Blurred vision can be incredibly disorientating and it can also make you concerned for your health. If your vision is suddenly fuzzy, blurred or you’re struggling to focus, there could be several factors at play. No one wants to struggle with blurred vision as it can also lead to headaches and other health issues if left unresolved.

There are lots of reasons for sudden blurry vision in one eye, here we’ll explore the common culprits causing your blurred vision…

Remember: Blurred vision is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives, however, persistent blurred vision should be discussed with your health care provider as soon as possible.

You need a new prescription and new glasses

Having regular eye exams is essential for maintaining good eye health and preserving your vision. It’s the best way to pick up on issues such as myopia and refractive errors, most of which will cause blurred and fuzzy vision if not corrected. These issues can be easily fixed with a trip to your optometrist and some new lenses, you can find out more about understanding your prescription by clicking the link. Once you have your new prescription you can head online to find the lenses and the frames you need.

You need reading glasses

If you’re over 40, then blurred vision when you’re trying to focus on reading material is common. If holding magazines, books and even your smartphone close to your face results in blurred vision and the inability to focus then you might need reading glasses.

You’ve fallen asleep with your contact lenses in

Some people prefer contacts to glasses, however they come with an awful lot of maintenance. This includes washing your hands before you touch them and removing them every evening. If you’ve forgotten to take out your contacts and you’ve slept with them in you can expect serious discomfort, the inability to focus clearly and the increased likelihood of developing eye infections and diseases. This bacterium can cause serious vision issues if left untreated.

You’re suffering from migraines

Migraines can occur for all kinds of reasons, however as well as having to deal with excruciating pain, you may also struggle to see clearly. Blurred vision is common amongst migraine sufferers, as it can manifest as fuzzy vision, temporary vision loss or bright flashing lights. It’s important to get as much rest as possible during a migraine attack as well as limiting your movement, exposure to light and sound.

You’re stressed

Stress can manifest itself in all kinds of ways, from irritability to sleepless nights. However, for some people, their vision is temporarily affected. Whether you’re worried about your job, your health or your finances, trying to reduce your stress levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle (including a balanced diet and exercise) will help eliminate your blurred vision.

And finally, you have eye strain

Eye strain occurs when you’re spending long periods in a high state of focus. One of the most common symptoms of eye strain is blurred vision – thankfully it can be easily resolved if you remember to take plenty of breaks and wear blue-blocking glasses if you’re working in front of a screen.