Dental care has come a long way, with innovations in materials, techniques, and procedures. But virtual consultation technology has perhaps been the biggest revolution in the industry. As the name suggests, it leverages virtual technologies like video consultations to connect patients and practitioners so that people suffering from acute issues can get emergency help on the fly. Even as the appointment is virtual rather than physical, the benefits can be extensive because the patient can get diagnoses, advice, and information instantly.  There is much more to virtual dental care if you scratch the surface. Let us explain the potential of this technology for revolutionizing dental care.

Quick care and assistance for patients

The most obvious benefit of this technology comes for the patients. They can get emergency care and assistance anytime and from anywhere. Also, they have the opportunity to connect with an expert remotely, which is all the more vital if the patient requires specialized help for a complicated case. The doctor and patient can have an interactive video consultation, where the practitioner can assess the problem and suggest emergency medicine and a long-term treatment plan. The entire process cuts down the stress of a clinical visit and eliminates the waiting times in dental practices, at least for the initial consultation. The cost is also lower, while the patient still gets quality care. Moreover, it is possible to connect with a dentist of choice, regardless of their geographical location.

Extensive benefits for dental practices

Virtual consultations are beneficial for dental clinics as well because they can serve a larger number of patients every day, even with reduced chair times. For example, patients who avail all on 4 dental implants need not come to the clinic for the smallest of issues and routine check-ups. They can connect with the specialist electronically, which is an obvious advantage for the clinician and the patient. Reduced foot traffic to the clinic translates into lesser pressure on the practitioners, even as they give the best treatment and follow-up to the patients remotely. Additionally, it helps them grow their practice as they extend the reach and connect with patients across far off locations.

Continued care in the COVID-19 era

Another reason why virtual technology is emerging strongly in the current times is its relevance in the age of social distancing. Right now, nothing is more important than curbing the spread of the virus, but patients struggling with painful dental issues need help when they are in a problem. With live video consultations, they can get emergency treatment and even avoid a clinical visit unless it is absolutely essential. The technology is helping patients deal with their issues while practitioners can keep their clinics up and running even when a majority of people are not dropping in physically for treatment.

Both patients and dentists are already comfortable and confident with the concept of remote consultations and check-ups, so widespread adoption is not a concern. This technology is rightly the future of the dental healthcare industry, and it is poised to be more popular even when things get back to normal after the pandemic recedes.