Prime Male is one such name doing the rounds all over the internet as a viable testosterone booster.

Can it bring those young back for you? Does it have any side effects?

Read this detailed Prime Male review to find out.

Prime Male Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

prime male review

Prime Male is a testosterone boosting supplement specially created for people aged above 30. Indeed aging can come with its own set of challenges.

Studies have revealed that testosterone levels decrease by 1% in an average man after 30. It’s thus a common issue, so don’t feel you are alone in this.

The supplement contains 100% natural ingredients, which is why it has become quite popular among the masses. Another thing is that most testosterone boosting supplements hardly work.

This is what makes it difficult for users to trust such a supplement. The good thing about Prime Male is that its ingredients are backed by research and studies.

The supplement is a unique blend of ingredients that you won’t find in any other supplement. The ingredients work on the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, which leads to reduced testosterone.

Testosterone levels are responsible for most of the masculine traits like muscle mass, fertility and stamina. A lack of this results in muscle loss, fatigue, low libido, and irritability.

Prime Male claims not only to increase testosterone levels but also to fix these issues. Here are the benefits the company claims you are likely to get with Prime Male:

  • Boost libido 
  • Make doing day-to-day tasks easier by providing an energy boost
  • Gain back muscle mass and muscle strength
  • 100% organic ingredients based on research

Thousands of people on the internet are testifying these claims. There have been some adverse side effects, but on our analysis, we mostly found it positive.

Moreover, the lucrative money-back guarantee attracts the users to at least give it a try. We’ll discuss the method behind its effects and the qualities of its ingredients as we go on.

But are you in a hurry? No worries, we’ve got you covered with the pros and cons to help you understand what you’ll expect with the product.


  • Build lean muscle mass

Testosterone is the energy-boosting hormone. Higher testosterone level means better metabolism and quicker muscle gain.

  • Loss of Body fat

The rise in testosterone is scientifically proven to encourage weight loss. A lot of people have seen a reduction in belly fat with exercise and supplements.

  • Keeps blood pressure in check

Adequate amounts of testosterone ensure your heart is in a good position. It saves you from cardiovascular issues with decreasing stamina.

  • Money-Back guarantee

You can claim refunds if Prime Male doesn’t work for you within 90-days. 


  • Prime Male isn’t a hormonal supplement and uses laid-back approaches to boost testosterone. The change thus is gradual than an instant, and you need to give it adequate time.
  • It isn’t for vegans as it contains gelatin.

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What is Prime Male? Is it Genuine?

Prime Male is a natural testosterone boosting dietary supplement. It’s by no means a medication for waning testosterone levels and those who just can’t produce anymore. 

Since it doesn’t boost testosterone instantly, it doesn’t have any side effects like those of steroids. But you must know what you’re buying.

It just eases the body and replenishes its nutrients to increase testosterone gradually production. It does make your body better primed to grow up those muscles but never without proper exercise.

Roar Ambition LTD created the product in 2015, and the last years have only about it gaining a footing on the supplement circuit. Word of mouth publicity has been its ally as they don’t endorse as much as other brands.

Lab Tests

The product is genuine, indeed, as its production meets all statutory requirements of the FDA. The ingredients Prime Male uses are safe for consumption and have proven health benefits.

The UK based company has met all requisite certification about supplements on global standards. FDA has also approved the supplement the oral capsule testosterone therapy for pituitary gland related tumors.

Shipping and Returns

Prime Male is available in different combo packs or bundles exclusively on their website. They deliver all over the world for free. You just need to fill in your address and make the payment for your desired bundle.

Depending upon your billing address, you will receive the product within two weeks. The company typically dispatches the product in two days.

You will get a 90-day money-back guarantee if you buy the product from the official website. You can claim a refund if you don’t get your desired results despite consistent usage of about a month.

The company, though, deducts $35 shipping cost and admin fee from the refundable amount. You would also have to mail back your unopened bottle of Prime Male within 30days from the US and 14 days from the UK.

Prime Male Ingredients

Here is the essential part of this review. You’ll know what ingredients Prime Male has used and if they work as promised. You might be surprised by the familiar yet useful elements you were missing in your life.

It combats the risk of side effects, which is common with chemical medications for testosterone. You’ll also be alleviated from taking the more dangerous treatment- Steroids by injection.

All the ingredients put in measured quantities and taken in the proper dosage can significantly increase testosterone. The supplement doesn’t have any withdrawal effects because it doesn’t tinker with hormones.

Here is the complete list of ingredients with their benefits:

  1. BioPerine® 10mg
  2. Korean Red Ginseng 120mg
  3. D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) 1600mg
  4. Mucuna Pruriens (seed) extract 300mg
  5. Luteolin 60mg
  6. Boron 5mg
  7. Magnesium 100mg
  8. Nettle Root 160mg
  9. Vitamin B6 7,5mg
  10. Vitamin D3 5000IU
  11. Vitamin K2 45mcg
  12. Zinc 30mg

D-Aspartic Acid

Various scientific studies have revealed that D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) can significantly boost testosterone levels. The amino acid has been able to increase testosterone production by a whopping 42% in 12 days in some cases.

But that’s not it. The quality of amino acid depends upon how well it absorbs. Now Prime Male uses D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, which is regarded as the best bioavailable form of DAA. 

The primary ingredient of Prime Male is available in about 1.6 grams of concentration.

Zinc Citrate

Zinc is a pervasive element in men’s dietary supplements. Zinc promotes the production of the hormone in testes .

