The Carnivore diet has exploded in popularity among many weight-loss enthusiasts due to its simple nature, exemplified on platforms like As the name suggests, a carnivore diet involves eating only meat. Other than butter and a few hard kinds of cheese, no other form of food is allowed on this diet. 

But apart from weight loss, several benefits are being attributed to the carnivore diet, such as:

  • reduced inflammation both internal and external
  • lower cholesterol 
  • management and eventual reversal of diabetes

If you’re currently suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes, the last point must have caught your attention. As you may know, living with diabetes is not fun and games. Your food intake is highly regulated and needs to be monitored daily. This is where the carnivore diet could be your one path to a healthier and simpler lifestyle.

How Does It Start?

The root cause of any diabetes is an imbalance in insulin. For patients with type 1 diabetes, the reason is genetic, as they cannot produce insulin in their bodies. With type 2 diabetes, factors such as obesity and high blood pressure play a role in diminishing your body’s ability to produce insulin.

Your pancreas creates insulin. When you eat any form of food, the sugar from that food is broken down into glucose. The pancreas then produces insulin to help transport that glucose to the red blood cells in your body. In diabetics, the pancreas either does not create or creates too little insulin resulting in the glucose staying put and increasing your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

The Struggle

Once you have either type of diabetes, it’s a call for a complete overhaul in lifestyle. This does not mean you can’t eat any sweets as is generally believed, but even carbs have to be cut down considerably. This is due to carbs being such a powerful glucose source that your body produces insulin simply by tasting carbs. 

This is why obese and unhealthy people are often hit with type 2 diabetes. The carb-heavy diet leads to your pancreas getting overworked and eventually not producing enough insulin to break down all that glucose. 

The Savior

Type-2 diabetes was considered a lifelong disease until recently when several people successfully reversing their diabetes and returning to full health came to light. The medical community has now widely accepted that type 2 diabetes is reversible with lifestyle changes that focus on weight loss and dietary overhaul.

The carnivore diet is already a strong proponent for weight loss, but now there seems to be evidence showing its strong applicability as a weapon against diabetes. The answer is so simple there is little debating it. A carnivore diet is completely carb-free. The sugar in fat and protein is far too little to increase blood sugar levels to a hypoglycemic state, so little in fact that your pancreas feels there’s no reason for your body to create insulin. 

The Outlook

The carnivore diet has proven multiple times that it is an effective, safe, and fun way to reduce weight and reverse many of the adverse effects of obesity, with diabetes being one of its biggest hits.

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