Do you find that you often hear a ringing or a whooshing sound in your ears, even when no external source of sound is present? If this is the case, then, unfortunately, you may be suffering from tinnitus. 

Tinnitus is a relatively common problem that affects about 15 to 20 percent of all individuals. Tinnitus is not a medical condition on its own; almost always, tinnitus is merely a symptom of another condition.

Tinnitus is often the result of an inner ear injury or a disorder of the circulatory system, but it also happens as a natural result of old age. In general, it’s pretty much impossible to regain your hearing if you’re losing it because of your age.

One theory that you might encounter is that tinnitus is a result of poor cerebral health. The makers of Synapse XT have used this theory as the basis for developing this supplement, which they claim can help treat tinnitus by improving your cerebral function.

Today, we’ll be examining this supplement to determine if it really works as well as the manufacturer claims it does.

Who Is Synapse XT For?

Synapse XT

Before we get into more detail about this supplement itself, let’s go over who exactly should use this supplement.

Synapse XT is intended to be used as a supplement for tinnitus caused by poor brain health. While tinnitus is more common in men, women can develop conditions that lead to tinnitus as well, so this supplement can be taken by both men and women.

You can take this supplement regardless of how serious your case of tinnitus is. Anyone can purchase and use this supplement, so long as they are above 18 years of age.

Before trying Synapse XT, you should consult with your family doctor to see if this supplement is right for you. Your doctor can help you determine in advance if any supplement will actually be effective at treating your condition, and they can also help you figure out if a particular supplement is safe for you or not.

Synapse XT Reviews: Overview of the Supplement

Synapse XT comes in the form of capsules, which are taken orally. The manufacturer of this supplement claims that using it can boost your cerebral function, which in turn can alleviate tinnitus. 

This supplement uses an all-natural formula containing a blend of different ingredients. These ingredients can purportedly improve your brain’s health, which probably won’t cure tinnitus but may lessen its impact on your life. The ingredients used in this supplement are well-researched and are proven to have a variety of health benefits.

The manufacturers of Synapse XT claim that the ingredients in this supplement can also help alleviate symptoms of other cerebral health-related conditions. The formula is lab-tested and manufactured in facilities that are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. 

The use of Synapse XT can potentially help you lessen the severity of your tinnitus and help control it. And perhaps best of all, it’s pretty much guaranteed to not cause any side-effects because all of its ingredients are derived from safe, natural sources. 

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Pros & Cons of Synapse XT

Let’s take a look at the apparent pros and cons of Synapse XT as a product. Our goal here is to give you a reasonably objective view of this product and help you decide for yourself if it’s worth it for you to try. 


  • It contains only natural ingredients. 

The only ingredients used in this supplement are vitamins, nutrients, and plant extracts. Most of these ingredients have proven health benefits when consumed. The ingredients used in Synapse XT are also unlikely to cause any serious side-effects, making this supplement fairly safe to use.

  • It can potentially improve your cognitive function

The manufacturers claim that using Synapse XT can improve your cognitive function and that it also supports the ability of your senses to see and hear more clearly. They claim that using this supplement will enable you to think more clearly and help you focus. 

  • It includes a money-back guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the results of using this supplement, you have the option of returning your order for a complete refund if you request one within 60 days from the date of purchase. 

  • It’s easy to take and relatively affordable 

Taking Synapse XT is fairly easy; just take two capsules a day with water, and that’s it. Using this supplement regularly may also be more affordable than other common methods used to treat tinnitus. 

  • It can help alleviate feelings of anxiety

The beneficial effects of the ingredients in Synapse XT can potentially lessen feelings of anxiety in some users, in addition to improving their overall cerebral health. 

  • It doesn’t require you to follow a specialized diet

Unlike some dietary supplements, which don’t really give you any benefits unless you exercise regularly and follow a specific diet plan, Synapse XT claims to be effective even without any supplementary exercise or a custom diet. 


  • Only available online

Probably the main downside of this supplement is that if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can only purchase it from the official Synapse XT web store; this supplement is not available from any physical retailer. The main drawback of this is that if this supplement goes out of stock on the official store, there’s nowhere else you can get it.

