Unless you have suffered from back issues, you might never know the importance of spinal health. What many people do not understand is the ‘burden’ our backs have to bear on a daily basis. For starters, it supports the whole body as well as plays a key role in facilitating movements such as bending, walking, and sitting. As such, if you want to lead a healthy life, ensuring your back is at its optimal health is imperative.

So, you want to have a healthy back? Below are some of the simple rules as advised by a spine neurosurgeon you should follow to ensure you are still rocking a good posture past your 80’s.

Maintain good posture

Sitting hunched or slouched causes immense strain on your back. Even the supporting muscles, bones, and joints are strained. The best thing is to try to maintain good posture when seated or standing.

The way to maintain a good posture while seated is to sit upright at the back of the chair with your shoulders back. Since the back has a natural curve, maintain it by placing a lumbar cushion in the middle of your back. Your feet should also be laid flat on the floor.

Use the right mattress

Apart from getting quality sleep, the right mattress ensures a healthy back as it allows it to rest adequately. Go for one with the right firmness; one that is not rock hard and one that does not allow your body to sink in. Due to the pressure, we subject our backs to as we run day to day errands, you need a mattress that alleviates these pressures, allowing you to properly relax.

Proper nutrition

The importance of proper nutrition to a person’s overall well-being cannot be over-emphasized. Back muscles and bones in the spine require nutrients and vitamins to be healthy. To ensure a healthy back, you need to eat foods high in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, K2, D3, and many others. All these vitamins and nutrients have different functions that include the formation of collagen and the development of bones. 

People that have a history of back pain, chia seeds, and omega-3 rich foods go a long way in reducing inflammation.

Engage in exercise

Ever wondered why gym instructors insist on back training? Exercises are an essential part of having a healthy back. Since the back is made up of bones and numerous muscles, performing exercises that strengthen the spine is vital as it reduces back pain, improves posture, and helps you go about your day to day successfully.

Fitness enthusiasts often have a day set aside specifically for back exercises. They understand that without a strong back, they cannot perform other exercises. So, as part of your quest for a healthier back, incorporate deadlifts, pull-ups, and bent-over rows in your fitness routine.

Avoid carrying heavy stuff daily

One of the common ways people strain their backs is by the regular carrying of heavy loads either on their backs or front. Doing so strains the spine and muscles. As such, regular heavy lifters should always use supporting tools.