Patients are often struggling or are unable to find the right treatment in their home state, so they are looking for more suitable and affordable options overseas. Health tourism is on the rise in the US, and rightly so. Nowadays, it’s easy to find the right country, with high-quality health services and great prices. 

In 2013, close to a million Americans decided to head overseas for treatment. That number has grown exponentially over the years, especially nowadays, more millions of American are struggling with getting insured or remain underinsured. Of course, medical tourism is not just for Americans, as other patients worldwide, especially from the Western hemisphere, decide on overseas health care treatment.

So, what are the most popular medical tourism destinations? We’ve put together a list that focuses on the best countries, offering better treatment, reasonable prices, less waiting time, and overall better health care experience. 


As one of the most modern states in Asia, it’s no wonder that Singapore’s health care system offers high-quality services, and not just for its citizens. Plus, its government leaves nothing to chance, promoting the city-state’s excellent health care services and plans, focusing mostly on medicine, general surgery, organ transplants, cardiology, and oncology. 

More than 500,000 patients chose Singapore for various treatments. Gleneagles Hospital is a top pick, and it’s no secret why, as it was voted as the world’s top 10 hospitals for health tourism. Who can rely on the hospital’s services? Those seeking treatments for orthopedical, gastroenterological, or cardiological problems will find what they’ve been looking for here. 


Turkey is not just a leisure tourism powerhouse, but it has grown to become a top destination for medical tourism in the past decades. It is trendy among Western European patients seeking affordable and high-quality health care treatments. The great thing about the country’s health tourism is that many American-trained and European doctors are stationed in Turkey, providing services in the fields of cardiology, orthopedy, and oncology. 

We can’t forget about Turkey being a center for eye treatment, offering affordable laser surgery. The Dünyagöz Hospitals Group’s services are not only present in Turkey, but in other European countries as well, such as England or Germany. Those seeking laser treatment on both eyes will find affordable prices here, as a surgery costs around $1,000, and the price also includes three nights’ stay in hospital.


When it comes to cosmetic enhancement, Brazil is on top of almost every list that focuses on medical tourism. Where do people go to Brazil for a marvellous look? A beloved destination is Rio de Janeiro’s Ivo Pitanguy Clinic. Not surprisingly, it’s lead by the self-proclaimed king of cosmetic surgery, Ivo Pitanguy. 

Apart from plastic surgery, Brazilian hospitals and medical facilities offer psychotherapist services. However, it’s worth mentioning that these treatments are often requested by those wishing to adjust more easily and quickly to their new looks following a cosmetic enhancement. More than 200,000 foreign patients decide on Brazil as a medical tourism destination annually, and around 35 percent of them are Americans. 


Another popular destination for Western Europeans, especially from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, is Hungary. Patients often choose Hungary, thanks to its cheap and qualitative dental services. Of course, the small ex-Soviet state has more to offer than dentistry. Various cities in the country have well-equipped and modern medical facilities. 

Also, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures are booming in Hungary, and most of the time, foreign patients rely on these services. The cost of such services is often 60 percent less than in the US or Germany. Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia are also attractive medical tourism destinations in the European Union.

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