Arguably, exercising and dieting are the two primary components of every weight loss program. But adding in a fat burner is something that might help improve results.

If you are on a journey to lose weight, then you can’t agree more with this statement.

 Using one of the prominent fat burners can act as a catalyst in the weight loss process, and you get excellent results, naturally.

It’s no news that markets are flooded with tons of weight loss supplements, so it becomes daunting to select the right supplement that rewards you with promising results.

Here in this article, we have reviewed some best fat burner supplements that will surely help you with the desired results. 

Leave all the fuss aside, and go through the article to find out what supplement you should actually use.

Top Fat Burner Supplements:

  1. PhenQ – Best Overall
  2. Instant Knockout – Natural Fat Burner
  3. Phen24 – Metabolism Booster & Stress Relief

How We Made This List of Fat Burners

Selecting the top fat burners from umpteen options wasn’t an easy task at all! We wanted to come up with something that works for your body and has no side effects at all.

Our teams conducted multiple surveys to find fat burners for this list. Furthermore, we went through numerous online reviews to look over for the authenticity of different fat burners.

We even checked the ingredients present in every fat burner to make sure that they are safe and are not harmful to humans.

Additionally, we compared the top 10 fat burners to select the four highly-convincing supplements with better results and the least side effects.

Check out the list of the best four fat burners to try if you are tired of splurging money on supplements that were useless for you.

Best Fat Burners

 PhenQ – Editor’s Pick & Best Overall

phenq fat burner

Manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, PhenQ is an effective weight loss supplement. This highly-selling supplement has a concoction of natural ingredients that are fit for humans without leading to severe side effects.

The manufacturer has tested the supplements to evaluate the results, and it has got the back of thousands of users that got desired weight loss results. Read our full review here.

PhenQ offers a plethora of benefits to the body as well, including suppressing the appetite and regulating the flow of blood sugar levels. 

According to Wolfson Berg, “PhenQ is a new-gen powerful weight loss supplement that deals with aggressive fat by converting it into energy.”

Now, let’s take a look at the list of ingredients that make PhenQ a reliable weight loss supplement.



Nopal is a highly fiber-rich ingredient derived from the natural Nopal Cactus. The ingredient offers the right amount of fibers and amino acids to the consumer. Additionally, the natural ingredient has proven benefits against constipation-related issues. 

Nopal prevents fluid retention in the body, and it will help you feel slimmer.


The caffeine present in the PhenQ fat burner enhances the potency of this supplement. It is present in the form of caffeine anhydrous, which will help you keep alert by increasing the concentration.

Caffeine also has some benefits related to reducing calorie intake, and that leads to weight loss. Moreover, it is an entirely natural ingredient that acts as an energy booster, thus keeping you active all day.

Calcium Carbonate

Several clinical studies have proved that calcium is a beneficial substance that helps in burning body fat. The calcium carbonate present in the PhenQ supplement will make you feel fuller by suppressing the appetite.

Also, the ingredients prevent the accumulation of body fat, leading to quick and significant weight loss results.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate helps regulate the cravings for carbs and sugar, which are the two primary reasons for weight gain. Also, the mineral maintains an optimal balance of blood sugar level while suppressing the appetite. 

Capsicum Extract

The capsicum extract has a blend of piperine, niacin, and caffeine to boost up the thermogenesis process. The mix of multiple chilies extracts helps increase the heat inside the body to support the metabolic processes. 

Does It Work?

Yes, the PhenQ weight loss supplement will surely help you in cutting weight. There are innumerable users that are enjoying the extensive benefits offered by the supplement, and the clinical studies stated by the official website backs this dietary supplement. 

PhenQ contains a mix of natural ingredients that act on the problem i.e., burning the body fat. Also, the supplement boosts energy and suppresses the appetite that improves the progress of the weight loss process, and you shed weight quickly. 

The manufacturers claim that PhenQ has benefitted over 190,000 users across the globe, and in our research, we found these claims to be true.

What Are People Saying About It?

Lisa- 28

After her first baby Lisa put on some pounds on her belly area, and no weight loss supplements and dieting worked for her. But she found PhenQ to be an effective supplement.

 She further added that using PhenQ was easy, and the results were visible within a few weeks of adding it to her lifestyle.

She lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks and is looking ahead to shed some more weight with PhenQ.

Jacob- 44

Jacob was facing high blood pressure due to his increased weight, and the health expert suggested that he should cut some weight in order to prevent the chances of catching Diabetes Type-2.

PhenQ was the first-ever weight loss supplement tried by him, and the results were fantastic. According to Jacob, he lost 25 pounds within 14 weeks. 

There were no side effects at all, and he is still using the supplement to burn the remaining fat.


