blood, and you’ll be back to normal.

The worst that can happen with the amount the blood drive workers take is that you might feel a bit woozy. That’s why the workers will have you sit for a while afterward and have something to eat and drink. This will help you recover.

You’ll Feel Good About Yourself

Another significant benefit is that if you give blood, you will feel real positivity. If you grapple with depression sometimes or feel like your life lacks purpose, this is a very simple, fundamental way to make a difference. The blood that you give can literally save many lives.

You can think about giving blood as a charitable act. It’s like being a soup kitchen volunteer or cleaning up your neighborhood with a church group. It’s a secular event, but it’s a way to feel that you’re making a positive difference in your community and the world at large.

You’ll Meet Some Great People

You will also probably meet some enthusiastic people if you involve yourself with a blood drive. That goes for the blood drive workers and also the individuals who are giving.

Everyone who gets into blood drive involvement wants to make their community better, and you’ll probably enjoy having people like that in your life. They have a positive attitude. 

In a difficult year where the pandemic is still going on, you can cheer yourself up being around people who want to make a difference.

Some Companies Incentivize Blood Drives

You can involve yourself with a blood drive independently, but sometimes, your work might have one as well. If that happens, they might incentivize the process in some way.

For instance, in some companies, they will give away fun little prizes to individuals who give blood. They might enter your name in a drawing. You might win and get event tickets, a gift certificate, or other swag.

One more reason you might want to give blood is precisely because you’re afraid to do so. You might not be crazy about needles or seeing your blood leave your body.

If you do it, though, you’re conquering your fears. You’re not just engaging in a socially responsible act; you’re also engaging in personal growth.

Most therapists will tell you that it’s healthy to challenge yourself and face your fears. Donating blood when you’re afraid would certainly qualify.

If you’re still a bit on the fence, just think about the many people you could assist and the many lives you could save. It’s great to do something for others, and it makes you feel like you’re helping during a dark time.

2020 has been so challenging for many individuals, and this is an easy way to make a difference in all the right ways. If you’ve never donated before, there’s no better time to think about doing so.