The standard of healthcare in the UK is fantastic. However, that doesn’t mean things don’t go wrong. 

Medical negligence can occur in both the public and the private healthcare sector. When something does go wrong, it can have a devastating impact on your health and wellbeing. 

Did you know you could be entitled to compensation if you have been a victim of medical negligence? Here, you’ll discover what damages you can receive compensation for in a medical negligence claim. 

What is medical negligence?

Medical or clinical negligence occurs when a healthcare professional doesn’t provide an adequate standard of care. If this leads to physical or mental injury, you could make a medical negligence claim. 

Medical negligence can occur in both the public and private healthcare sectors. It could be a doctor has missed a diagnosis, or your mental health team didn’t provide the right level of service. It could also occur if you are discharged from hospital too early and it has caused you harm. 

You generally have three years to make a claim after the incident has occurred. You will need to be able to prove you have been a victim of medical negligence in order to claim. 

What damages can you claim for?

There are a lot of damages included in a medical negligence claim. You can claim for compensation for any pain and suffering experienced. You could also claim for ongoing treatment costs or loss of amenity which means you can no longer carry out your hobbies as a result of the damage caused.

Other things you can claim for include loss of earnings, costs of adapting the home and compensation for a psychological injury. 

What can’t a medical negligence claim do?

While a medical negligence claim can help you to get the compensation you deserve, it won’t force hospitals to change the way they practice. It also might not necessarily improve standards or get the healthcare professional to apologise. The court can simply provide the financial compensation you might need due to the negligence. 

You could contact the hospital or clinic directly to see whether they are going to take additional steps against the practitioner. However, there are no guarantees that the healthcare professional will be dealt with. 

While medical negligence claims can be long and complicated, with the right help you won’t find it as daunting. Seek help from a professional solicitor to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Did you know that most negligence claims end up getting settled outside of court? So, if you have been putting off seeking compensation for medical negligence, contact a professional solicitor today.