Hair loss is a common denominator of old age, and it is a significant part of growing up. But other factors play their role in causing hair loss in people despite the fact they are old. On the other hand, women are more susceptible to consistent hair loss, but they don’t go bald due to the abundance of hair on their heads.

There are various reasons women might experience hair loss; anything from hormonal changes to daily stress could cause hair loss in them. Finding out the root of the problem is not difficult for hair loss in women, but you need to study other aspects such as causes, symptoms, and treatment options. 

For example, you can check for the hair transplant cost in Pune. And this is explicitly what this article is all about. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it;

Significant symptoms of hair loss

If you can’t be sure whether or not the consistent hair loss that you are experiencing is of some dreadful consequence, then the following are some of the symptoms that you should be looking out for;

  • Overall, thinning of the hairs is the common symptom of consistent hair loss, and it appears in both men and women. In women’s cases, their hairline broadens, but they tend to see more of a receding hairline when it comes to men.
  • Bald spots start appearing at different places on your head; these might be either patchy or circular. The usual place for their appearance is on the naked scalp. The skin is also susceptible to feeling extremely painful and itchy before the hairs fall out.
  • After experiencing severe emotional or physical trauma, women are susceptible to experiencing sudden hair loss. These hairs might come out as quickly and in the form of a handful when combing or washing them.
  •  Chemotherapy is among some medical treatments in which the hair is susceptible to permanent loss resulting in a complete bald appearance.

Causes of hair loss in women

There are various reasons and causes when it comes to hair loss in women, but some of the most evident ones are as follows;

Family history

It is a hereditary condition caused by estrogen loss during menopause or excessive thinning of the hair. This condition runs in families and is commonly known as the female pattern hair loss.


Different hairstyles might also affect the health and strength of the hair, causing severe hair loss. These style orientations can be tight ponytails, braids, or cornrows. This type of hair loss is explicitly known as traction alopecia. The damaging of the hair follicles might be subject to a permanent loss of the hair.

Extreme emotional or physical stress

It can only cause temporary hair loss among women. Many things and conditions fall under this category, such as sudden loss of body weight, surgeries, consistent illness, or some other permanent anomaly that you are fighting.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

When the body receives toxic substances such as the radiation emitting from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the hair loss in women becomes much more substantial. It causes a sudden loss of the hair, and it can happen to any part of the body and might be permanent in some cases.

Treatment of hair loss

Nutrient deficiency, hair loss occurring from menopause, or some other hormonal deficit might not require any severe or surgical treatment. Taking up the missing nutrients in your diet or figuring out the hormonal changes can alleviate the problem. But if the possible hair loss that you are experiencing is the result of some medical condition, then there are a few things that you can consider in this regard;

  • Androgenic alopecia is treatable with the help of hormone replacement therapy. The decreasing levels of the women’s essential hormones, Estrogen, can result in excessive hair loss; thus, with the use of this therapy, the issue is resolvable on a priority basis.
  • Spironolactone is a drug used to address the hair loss issue explicitly originating from the hormones.
  • Corticosteroids are injected at multiple sites over the infected area, allowing the hairs to grow back, and treatment can be repeated every four weeks.
  • You can opt for hair transplant treatment. It consists of grafting hairs from different areas of the body and, afterward, transplant them to the location of baldness. Moreover, you can check for the hair transplant cost in Pune.


Hair loss in women can be a debilitating and distressing element, but given the right care and other dedicated treatment options, the situation can worsen.

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