Whether you are working in the medical industry, or you are simply a citizen who wants to be responsible about their health and the health of the people around him or her, one thing is for sure. You will need to invest in some personal protective equipment in order to stay safe during the pandemic. Face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are only some of the pieces of equipment you will have to take into consideration.

If you start searching for PPE Northern Ireland, you will see that there are a lot of shops selling this type of equipment, but the truth is that you shouldn’t just go with just any shop you come across. Instead, you need to do proper research in order to get the equipment you need and get it from the right supplier. That’s how you will stay perfectly safe.

In case you aren’t exactly sure which equipment you must have while we are all dealing with the pandemic, I suggest you read on. I’ll give you a list to some of the most essential pieces of equipment that you must always have at hand. Of course, I’ll also share a few tips on how to find the perfect supplier, which will consequently help you find the best quality equipment. Let’s get started.

Face Masks

While everybody knows that face masks are a must right now, a lot of people fail to understand that these were always an essential item in the medical field. This means that high-quality face masks have already existed for a while now. It’s just that, now, their use is spread from doctors and nurses to everybody. In other words, they have found their way outside hospitals.

This further means that we all already know which face masks we should use. I’m talking about the medical ones since they have been in existence for so long for a reason. Their filtration efficiency is usually around 98%, which is definitely of huge importance. Plus, these are highly practical and compliant with safety directives, which makes them perfect both for people in the medical profession and others.

Here’s how to wear this item properly: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-05-wrong-doctors-properly-mask.html


Another important piece that you certainly need to have in your household are, of course, medical gloves. Once again, these have also been around for a while and there is a reason why they are regarded as the most effective ones when it comes to protecting ourselves. After all, these wouldn’t be used in the medical field if they weren’t successful in protecting everybody against bacteria and other kinds of threats.

Hand Sanitizers

We are all sometimes away from our homes or our offices for a long time and thus incapable of washing our hands properly with soap and water. This, however, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything about it and just wait until we get the chance to wash them. Hand sanitizers can help us wash our hands on the go and the best part is that these are extremely successful in killing the germs and bacteria that might have landed on our skin.

How To Find The Right Supplier

The above are only some of the pieces of equipment that we should all have ready and at hand today. When medical workers are in question, though, it goes without saying that they need to think about getting even more protected with disposable aprons, safety glasses and similar. Here’s what we all have in common, though. We all need to find the perfect supplier in Ireland that will sell us the right, high-quality items.

The only question is how we can do that. If you decide to learn more about personal protective equipment, you will quickly understand the importance of finding great quality products. Of course, that starts with the supplier and your first step is to get a few great recommendations regarding those suppliers from the people around you.

After getting those recommendations, your next step is to go online and start doing your own research. Check out the websites of various suppliers to see what they are offering. Then, find reviews written about their products and services and decide on the supplier in Ireland that will offer the best quality at reasonable prices.