  • Scientifically proven natural ingredients 
  • Improves mood and energy levels
  • Helps in melting stored fat while suppressing the appetite
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Builds muscle mass
  • 100% safe to consume


  • A single bottle costs a bit expensive
  • Not ideal for users under 18
  • Not available in any offline store

Click here to check out PhenQ on their official website.

Instant Knockout – Best All-Natural Fat Burner

Instant Knockout was first available only for professionals like MMA fighters and boxers who need immediate results without wasting time. But the manufacturers have now made the supplement available for everyone.

Instant Knockout is a body fat burner supplement that contains a mix of 10 powerful, natural, and effective fat burners. 

Roar Ambition- a London-based supplement manufacturing company has created Instant Knockout to help you in erasing the stubborn fat quickly, just like professionals.

With this fat burner for men & women, you can get rid of belly fat, heavy thighs, and every other type of fat accumulating on your body.

The supplement is easy to use and contains natural ingredients that have proven results for burning body fat.



Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that reduces the food cravings while improving the appetite. The ingredient makes you feel fuller by sending the signals to the brain.

In a nutshell, Glucomannan curbs the hunger pangs by promoting satiety. 

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea extracts are potent detoxifiers that remove the toxins from the body while supplying you with enough energy to stay active. Furthermore, the natural substance improves the working of metabolic activities and oxidizes body fat to upscale the fat burning process.

Here is a study from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that shows the impacts of green tea extracts on shedding weight.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine promotes better concentration and focus. Also, the ingredient acts as an energy booster, and you stay active with improved physical strength.

Some other benefits offered by caffeine anhydrous are reduced fatigue and ramped up cognitive abilities. Lastly, it also helps in oxidizing body fat to elevate the fat burning process.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Capsaicin is the primary compound of cayenne pepper seeds that directly improves the insulin sensitivity by preventing further storage of carbs in the body. 

Moreover, the ingredient has the potential to promote metabolic and vascular health.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps in processing the consumed food by converting it into energy. It also improves the working of the metabolism while helping you to tolerate the diet for a prolonged time.

Vitamin B12 offers some more benefits like improved mood, and better immune system while helping you in cutting weight. The natural compound breaks fatty acids and improves the digestion process.

Does It Work?

After searching for multiple testimonies and going through a lot of online reviews, it was clear that Instant Knockout does work, and you can attain promising results with the supplement. Check out our detailed review here.

The composition of natural and powerful ingredients helps you with quick and effective weight loss while improving the body’s energy level.

In a nutshell, Instant Knockout can be the right choice if you want to cut weight quickly.

What Are People Saying About It?

Mathew- 38

Mathew experienced some impressive benefits after using Instant Knockout body fat burner. He stated, “the supplement really improves the energy levels, and he was able to do a brutal workout without getting too exhausting.”

It’s around three months since Mathew has started using the supplement, and he lost 14 pounds of body fat while getting into the desired shape.

Natalie- 24

Natalie experienced a sudden growth in her body weight after her pregnancy. She was unsure before ordering Instant Knockout, as weight loss supplements rarely work based on her experience.

With Knockout, she was able to shed seven wounds within three weeks. Natalie said she is waiting for even better results, and Knockout proved to be a genuine supplement while serving her with the promised results.

Andrea -46

Using fat burners isn’t something new to Andrew as she already tried tons of such supplements to get rid of the belly fat. Trying Instant Knockout was a good decision as per Andrea, and now she is able to drop the excessive weight.

She even explained the supplement’s extra advantages like boosted energy levels, as she was more active than before.

Andrea lost 11 pounds to date and is still using Knockout to highlight her body curves.


  • High-quality natural ingredients help burn fat quickly
  • Backed up by clinical studies
  • Easy to use
  • Boosts energy and improves mood
  • Quick and visible results


  • Contains a high level of caffeine
  • Isn’t approved by the FDA
  • Pretty expensive
  • Only available to order online

Click here to get Instant Knockout from their official site.

Phen24 – Best for Reducing Stress & Boosting Metabolism

phen24 fat burner

Phen24 is a natural weight loss formula that works round the clock in your body to get you significant results. It is a two-pill formula i.e., daytime and nighttime pill, so you have to consume two pills a day.

The supplements used some of the finest ingredients to improve the thermogenesis process while ramping up the metabolism. 

The two pills contain different ingredients to cut down the weight while providing the body with more energy. Also, the ingredients present in Phen24 repair muscles and eliminate most of the harmful toxins from the body.

The fat burner supplement improves the quality of sleep that plays a primary role in cutting the weight.

But most importantly, it’s the list of ingredients that make Phen24 a must-have fat burner.



