Did you know that 50% of physicians have used their tablets when giving care to patients?

Medicine and technology have long been related, but in 2020, thanks to digital wellness, they are more intertwined than ever before. 

How can you use technology to plan your digital wellness and general health personally? Read our in-depth article to find out more.

How to Create Your Own Digital Wellbeing Plan

We live in the most connected world in history. This brings incredible advantages for business and commerce. However, it also brings challenges, especially since people are finding it more and more difficult to be separated from their devices. 

The challenge in 2020 is not whether we should incorporate technology into our lifestyle. The challenge is how to harness it to help us produce the lifestyle that benefits our health the most. 

Many foundations such as Medicare Wire are researching and providing valuable guidance regarding the deployment of technology to gain health benefits.

1. Balanced Digital Wellness

To be clear, digital wellness does mandate the abandoning of phones and tablets. Rather it promotes usage of these devices to aid health. 

Placing some limitations, although perhaps traumatic in the beginning, is valuable. There are clear links between the over-use of technology and interrupted sleep, irritation, and of course, a lack of exercise. 

How can you put the reins on technology and make it work the way you want?

2. Work with Technology

What are some simple ways to make technology work for you rather than the other way round?

Use Multiple Devices

Although though this may sound illogical, there are benefits to the use of multiple devices. The ability to communicate freely with workmates can allow the solving of issues and the answering of questions while away from your desk. This allows you to go outside, get fresh air, and exercise.

Track Physical Movement

Some smartwatches or other devices allow you to count steps and other physical movements. This is a prime example of how digital wellbeing can work for you. The ability to keep records can help you to reach physical activity goals. 

Application Usage

Your devices will offer you the opportunity to track your usage and screen time. Just as you likely have minimum exercise goals each week, you should also set maximum screen time goals if possible.

3. Optimize Your Methods

The best way to optimize your methods is to synchronize your digital wellness goals with your everyday life. This means that your goals will need to be realistic. As you track your progress each week, you will see your strengths and weaknesses and how to increase your pace of progress. 

Over time you will see progress towards your wellness goals. This may be because you feel better or reach a goal (ie. loss of weight). In other cases, it may be a statistical improvement as you track your progress on your digital device.

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Wellness and More

In 2020, personal health and hygiene have been brought into the spotlight more than ever before. Technologies allow us to plan digital wellness and our personal schedules in ways that benefit us physically and emotionally. It pays to see how we can benefit from these technologies and improve your day-to-day living.

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