When we’re most vulnerable physically, mentally, and emotionally, it’s our doctors that are there to provide compassion, care, and healing. They’ve dedicated their lives to improving the health of patients while elevating hope, and more than ever, they deserve our appreciation. 

National Doctor’s Day is in March; however, it is never too early to begin planning how you can recognize your physicians. Over the past months, they’ve battled in the extreme conditions that come with a global pandemic. They are fighting to save lives and learning new techniques to ensure patients continue receiving the care they require. Our doctors are real-life superheroes and deserve to be appreciated all year long.

About National Doctor’s Day 

Doctor’s Day traces back to Georgia in 1933. Locals would send cards to doctors and place red carnations on the graves of physicians who had passed on. It wasn’t until 1990 that the late President George H.W. Bush declared National Doctor’s Day an official holiday to recognize the dedication and hard work these individuals provide to Americans. 

When announcing the new holiday, President Bush discussed the long hours of schooling and training that students go through to become doctors. He included the difficulties of balancing the demands of both work and family life and recognized the personal sacrifice that often goes into this field. National Doctor’s Day was a milestone in our country that deserved to be established.

Why Recognition Matters

To acknowledge our doctors and let them know we appreciate their service is extremely important. Physicians are highly respected, but it’s become even more difficult to work as a doctor during COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our global pandemic has disrupted life in so many ways, with physicians left feeling unhappy and discouraged. Simply taking the time to recognize doctors makes a difference. In fact, medical professionals are truly motivated by small acts of recognition. Doctors will never stop appreciating your recognition for the contributions they make to our society.

How You Can Show Appreciation 

Aside from individual appreciation, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and other businesses can also plan ways to show doctors they care. Here are a few creative ways everyone can show their admiration:

  • Use social media. Be sure to talk about National Doctor’s Day on social media and your company website. Encourage patients and other social media followers to post comments thanking physicians.
  • Add signs. When preparing for National Doctor’s Day, incorporate signs around the office to raise awareness and make doctors feel appreciated.
  • Send red carnations. Red carnations have long been associated with this special day, signifying the bravery, charity, courage, love, and sacrifice of physicians.
  • Have patients write notes. Ask patients to write a quick note of appreciation to their physician in the month before National Doctor’s Day. These notes can be especially touching and motivating for doctors. 

Recognizing our physicians helps build them up and reminds them that what they do each day does not go unnoticed. It’s never too early to begin making plans for how you can celebrate your medical professionals because doctor’s appreciation should last all year long.