  • It’s only effective if you take it regularly

Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of supplement where you get permanent results from taking it for a limited time. If you want to continue seeing results, you need to continuously take this supplement.

What Do You Get?

One order of Synapse XT gets you a single container of capsules, which will last you one month if you take two capsules every day. In other words, one container contains 60 capsules.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer provides very little else with your order. Aside from the supplement itself and basic directions on how to take it, your order doesn’t include information like the daily value of each ingredient or other nutritional facts that you might want to know.

How Does Synapse XT Work?

Let’s go over how exactly Synapse XT works, according to the manufacturer. We’ve broken down the process of how this supplement works into four basic stages.

Stage 1: Removal of Toxins

Some of the ingredients in Synapse can purportedly remove toxins from the surface of your brain. The manufacturer claims that one of the causes of tinnitus is a buildup of such toxins.

Stage 2: Improvement of Cognitive Function

Once the removal of toxins is complete, this supplement works to improve your cognitive function. You’ll be able to concentrate on tasks more, think more clearly, and have a greater awareness of what’s happening around you.

Stage 3: Calming Effect

Various ingredients in this supplement can potentially have a calming effect on your brain. Suffering from tinnitus for a long period of time can potentially drive your stress and anxiety levels way up, so this calming effect is a great benefit for anyone suffering from tinnitus.

Stage 4: Improvement of Cerebral Health

The fourth and final stage is perhaps the most important one. In this stage, the ingredients in Synapse XT really get to work on improving your cerebral health. According to the manufacturer, during this stage, the ingredients in Synapse XT help prevent your brain’s cells from dying prematurely, which they claim has a large effect on the severity of tinnitus. 

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Synapse XT Ingredients

Now, let’s get into the list of ingredients that make up Synapse XT’s formula. We’ll be going over what each ingredient is and the individual benefits that each ingredient offers.

Juniper Berry

Juniper berry extract is an effective ingredient because it contains a high concentration of flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of naturally occurring substances that have a variety of benefits to your health.

Most notably, flavonoids have antioxidant effects. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are molecules that contain an uneven number of electrons. Free radicals react very easily with other molecules, including cell molecules; when this happens, oxidative damage occurs. 

Juniper berry extract can also potentially improve your digestive function.

Green Tea

Green tea is another ingredient that is known for containing a ton of antioxidants. Green tea is also known for having many other health benefits besides, and green tea extracts have the potential to treat a number of different health conditions, including liver disease, heart disease, and various types of cancer.

Other nutrients in green tea are beneficial to your cerebral health in general and taking green tea extract regularly can also help to alleviate stress.


Hibiscus is a plant that can be found throughout the world in tropical and temperate regions alike. Hibiscus extract is beneficial to your health because it helps lower your blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of developing various cardiovascular diseases.

Like juniper berry extract, hibiscus extract can also improve your digestive function, which helps your body process the food you eat more easily.

Vitamin B

You may already be aware, but there is a range of similar vitamins under the general umbrella of “vitamin B”; these are referred to as B-complex vitamins. 

B-complex vitamins are needed by your body in order to produce energy, repair and produce DNA, and to synthesize various molecules and other chemicals. 

You also need to consume B-complex vitamins regularly to maintain your cerebral health, so it makes sense that this ingredient is included in Synapse XT.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another incredibly important nutrient that your body needs for several reasons.

Vitamin C is yet another antioxidant, and your body uses it to protect its cells from oxidative damage. Your body also uses vitamin C to produce collagen, a vital substance that’s used by various tissues in your body, including your skin and ligaments. It provides structure and elasticity to these tissues.

If you don’t get enough vitamin C, then you’re likely to develop scurvy, which results in fatigue, soreness, and in severe cases, bleeding from your skin and gums.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berries come from hawthorn trees, which are a large and varied group of shrubs and trees. Similar to hibiscus extract, the extract from hawthorn berries can improve your cardiovascular health and decrease the risk of heart disease while also improving your digestive function.  


Garlic is not just a commonly used cooking ingredient; it also contains numerous nutrients and compounds that have a multitude of health benefits.

