When faced with medical complications, you ought to partner with an experienced provider for the best outcomes. Do you seek a proficient anesthesiologist in Monroe Township, NJ? University Pain Medicine Center should be at the top of your list when seeking quality services by a compassionate specialist.

About Practice

Your search ends with the University Pain Medicine center if you are looking for an interventional pain management practice in New York. Your pain management specialists provide numerous methods to offer you relief from various chronic pain conditions at the practice.

At University Pain Medicine Center, the practice thrives in addressing each patient as an individual with a distinct set of problems requiring a customized, therapeutic approach. At the practice, every specialist on the team is well-trained in the treatment of several chronic and acute pain conditions, including back pain, headaches, arthritis, back pain, facet joint pain, herniated discs, and other conditions.

University Pain Medicine Center specializes in a full range of world-class procedures and pain relief therapies. Your team works hard to provide exceptional clinical care, using innovative technology and the latest techniques. Pain treatment options available include lumbar synthetic block, steroid injections, celiac plexus block, and trigger point injections, among others.

Didier Demesmin, MD, MBA, board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, has been consistently recognized as one of New York’s top doctors. Collectively, Dr. Demesmin and his team of top-ranking specialists can help you overcome injuries and pain using non-surgical treatment procedures and options.

Additionally, the practice plays a role in corporate social responsibility by giving back to the community. In doing so, they serve and contribute to community health.

Available Services

At University Pain Medicine Center, your proficient team of professionals offer a wide range of top-notch services, including:

  • Sports Injuries Specialist – Your vulnerability to sports injuries increases if you participate in sports. Your providers at the University Pain Medicine Center can offer you speedy relief to enable you to resume your sport.
  • Steroid Injections Specialist – When you suffer from pain that is unresponsive to conventional medical care, you may require a steroid injection to regain mobility and participate in physical activity. Contact University Pain Medicine Center for a successful epidural steroid injection.
  • Sciatica Specialist – Lower back pain is a common symptom of sciatica. If you suffer from this condition, contact the University Pain Medicine Center for effective relief and overall good health.
  • Arthritis Specialist – Before arthritis makes you incapable of performing regular chores, you need to build a strong defense against its symptoms. To enable you to resume your everyday lifestyle, the team provides numerous conservative treatments before suggesting surgery.
  • Headache Specialist – While it is normal to experience headaches every once in a while, this condition may symbolize an underlying problem if it persists. Contact University Pain Medicine Center for effective pain-relieving medications.
  • Cancer Pain Management Specialist – If you are battling cancer, you deserve efficient pain management. Your provider regularly conducts effective cancer pain management therapies at the University Pain Medicine Center to make your condition bearable.
  • Varicose Veins Specialist – Often prompting leg pain, varicose veins are a common leg problem. For leg pain or to permanently eliminate varicose veins, contact University Pain Medicine Center for a world-class treatment experience.

Bottom line

To have a deeper understanding of the diverse treatment options available for you and their benefits, call or schedule an appointment online with the University Pain Medicine Center for a superior treatment experience.