What is Femtech?

Femtech refers to female technology; it’s essentially any type of service, product, or software, which utilizes tech to support female healthcare. The femtech industry includes many different female healthcare areas, including sexual wellness, birth control and fertility, menopause, menstruation, breastfeeding, general healthcare, and more. Over the last few years, many new fem-tech apps have arrived on the market. To learn more about these, have a read about the top five fem tech apps of 2020.


Emjoy is a specialized self-care app designed specifically for sexual self-care. The app was created to boost sexual wellness, using science-backed articles, audio guides, goal setting, and well-being sessions. Various studies have identified a connection between sexual well-being and mental health, and it’s this idea that the application is based around. Emjoy can help users improve their body image; reconnect with their bodies, improve interactions with partners; and a lot more. Self-care applications have grown in popularity in the last few years, and Emjoy have managed to put a unique spin on the kinds of products that are available.


Clue is an ovulation app and a fertility tracker; it can predict menstruation and help women gain a deeper understanding of their fertility symptoms. The application includes 30+ fertility monitoring categories, which can help users to gain a clear picture of their reproduction health. Women’s bodies have various fertility signs, and with Clue, users and their partners can learn about all of them. The application can be used to support couples who want to get pregnant or to track birth control. For more information about fertility, be sure to take a look at Advanced Fertility.

Elvie Trainer

Elvie Trainer helps users to tone and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles; using the program, users will see an improvement in just 4 weeks. The app provides feedback in real-time, motivation, measurable progress, and personalized targets. This application is perfect for postnatal recovery, bladder control, or general use. Users will need to purchase the Elive Trainer device to use with the app. The device is called a ‘Kegel trainer,’ and it works to detect your muscle movements and ensure that you are exercising correctly. Elvie continues to work on new femtech developments today, including an electric breast pump.


The LactApp was designed to be a ‘breastfeeding expert in your pocket.’ Here there are plenty of guides, tips, and support. The application can automatically answer thousands of queries every week, keeping users in the know about breastfeeding. As well as this, LactApp provides a one-to-one chat function, connecting app users with experts. With all this new knowledge, users can improve their breastfeeding experience.

As time moves forward, many other femtech startups are coming onto the market. Technology provides us with the opportunity to revolutionize health care, and learn more about science in the process. For other exciting femtech startups, keep an eye out for Moody Month, Ava, and Ferly.

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