These days, with the coronavirus spreading, telemedicine is more popular than ever. With people trying to limit their exposure to others to the greatest extent possible, especially in regard to high germ areas, such as doctor’s offices and hospitals, telemedicine has become an excellent option for healthcare advice and diagnosis.

What Exactly is Telemedicine?  

It is the practice of remote healthcare through the use of technology. Basically, a physician or nurse can perform an exam or consultation over the computer or through the use of a smartphone. Interestingly, telemedicine is not something new and has been around since the 1960s when it was first introduced as a method of healthcare to take care of the medical needs of the members of NASA. 

Although you will see the healthcare professional as if you would see them in their office, wearing their nursing scrubs and all, many feel like they are missing out from the real-life in-person experience. Physicians are also expressing similar sentiments, saying that they feel less connected to their patients when performing telemedicine appointments.

Pros of Telemedicine

Although, it is definitely not traditional to have your doctor perform an exam over a screen while you comfortably lounge on your sofa, there are some sure benefits of this form of medicine.

Here are several advantages of telemedicine for patients:

Less Exposure to germs– This is a biggie these days, being one of the main causes for telemedicine to soar in popularity. Being that you are most at risk of contracting a sickness from a doctor’s office it is best to stay away from any places where sick people might be, namely the doctor’s office.

Less Time Wasted– With telemedicine, there will be no wait time and your appointment should run exactly as scheduled. With a traditional doctor visit, you can spend quite some time in the waiting room, waiting for your turn to see a doctor, and then again in the exam room until the doctor comes in. With telemedicine, you can go about doing whatever you would normally do at home and start your appointment as soon as the doctor comes on the screen. 

Convenience and Comfort– Without having to travel, you can have your appointment completed quickly and get right back to whatever you were doing without the inconvenience of waiting, travelling and the otherwise hassle of breaking up your day and schedule.

Quality Care– With telemedicine, high-quality medical care is easily accessible to all. According to the American Nurses Association, approximately 20% of American living in rural areas suffer from a lack of high-quality medical professionals in their area. With telemedicine, even those living far from premium medical care can enjoy excellent healthcare options in the comfort of their own home.

With more monitoring being done via telemedicine you can basically take care of your normal healthcare needs with telehealth. Try this innovative method of receiving your medical care today and experience the benefits for yourself!