For those who are new to the scene of superfoods, sea moss is simply a red alga similar to kelp and it has been garnering attention in the field of nutrition recently. Also known as Irish moss, this superfood has been in use for its multiple benefits since 600BC. There are many benefits of sea moss products. It is beneficial for your hair, skin and you can also make different recipes from sea moss products. You can buy products from Organicsnature, they have a unique collection of sea moss products.

Occasionally appearing in Irish, Jamaican, and Asian cultures, the sea moss has not been studied in-depth to know all the potential it holds. From improving emotional health to promoting healthy skin, the inclusion of sea moss benefits a wide range of aspects of the human body. 

Many people are skeptical about the perks of consuming sea moss due to the lack of its presence in the mainstream culture. Even though unnoticed by the health and wellness field until recently, it seems like the sea moss is more than just a trendy food this time. This article has been put together to enlighten the skeptics about sea moss and why it should be included in the diet. 

Benefits of Sea Moss 

Algae are naturally rich in antioxidants and minerals. Often, they are better sources of protein than meat. Even with the minimal research done on this alga, the known benefits are innumerable. Here are a few benefits to consider when you think to buy sea moss and plan to take a step closer to your well-being:

Boost Your Immunity

It has been found that sea moss is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin B2, and vitamin B9. Thus, it is especially helpful in improving immunity when used as a supplement in the diet. Additionally, it also has iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc in better concentration compared to most fruits and vegetables available on land. 

This helps in building a healthy immune response and increases the production of red blood cells. Moreover, the superfood has antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties which become of immense help during the flu season. Besides, sea moss has prebiotic effects on the body and facilitates the development of healthy bacteria in the gut. 

Sea moss also has a high concentration of potassium chloride which is essential in reducing inflammation and lowering the risks of catching a common cold. Thus, it is very evident that consuming sea moss builds up the immunity system in many ways. Checkout for more details on boosting your immunity.

Improves Respiratory System

Perhaps the most known benefit of the Irish moss is its ability to soothe a sore and irritated throat. Used by the Irish to fight against pneumonia and tuberculosis, sea moss is without doubt a powerful remedy for respiratory ailments.   

With its abundance of iodine, sea moss can thin down the mucus coating the respiratory tract. Doing so reduces the difficulty in breathing that asthma-like patients face and lowers the risk of respiratory diseases developing into a serious condition. The mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties of the algae have led it to be a confirmed preventive measure for conditions like COPD and pneumonia. 

Also, the potassium chloride content in sea moss helps in reducing the inflammation of the mucus membranes. Using the substance in its gel-like state in a morning smoothie clears the phlegm buildup in the throat. It also soothes irritation resulting from allergies and overexertion of the respiratory system. 

Increased Energy Levels

An important fact to take note of the algae family is that often a little quantity of algae packs multiple times the nutrition seen in the same amount of food grown on land. In the same way, sea moss contains over nine times the iron content found in the current common sources of iron. 

Remember, lack of iron in the body makes the individual feel fatigued, this is especially seen in people who follow diets that do not include meat, poultry, or seafood. Iron increases the body’s energy level by enabling the production of more red blood cells to carry oxygen from the heart to the rest of the body.

By supplementing the diet with sea moss, individuals who do not consume seafood, meat, and poultry, and also anemic individuals can meet their body’s iron requirement. In addition, the vitamins B2 and B9 helps in breaking down proteins, carbs, and fats in the body to generate energy.    

Supports Thyroid Health

Thyroid imbalance has multiple adverse effects on the body, ranging from fluctuation in weight, cold/heat intolerance, fatigue, and irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Since sea moss has ample amounts of iodine, it is an exceptional way to treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  

Owing to the role of the thyroid hormone in the fluctuation of weight, proper supplementation of sea moss can give ideal results in weight control. Also, since it is a thyroid supporter, adding sea moss to the diets of individuals suffering from irregular menstrual cycles can correct the irregularities. 

A minor point of concern while supplementing Irish moss for thyroid health is that the iodine content in it can promote the production of the hormone in excess. This results in hyperthyroidism. Hence, using sea moss for thyroid health has to be done after consultation with an expert. 

What Are The Effects Of Sea Mosses

Since sea moss is deeply under-researched, all its effects on the body are not known. Here are the most common effects observed in people after using this alga: 

  • Sea moss has neuroprotective effects against Parkinson’s Disease and helps in fighting the symptoms of Parkinsonism. This is done by preventing the accumulation of  α-synulein that causes neurodegeneration. Additionally, sea moss has the neuroprotective effect of releasing oxidative stress and thus, there is scope for sea moss to play a crucial part in the development of anti-neurodegenerative drugs. 
  • The alga has been reported to be effective in increasing libido levels and even improving sexual performance. 
  • When used topically, the Irish moss is seen to help conditions like psoriasis, burns, dermatitis, and eczema. With its cool gel-like texture, it can be used to treat allergies as well.
  • Drinking sea moss has resulted in a reduction of swelling at the joints in the arthritic, elderly, and in the athletes. It also promotes flexibility and overall mobility. 
  • Sea moss has also been seen to help with emotional health. The potassium content in the superfood lowers the levels of anxiety, depression, and nervousness in people. 

The Bottom Line

Sea moss is an excellent way to include many nutrients into the diet. Since it packs plenty of iron, iodine, and potassium chloride which is mainly found in poultry and seafood, sea moss is a healthy alternative for vegans, vegetarians, and similar folk, to get the right amount of nutrition. The detoxifying and neuroprotective effects of the algae make it even more attractive.   

Whether it is taken in along with a smoothie or in the form of a capsule, the world is opening up to the benefits of sea moss. Nonetheless, this superfood is gaining the rightful attention of health enthusiasts worldwide.