Tooth decay manifests in the form of cavities or caries when food particles deposit on the pits and fissures of the chewing teeth like the molars and premolars.  Combined with poor oral hygiene, decay sets in and is aggravated by wrong food and drinks that encourage decay, causing bacteria to harm the teeth. Cavities result from the acid formation when decay causes bacteria to come in contact with starches and sugars from drinks and food. The acid reacts with the tooth enamel that results in the loss of minerals and deepens the pits and fissures.  Cavities cause permanent damage to teeth on the hard surface and are among the world’s most common dental problems.  

  • Sealants can cure cavities

Sealants can protect your teeth from tooth decay safely and painlessly according to this experienced emergency dentist in Arlington. If you have problems with your teeth, then consult a Brisbane cosmetic dentist who would recommend some teeth fissure sealants by assessing the need.  Using sealants will help avoid several dental problems, and here are the other reasons for using it. Fissures are part of the tooth profile and not always bad, and you could do without sealing if the dentist feels so.   

  • Avoid the threat from cavities

Leaving grooves untreated will make it larger and affect layers of teeth deep within. It can lead to a tooth infection and tooth loss, while in the initial stages, it causes headaches. Good dental practices like regular brushing and flossing can prevent tooth decay and cavities. However, it might still not be completely preventable as people become complacent and lower their guards.

  • Avoid complications

Leaving cavities untreated will cause several complications that can start with pain and gum swelling and lead to a tooth abscess. Pus can form around the affected tooth, and you will have problems in chewing as food particles entering the cavity would cause immense pain and discomfort. Living with cavities causes further damage to teeth as it can weaken the teeth, which might break and even cause fissures or cracks that further complicate the problem. 

Other problems from cavities include nutrition problems that can cause weight loss as you will find difficulty in eating food as chewing becomes difficult due to the affected tooth. It can result in poor digestion that prevents the body from receiving proper nutrition.  

  • Sealants prevent cavities

Presuming that it is not always possible to prevent cavities by ensuring proper oral hygiene and good food habits, dentists typically recommend using sealants to prevent cavities, especially in children. Dentists are aware that the molars and premolars’ depressions and grooves pose high chances of forming cavities in children who consume many sugary foods like chocolates and candies. Moreover, it isn’t easy to make children practice good oral hygiene. Adults, too, can use sealants to prevent cavities as well as repair any decayed tooth.

As soon as children get their permanent molars and premolars, it is time to apply sealants to the teeth’ back with small hollows or pits and grooves or fissures on the biting surfaces.  The dentist will examine the teeth first and then decide if it is a fit case to apply sealants. Only teeth with deep grooves would need sealant.

  • Long-lasting cure

The sealant forms a smooth protective hard coating on the tooth, covering all the grooves and dips on the tooth surface. If the grooves do not have sealing, it will allow decay to set it in due to the deposition of food particles that react to decay-causing bacteria.  Sealants can last as long as 10 years but need regular check-ups because sealants are prone to chipping due to everyday wear and tear. Sealants might require replacement if the damage is too much or the sealant falls off.

  • Prevent tooth decay

Sealants prevent tooth decay painlessly and safely and can withstand the abuse that the teeth face from exposure to fluoridated water and toothpaste containing fluoride. The sealant forms an effective barrier that protects the teeth from harmful elements, especially when people cannot control their craving for food containing sugars and starches, including a perfect recipe to start tooth decay.

The points mentioned above are the top reasons to use teeth fissure sealant.

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