It’s thought that 1 in 10 of us will experience a mental health illness at some point in our lives, with many of us experiencing depression. 

If you’ve been diagnosed as having depression, it’s likely your doctor has prescribed you some medication. But did you know that there are things you can do to help yourself? 

Read on for a few tips that could help you deal with depression:

Try to Stay Active 

While you might not feel like being active, studies have shown that exercise can help you to feel better. This is because it lifts your mood. Think about going for a 20-minute walk when the weather’s on your side. Walking is a good way to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. 

Enjoy a Massage 

Did you know that a professional massage can help you to feel better? Massages can help to loosen up those tight muscles and they can make help to boost your mood. A little bit of self-care can make a lot of difference. 

Try to have a massage at least twice a month and get used to taking care of yourself. Your massage therapist might even give you a few tips so you can massage yourself in between appointments. 

Eat a Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet can help you to feel better. This is because your body will get the nutrients and vitamins that it needs. You don’t have to be the healthiest person on the planet, you just need to eat everything in moderation. 

Try to have at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables each day. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are just as good as fresh ones. Try to eat different colored fruits and vegetables as the different colors contain different nutrients and vitamins.

Make Sure you Have a Routine 

When people feel depressed or a little down, their sleeping pattern isn’t always very good. This can result in you feel tired, being out of sync with your body clock, and it can even make you feel worse. 

Get up at your normal time on weekdays and try to stick to a regular routine. Make sure you know when you should eat a meal, go for a walk, and get the chores done. You don’t have to stay busy every minute of the day, but having a routine does help.

When you stay busy, you’re less likely to sit and think about how you’re feeling. 

Try to Avoid Alcohol 

Many of us like a drink from time to time. However, some people use alcohol as a way of dealing with how they are feeling. The trouble is that alcohol will not solve your problems. In fact, it could make things worse. Try to cut down on how much you drink if you cannot completely avoid drinking. 

If you have depression or even if you’re just feeling a little low, use the above tips to help you feel better. Please make sure you always speak to your doctor if your low mood is affecting most of your day.