Health care industry on a global scale accounts for billions of dollars these days. With more and more diseases affecting the population of the world and even new pathogens finding ways to attack human life like the Coronavirus, it has never been more important to take care of one’s health in a sincere manner. 

Technology and leading medical research are also helping people find medical guidance with more ease than before. We can search for doctors and make appointments easily within a few minutes while the research in the field of pharmaceuticals is using various methods in the latest technology to discover drugs and vaccines.

Many times, people meet with accidents or sudden damage of some kind in their body functions, most of which are fully treatable if one is a healthy young adult. After careful examination and treatment, bed rest can help heal almost any type of physical ailment. 

Bedside Commode

People can even opt to get discharged from the hospital and get a bedside commode for their house, hire a full-time nurse if needed and in a few weeks, they can easily heal. A bedside commode can help one to take better rest in bed, without the need to travel to the nearest toilet very frequently.

Unfortunately, this is not easy for people of older age and the ones who are already suffering from diseases related to the heart, sugar levels or bones. The human body is a wonderful machine that is capable of doing so much. 

The physical, mental and emotional system that humans work with is not as evolved and efficient in any other animal species. Although some mammals like dolphins also have a highly developed mechanism to survive, humans are still the more evolved species. Taking care of physical health is also very important given the degrading quality of life led by the people these days, across the globe. 

Here are some major physical diseases that can affect people as they get old:

Bone Diseases

The bones form the basic framework of the human body. It supports our physical movements and allows movement in the arms, legs and back. Depending upon the function of the organ, the bones can vary according to their composition and even the way they are joined to each other. Some joints allow motion in restricted ways, say just one direction while others provide more degrees of freedom to allow better movement. 

The bone composition is mainly calcium phosphate in most areas. While calcium is the main constituent for the health of the bones, people tend to ignore an important factor when considering bone health.

The bone cells, just like the other body cells, die after certain durations and new ones are synthesized. For this, the bones absorb calcium from the blood. This is why one must maintain a healthy intake of calcium in their diets through calcium-rich foods.

However, the bone cells cannot absorb calcium unless there is vitamin D present. This is generally overlooked by various people even at a young age and one must maintain a healthy intake of vitamin D rich foods and expose their skin to sunlight as it helps the body synthesize vitamin D. 

Heart Diseases

The heart is another major organ of the human body that pumps blood to and receives it back from the organs. It is responsible to also send impure blood to the lungs and receive pure, oxygen-rich blood back from the lungs that are then sent to all the body parts. 

The heart has four chambers that either send or receive pure or impure blood. Apart from that, the heart also has some major arteries and veins that send and receive blood from the whole body. 

Any dysfunction that can cause an obstruction in the flow of the blood from the arteries, veins or even in the chambers can cause the heart to fail or become weaker with age. For example, eating oily food frequently can cause some saturated fats to get deposited in the arteries or the veins, causing obstruction in the flow of the blood. This can even cause a heart attack in some cases while in others, it can cause major damage to the health of the heart, making it weaker with time. 

Taking care of the heart should start at a young age. Exercising regularly, getting regular checkups, avoiding oily foods, consuming green tea and eating green vegetables are some ways in which one can ensure to have a healthy heart as they age. 


Apart from bone and heart-related diseases, there are various other diseases that can affect the wellbeing of a person as they start to hit their thirties. People tend to have weaker body functions and that can lead to diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia, cataracts and hearing loss. 

While some of these cannot be controlled, others can be easily prevented with a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups.

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