Zinc citrate is a natural metabolism booster that supports nerve function and digestion. Your body can easily run out of zinc, so it is an essential ingredient present in Phen24.


Caffeine boosts the level of energy while making you feel more focused and concentrated. Also, it is a natural fat burner that oxidizes the body fat and improves physical performance.

Guarana Extract

Guarana extract performs a similar function like caffeine, including providing energy to the body. Additionally, the ingredient improves focus and reduces fatigue, which further stops the accumulation of more fat. 


L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, the compound is a primary component of a healthy diet, and your body will get it with Phen24.

Cayenne Powder

Cayenne powder ramps up the thermogenesis process by increasing the amount of heat produced inside the body. 


As per the studies, Glucomannan makes you feel fuller so that you don’t add more calories to the body. Also, the ingredient helps in losing weight naturally when consumed in conjunction with a low-calorie diet.

Hops Extracts 

Hops extracts correct the sleep deprivation. The natural compound improves the quality of sleep, so you feel more active and better every day.

Green Tea Extracts 

Green tea extracts have proven benefits for metabolism. It even removes toxins from the body while improving the fat burning process.

These extracts will supply more energy to accomplish the daily-life chores.

Some other ingredients present in Phen24 include:

  • Molybdenum
  • D-Biotin
  • Thiamine HCL
  • Chromium
  • Calcium D-Pantothenate
  • Ascorbic Acid

Does It Work?

Phen24 is available in a two-pill formula, and the reason behind the science is to support the body 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The powerful ingredients present in the fat burner supplement boost the energy while triggering the fat burning process.

Also, Phen24 improves the quality of sleep, which is another essential aspect to lose weight quickly. Overall, the fat burner really works, and we found most of the claims made by Phen24 to be true.

However, the results can vary from person to person based on other factors like diet, exercising, age, gender, and much more.

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, Phen24 is an ideal supplement to cut the extra fat naturally.

What Are People Saying About It?

Patricia – 35

Patricia was a bit hesitant before trying Phen24, but she gave it a try after getting impressed with claims made by the supplement’s creators. She noticed remarkable results within a few weeks of using the supplement.

She added, “Phen24 is more of an energy booster that keeps you active while burning the fat simultaneously”.

Patricia has lost nearly 6-7 pounds without following any strict diet and exercise regime.

Laura – 40

Laura is a nurse, and her profession’s complexity is the result of increased fat or obesity. She hasn’t tried any fat burning supplement before Phen24, as decided to use Phen24 after seeing the natural transformation of her colleagues.

Laura has lost 10 pounds within two months. She even claimed that Phen24 improved sleep quality, and now she is able to sleep quicker than before. Overall, her experience with the fat burner is good, and she has ordered a bigger pack to continue losing weight in the coming time.


  • Works round the clock for quick results
  • No harmful chemicals present in the pills
  • Safe to use for people of all genders
  • Comes with clear instructions on how to use it
  • Burns fat quickly
  • Suppresses the appetite


  • Not ideal for kids and people under 18
  • Available only in online stores
  • Not a good choice for pregnant and nursing mothers 

Click here to get Phen24 on their Official Website.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Fat Burner?

Every fat burner has different ingredients concocted in it. Additionally, each of them offers various benefits, so it becomes essential to select the best fat burner.

Here we have explained some factors that you should consider picking one of the best fat burning supplements.


The foremost thing you need to check is the type of ingredients present in a fat burner. Always go with the options that have natural ingredients without any chemicals so that you can lose weight naturally.

Some of the natural ingredients are green tea extracts, cayenne pepper, caffeine, Vitamin B6, and much more. Check the list of ingredients and then proceed to other factors.


There are multiple types of fat burners available i.e., appetite suppressants, thermogenic fat burners, carb burners, and much more. You can choose a supplement based on its type of class. 

  • Thermogenic fat burners- work by increasing the heat inside the body to boost metabolism and burning fat.
  • Appetite suppressants- help in controlling the diet or the intake of calories and carbohydrates by making you feel fuller.
  • Fat blockers– these supplements improve the digestion process curtailing the absorption and digestion of fat.
  • Thyroid regulators– work by regulating the level of thyroid hormones while improving metabolism.

You can easily make a choice based on the types of fat burners. In case you are not sure which type will be suitable for you, then you can consult a health expert for the same.


Fat burners are classified into two formula types:

  • Single-ingredient
  • Blend of different ingredients 

You can choose the type of formula available in a fat burner based on different criteria like budget, goal, and how quickly you need the results.


Most of the fat burners like PhenQ are unisex, and anyone can use them to lose weight. But at the same time, some fat burners like Instant Knockout can be gender-specific, so you should check it beforehand. 


