If you have ever wondered how to select the best pediatric stethoscope for little patients, we have got you covered. There is no denying that pediatric patients have quite different requirements as compared to adult ones. The body of a child is too small to be examined by a regular stethoscope, and hearing specific sounds is not possible with it. 

It is the reason why having a stethoscope specifically-designed for little patience is essential. It will not only assist in the complete patient assessment process but also make it comfortable for children. Pediatricians always look for a high-quality stethoscope that has some features suitable to examine kids. If you are on the hunt for the best options, we have mentioned all the top-rated pediatric stethoscopes in this article below. Therefore, if you are interested in checking them out, be sure to give this article a read. 

ESteth Lite- Digital 

The eSteth Lite- Digital is a world-class digital stethoscope and is considered the best pediatric stethoscope available out there. It is specially designed to monitor and provide high-quality heart and lung sounds so that physicians and nurses can diagnose the problem in a better way. Moreover, esteth also offers excellent support for Telemedicine. A few of its main features are that it amplifies sound up to 100 times, connects easily with different devices via Bluetooth, and records sound with a push of a button. It also offers sound storage for future reference and sound transfers to a remote site during Teleconsultation, making it one of the best options available out there for you to choose from.

3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

This stethoscope is particularly designed to examine smaller patients with their comfort in mind. Its dual-sided chest piece with a small 3.3cm diaphragm makes it one of the best stethoscopes for pediatric patients, providing high acoustic sensitivity. In addition to this, non-chill rim and diaphragm allow physicians to examine patients comfortably. Therefore, if you are looking for a more dependable clinical tool that helps physical assessment, monitoring, and pediatric patients’ diagnosis, this one might be a great option for you. 

MDF MD One Dual Head Infant-Neonatal Stethoscope

If you want to go for a more durable option, this stethoscope should be your pick. It is made from a blend of stainless steel and PVC tubing, making it sturdy and long-lasting. Since PVC tubing is latex-free and properly insulated, it offers superior sound quality. In addition to this, the chest piece makes it ideal for monitoring the youngest patients, and a deep bell produces low-frequency sounds clear. 

ADC Adscope Adimals 618 Pediatric Stethoscope

Calling this stethoscope a little more child friendly would not be a wrong thing to do. It comes with seven interchangeable chest pieces featuring cuddly animals such as panda bear, koala bear, deer, monkey, and more. A few of the most prominent features of this pediatric stethoscope is that its chest pieces can be cleaned easily, diaphragm easy to tune, flexible PVC tubing, and a lifetime warranty.