Garlic can be beneficial to your immune function and your cardiovascular health. Garlic also contains antioxidants, and it has also been demonstrated to have anti-cancer, anti-obesity, and anti-diabetic properties. 


Magnesium is a common ingredient in dietary supplements, particularly in ones with an emphasis on improving your cerebral health. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for your general health as well.

Your body needs magnesium in order to regulate the function of your nerves and muscles. It also needs it to regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and it uses magnesium to make DNA and protein.

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Benefits of Synapse XT

Using Synapse XT can potentially offer you a number of benefits. In this section, we’ll go over the discernible benefits associated with using this supplement.

It’s Affordable

Even using it every day, Synapse XT is still reasonably affordable when compared to other methods of treating tinnitus. If you take advantage of bulk deals available on the official product website, you can potentially spend less than $600 on a year’s supply of Synapse XT.

Easy to Take

Taking this supplement is about as easy as taking an aspirin. Simply take one capsule twice a day with water, and you’re good to go.

May Potentially Reduce the Chance of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Some of the neuroprotective ingredients in Synapse XT may be effective in helping decrease the risk of developing various neurodegenerative diseases.

Improves Your Ability to Focus

People suffering from a severe case of tinnitus may find that it affects their ability to concentrate if the noise they hear is loud, piercing, or otherwise distracting enough. 

Some of the ingredients in Synapse XT may improve your ability to focus on various tasks, by reducing the level of noise in your ears and by improving your cognitive function. 

May Improve Your Cerebral Health

This supplement is advertised as being able to improve your brain’s health. While it might not actually be a cure for neurodegenerative diseases and the like, ingredients like magnesium and vitamin B are proven to be beneficial to your cerebral health and having these ingredients present in this supplement certainly won’t hurt at all. 

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Side-Effects of Synapse XT

All of the ingredients in Synapse XT are taken from natural sources, and all of the ingredients used in this supplement have been researched to a fairly extensive degree. This supplement contains no artificial preservatives or chemicals of any kind.

However, that’s not to suggest that this supplement is completely free from side-effects. Any supplement has the potential to cause unwanted effects, especially if you disregard the suggested dosage and over consume this supplement. 

These are the side-effects you may experience if you exceed the recommended dosage:

  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia (green tea contains caffeine, so if you have a sensitivity to caffeine, avoid taking this supplement close to bedtime)
  • Headaches 

Who Should Avoid Taking Synapse XT?

Almost anyone should be able to take Synapse XT without experiencing any issues. However, there are a few groups who should avoid taking this supplement.

Women who are pregnant or lactating should probably refrain from taking Synapse XT. Developing fetuses and newborn babies are extremely susceptible to changes in their nutrition, so you should try and avoid passing anything on to your baby that you aren’t absolutely sure is good for them.

Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or chronic illness should consult with a doctor before taking this supplement, just to make sure that none of the ingredients in Synapse XT will exacerbate symptoms of that condition.

Dosage & Starting Tips

The manufacturer offers a few tips on how to effectively use this supplement. What we know is that you are meant to take two capsules of Synapse XT a da. No other information is given as to what time you should take the capsules, whether or not you should take this supplement on an empty stomach or any other question you might have about this supplement. 

Where to Buy Synapse XT & Are There Any Guarantees?

Synapse XT

If you’re looking to buy Synapse XT, you can only do so through the Official Website. As we’ve previously mentioned, this website is the only place you can buy Synapse XT; it’s not available from any other physical or online locations.

The website also offers bulk deals if you order more than one container at a time. 

Here’s how each deal breaks down:

  • 1 container – $69
  • 3 containers – $177
  • 6 containers – $294

The manufacturer also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders of Synapse XT, which you can claim if you submit a refund request within two months of the purchase date.

Synapse XT Review: Final Thoughts

As for how effective this supplement really is, that still remains in question. The ingredients contained in Synapse XT’s formula certainly have proven health benefits, but in terms of its effectiveness at actually treating tinnitus, it remains questionable.

Still, considering it’s available with a 60-day money-back guarantee and the fact that all of the ingredients used in this supplement are natural and safe to consume, it may be worth it to try Synapse XT out if you happen to suffer from tinnitus.

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