Lastly, make your budget to avoid overspending on a fat burner. Most of these supplements are reasonably priced and are available in a range of $50-$100. But there are some expensive options as well, so making your budget will help you in funneling down the right fat burner.

How Do Fat Burner Supplements Work?

The working of a fat burner depends on the type of ingredients present in it. These key ingredients are designed to regulate the hormonal reactions to start breaking down the stored fat to use it as energy.

Some ingredients like Glucomannan act like an appetite suppressant and make you feel fuller so that you don’t overeat, and the body can avoid the intake of extra calories and carbs.

Most of the best fat burners share some common ingredients like caffeine, green tea extracts that break down the fatty acids or adipose tissue to reduce the fat accumulated on the body.

After breaking down the fatty acids, they travel through the bloodstream to serve as a source of energy to the consumer.

However, there are some other ingredients that offer distinctive benefits like lifting up the mood, and eliminating the hunger pangs while improving sleep quality.

How Can You Get the Best Out of a Fat Burner for Weight Loss?

Here are a few tips you need to follow to get the best results from a fat burner. These tips are perfect for achieving quick, natural, and effective results from the supplement.

Eat more protein 

Your body needs more energy to process protein as compared to carbohydrates and fats. Eating more protein will need more energy, and your body will burn more fat to get that energy.

Some of the rich sources of protein are beans, lentils, tofu, white-meat, and much more. You can even use whey protein and other protein bars to get more protein every day.

Increase iron intake

Iron impacts a lot of functions in the body, including regulating the metabolism, and that’s why many fat burners have iron as the main ingredient.

You should increase the iron intake to prevent its deficiency while using the fat burner. Poultry, seafood, red meat, green leafy vegetables are some excellent sources of iron.

Sleep more

Sleep has a significant impact on the results of a fat burner, so you should get enough sleep every day. There are multiple studies that claim the effect of sleep on the fat-burning process. 

Take the dosage on time.

Always consume the fat burner on time to avoid missing the schedule. Also, some experts say that you should consume the fat burner 30 minutes before the workout, as it will serve you with the required energy so that you don’t get exhausted. 

Get a tailor-made workout plan

Popping a pill every day won’t help with the best results until you incorporate a workout plan into your lifestyle. Get a solid workout plan and follow it dedicatedly to achieve the best results.

The combination of diet, exercising, and the fat burner will definitely offer the best outcomes, and you will lose weight quickly.

Who Should Buy a Fat Burner?

You can use a fat burner if you are looking to shed excess weight. These supplements will get you the extra help you need while exercising and dieting to achieve the weight loss goals.

There are multiple types of fat burners available in the market, as discussed above, and each of them has different blends of ingredients to support distinctive functions in the body.

If you want to get rid of excess belly fat or man boobs, then a fat burner supplement can be the right choice. Using reliable fat burners have no or fewer side effects so that you can cut the weight naturally.

Most of the best fat burners are ideal for people above 18, and folks under 18 cannot use these supplements.

Lastly, if you have planned to give it a shot, then consult a doctor beforehand to know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the particular supplement.

Also, people with severe medical conditions like cancer and hypertension should avoid using any of these fat burners.

Are Fat Burners Safe & Do They Have Side Effects?

A short answer to both questions is yes!

Fat burners are 100% safe to use, but there are some mild side effects as well. While researching for the best fat burners for this list, we found a plethora of users reporting about the mild side effects they faced. 

The reason behind the side effects is the potency of ingredients or switching the diet straight away with the supplement.

However, there were no severe side effects, so you can use fat burner supplements to lose weight.


  • How long will it take to lose weight with a fat burner?

It depends on multiple factors like how much weight you are willing to shed, or what fat burner you are using! To get the best and quick results to follow the tips we mentioned above, along with using the fat burner.

  • Are all fat burners FDA approved?

No, not all the fat burners are approved by the FDA. But you can check it on the label to make sure to buy an approved supplement.

  • What is the safest fat burner supplement?

There are multiple fat burner supplements available in the market that are considered to use, including PhenQ, Instant Knockout, and some other prominent ingredients.

  • How to take fat burners?

Most of the fat burners are available in the form of pills, and you can take one or two pills each day, depending on the type of supplement. Always follow the guidelines mentioned on the label to learn the correct way to take the fat burner.


We have reviewed the best fat burners of 2020 that will help you to cut weight without stuffing the body with chemicals. Go through the ingredients present in every supplement to make sure that it’s ideal for you.

Also, we recommend you to check out some other sections of the article, including factors to consider before buying a fat burner and tips to follow to get the best results. Our overall top pick is PhenQ, and we recommend you try this one for optimal results.

As always, it’s highly advised to consult a doctor before using any fat burner supplement.