Our world has evolved into a technological utopia in ways which our predecessors would never even begin to fathom. Many devices have been and are being created which have the ability to indirectly save a patient’s life. If you go visit any medical supplies store, you’ll see items which have been revolutionized, and products which you’ve never seen before. As this year, 2020, comes to a close, let’s look back and see what are some of the most innovative and brilliant new products that gained publicity in this wildly eventful year.  


One can take advantage of the PeriCoach System by either using the app which can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet or by utilizing the PeriCoach device or web portal. This product is designed to be used in a person’s house. It is made to coach an individual through pelvic training. Many ladies these days have a condition known as incontinence, which requires them to wear incontinence pads for women. Using a PeriCoach can help to lessen the severity of the incontinence condition, and thus possibly help them increase pelvic control.

FreeStyle Libre 

The FreeStyle Libre system is already used by nearly 2 million individuals across the world. This device is used by diabetics instead of using needles to prick their fingers painfully. With this technologically innovative device, monitoring glucose levels is simple and doesn’t hurt at all. Diabetics are very, very excited about this device, which will save them from an untold amount of affliction. 


HeartLogic is a diagnostic device that monitors the heart, and is able to detect signs of worsening heart failure. This device can sometimes even predict potential heart failure weeks in advance! This sophisticated medical device is a literal lifesaver. It works by means of physiologic sensors. 

Cala Trio

Cala Trio is a fascinating device. This product reduces hand tremors – and it does that by stopping it in the brain. We all know that our brain is what really controls movement. When a person moves his leg, it’s moving because of the messages swirling around invisibly in his brain. This device reduces hand tremor; not by forcing the hand not to move, but rather by stimulating nerves that travel to the brain. 

GentleWave System

This one’s definitely my favorite! The GentleWave System, created by Sonendo, is used for root canal therapy. It uses multisonic technology to penetrate the depths of the root canal and clean and disinfect through even it’s wildest twists and turns. 

There are so many different innovative devices on the market today. This article provided you with a sneak peek of some of the best. Even a decade ago, who would have believed such things were possible?