The potent aphrodisiac also helps increase fertility by improving the potency of your sperm. Since zinc is available in more than eight enzymes of a male body, it plays various other roles like:

  • Insulin release
  • Testosterone production
  • Division of cells
  • Development of behavior during puberty
  • Detoxification from heavy metals
  • Boost the sense of sight, taste, and smell(sensory organs)
  • Combats erectile dysfunction

Zinc is like the knight for your body’s kingdom. It can save your masculinity, and proper consumption of zinc can fight male impotence, and ensure powerful erectile function.

Perhaps, zinc can be the reason behind your infertility and a decrease in testosterone production. Prime Male replenishes the crucial metal in your body, which testifies its genuineness.

Vitamin D3

Leydig cells are responsible for producing testosterone. And guess which vitamin do these cells contain as receptors? Yes, it’s vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 in specific is crucial as it is the best bioavailable form of Vitamin D even better than that from the sun. Enrichment of Vitamin D acts as a natural trigger for Leydig cells, becoming more active and efficient.

Studies have proven that Vitamin D3 can increase the production of all three types of testosterone, including total, free, and bioactive.

Bio Perine

Bio Perine increases the absorption of other nutrients in the body. It’s a natural bioavailability enhancer.


Boron increases the functioning of testosterone already there in the body by decreasing sec hormone-binding globulin.

Red Ginseng Extract

Red Ginseng has been effective in boosting immunity and stamina since ancient times. 


Luteolin reduces estrogen levels by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme in the body.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium decreases the sex hormone-binding globulin levels, which are responsible for wasting 60% testosterone from your body. 

Mucuna Pruriens

Another natural source of amino acid, this legume, improves human growth hormone and testosterone levels. 

Nettle Root

Nettle Root also addresses the SHBG problem by binding themselves in place of testosterone.

Vitamin B6

Apart from being an effective absorber of zinc and magnesium, Vitamin B6 also stimulates receptors that notify the testes to produce the hormone.

Vitamin K2

It enhances enzyme activity in the testes to boost testosterone production.

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Does it Work for Everyone?

No, it’s specific for males. Males above 30 should consider using the product since anyone below that age won’t need any medication to boost libido.

If your age is lower than that and still struggling with reduced testosterone levels, you should consider calling your doctor. 

Since most of its ingredients act directly on testosterone production, the product will surely make a difference.

How Does It Work?

Before getting to know how Prime Male acts to boost testosterone production, it’s essential to understand why testosterone is so crucial.

Testosterone regulates not only the sexual life or libido but also controls muscle mass, fat distribution, and regulates the production of RBCs.

It also decides the amount of energy you have in a day to day life and how well your muscles develop. Testosterone thus is also an anabolic steroid that bodybuilders use to quicken the bodybuilding process.

Moreover, Prime Male uses a bioavailable form of each ingredient. As we know, the body absorbs the best of these versions of the nutrients.

The presence of BioPerine further increases the effectiveness of Prime Male. Since each of the 12 ingredients are good enough to promote testosterone levels, they will surely be more active together.

How to Use Prime Male

You can choose either water or milk to swallow Prime Male. It’s a bit challenging to get into the schedule as you need to take the pills four times a day. Each bottle contains 120 capsules and will last a month if taken promptly.

You should ensure a gap of 4 hours between each intake. Take each pill with a meal or snack and don’t take medicine on an empty stomach. Be consistent with the dosage, or it won’t work at all for you.

Who Should and Who Should Not Use It?

The supplement is exclusively for males, so females with decreased libido won’t benefit from it.

Who Should Take It

  • Men above the age of 30 suffering from decreased testosterone levels or symptoms like fatigue, reduced libido, and infertility.
  • People above the age of 60 should start taking it as their testosterone levels are typically low.
  • Those looking to build lean muscle mass

Who Shouldn’t Take It

  • Females should avoid taking testosterone even for boosting their workout performance.

Prime Male: Side Effects

Prime Male doesn’t contain any synthetic additives and is made of natural ingredients. The ingredients, though, aren’t vegan-friendly as it contains gelatin.

Some people might be allergic to its ingredients. Read the pack carefully and discontinue usage in case of allergies.

If you have any pre-existing condition or ailment, consult a doctor before taking it. 

Where to Buy Prime Male?

prime male review

You can buy the original version of Prime Male only on their Official Website.

They accept payments from all major credit cards as well as everybody’s favorite wallet-PayPal. You get three different bundle offers, and bigger bundles come with more discounts. Here are the options

  • 1 Bottle- 1 Month Price-$69.99
  • 2 Bottles- 2 Month Supply Price- $138.00
  • 4 Bottle- 3+1 Free- 4 Month Supply Price- $207.00

The best bet is to take the bottle bundle. Since a month’s usage will also show you some results, it’s better to buy a bottle for testing before spending on the larger package.

Conclusion: Should You Go for Prime Male?

Although Prime Male isn’t a prescription drug, it is a very powerful natural supplement and one of the best testosterone boosters available online next to Testogen which is great for people from 30 to 40. 

This is good news for people above 30 suffering from decreased testosterone levels too soon. It’s a natural way to regain testosterone and live a happy life without any side effects.

If you use it with a combination of workout and exercise, you can start packing those lean muscles while shedding excess fat quickly. The presence of absorption enhancers like Ginseng, Nettle Root, and BioPerine further makes this an irresistible product.

While reviews have been trustworthy, it’s the 90-day money-back guarantee that we would rely upon for trust. It’s worth a try, and although the price may seem high, it isn’t.

We hope that our review of Prime Male has helped answer your questions.

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