It’s time we start talking about our issues, and one of the most prevalent problems of them is the prostate one. Yes, it’s about time we stop remaining hush.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed if you pee involuntarily and can’t stop it. Instead, you can address it naturally with a supplement called Vital Flow.

Well, that might not be true. But with the shortage of male-only supplements, we felt the urge to analyze this one. So let’s find whether Vital Flow is a useful supplement for prostate health in this detailed review.

Vital Flow Review: Overview of the Supplement

Vital Flow

In a world where breast cancer awareness is on top of research topics, it’s staggering to see the low awareness and research of prostate cancer and bad prostate health. People suffering from bad prostate health suffer from various recurring symptoms like bladder issues and reproductive problems.

Prostate cancer is prevalent in people above 65, with 60% of the patients above that age. It is perhaps the second most common cancer in the US just below skin cancer.

Prostate cancer is commonly the result of an untreated enlarged prostate. As men grow grey hair, they suffer from various health conditions like having an enlarged prostate. 

When your prostate grows in size, it pushes down other vital organs and becomes an obstacle. The most common symptom of this is that your urination becomes involuntary and frequent.

But every issue doesn’t require any professional help or expensive surgeries. You don’t need to have to pay your life’s savings if your insurance doesn’t cover prostate issues.

Instead, you can try the Vital Flow supplement. Made of 100% natural ingredients, Vital Flow offers a way to counter enlarged prostate using a risk-free and affordable method.

Sam Morgan and his team have done extensive research and picked out effective ingredients from the deepest corners of nature. But we don’t believe the claims based on what the makers say.

Instead, we have analyzed a host of reviews, tested its ingredients for effectiveness, and researched a bit about the maker. We’ll take you through the journey of knowing what Vital Flow is and why you need it.

But before that, let’s understand a bit about what is bad prostate health and what are its symptoms.

Symptoms of Bad Prostate Health

An enlarged prostate can lead to an array of troubling symptoms, the most common of which is involuntary urination, which is embarrassing and depressing at the same time. Here are a few common symptoms through you which you can identify an enlarged prostate:

  • Frequent Urges to Urinate

If you have all of a sudden developed a habit of going to urinate, again and again, it might be the sign of trouble. It can be quite distracting and can affect your life in various ways.

  • Painful Ejaculation

The early signs of Bad Prostate Health include painful ejaculations. If you’re suddenly getting hurt while ejaculating, it might be a sign of Bad Prostate Health.

  • Burning Sensation During Urination

Some people have reported a burning sensation when they urinate. The enlarged prostate can prove to be an obstacle, and the urine might find it tough to pass through the enlarged prostate leading to a burning feeling.

Before going into the details of how Vital Flow relieves you of adverse prostate health symptoms, we have summarized the review here.


  • Better Urinary Health

The product relieves you of painful urination as well as helps you control when you urinate. 

  • Natural Ingredients

Older people more commonly suffer from an enlarged prostate, and at times, they can’t afford to consume toxic chemicals in the form of medicines. Vital Flow is a natural solution made of entirely organic ingredients free of side effects.

  • Easy to consume

The dietary supplement is natural to consume. You don’t need to inject chemicals or go through troubled surgery procedures. All you need is a glass of water to drink these pills.

  • 60-Day money-back guarantee

Since it’s a nonprescription medicine, people might be worried if it would really be useful. Sam Morgan has ensured he completely satisfies the customers by making it a win-win proposition.


  • Minors can’t take this medicine, although prostate issues are rare in people below 18.
  • Only available on the Official Website

What is Vital Flow? Is it Genuine?

Vital Flow is a prostate support supplement that helps tackle issues with a man’s prostate gland. It heals an enlarged prostate in addition to relieving you of its symptoms.

The prostate gland serves various essential purposes in a man’s body. The prostate gland is responsible for the protection and nourishment of semen.

Since the urethra moves from the center of the prostate to the penis, enlargement of the gland can obstruct the flow. As a result, you will have a pee frequently because you won’t be able to pee adequately in one go.

People with an enlarged prostate may also dribble urine from their penis at times. It makes them feel weak and impotent.

Vital Flow comes as a natural solution to the issue. In reality, natural ingredients can also relieve you of the issue. Vital Flow uses bioavailable nutrients that absorb and counter the problem quickly.

But we researched a bit more to know if we can believe the manufacturer. Sam Morgan, the man behind Vital Flow, has been an expert in the prostate supplements field. He has spent a good part of his life manufacturing products for men’s health.

He hence leads a reputable team of specialists who develop health products for men. The reliable team has tested over 144 substances to decide which ones they have to include in their supplement. 

They could hence choose the natural elements that are the most effective. They were thus able to choose organic yet effective ingredients that work on the betterment of prostate health.

Sam has hired FDA approved laboratories to ensure all the products are safe to consume. The Vital Flow formula thus is one to be trusted upon. 

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Vital Flow Ingredients

Vital Flow is a well-researched product. The makers have gone out of their way to find only natural products to relieve you of enlarged prostate and its symptoms. 

Moreover, the major issue with the medicines for prostate issues is that only older adults experience it. Older adults above the age of 65 can’t handle chemical additives. It’s thus a viable alternative for people looking for natural alternatives.

Here is the complete list of ingredients added in Vital Flow:

Anti-DHT Trio (Mushrooms, Graviola Leaves, and Saw Palmetto Berries)

This anti-DHT trio contains a host of active ingredients like saw palmetto berries, Graviola leaves, and three powerful species of mushrooms. 

The three kinds of mushrooms offer a host of benefits like flushing toxins, among others. It contains Maitake, Reishi, and Shiitake. You can find some of these species in your local shops but can’t find the three at once.

While your body is filled with DHT levels, those suffering from enlarged prostate can be deficient of them. These mushrooms counter free radicals and flush toxins effectively.

Cat’s Claw and Tomato Extract

Cats claw and tomato extract combine to eliminate bacteria from your body. The two elements clear your body of toxins and purify your blood. The busy schedule rarely lets us feed ourselves with antioxidants. So these ingredients ensure our body functions properly and eliminate toxins quickly.

Pygeum African Bark

The ancient African bark has antibacterial properties that fight the bacteria that disturb our body’s functioning. These bacteria harm our bodies and play a role in enlarging the prostate. African Bark can be beneficial for the prostate as it cleans the blood and frees it of harmful bacteria.

Stinging Nettle Roots

These roots harden your penis by making the muscles strong. As a result, you will still be able to get a good hard penis despite your enlarged prostate.

Red Raspberry Extract

Red Raspberry boosts your sexual desire even if your prostate isn’t functioning correctly. 

Green Tea and Broccoli

Green tea and broccoli contain natural antioxidants that flush out toxins and make you feel more energetic and healthy. They increase your urinary flow by quickening the process of flushing out toxins.

If you think your urine contains only waste products, you are right. But it isn’t always the material waste products that you have eaten.

Instead, it can be the toxins formed out of polluted thin air. But green tea and broccoli promote a healthy prostate.

The journal of Synthetic Chemistry has also approved the ingredients to heal damaged prostate cells.

Selenium, Vitamin B6 and E

These three ingredients are kind of a second DHT trio. These ingredients are an adequate replacement for mushrooms and berries.

But the fact that the makers have used them ensures they are committed to complete improvement. They completely clean the body from DHT, and hence we don’t have a chance of getting inflammation because of these.

Zinc, Copper, Plant Sterol

Although our bodies only need trace elements of these, they get crucial when we are diagnosed with prostate issues. Zinc deficiency in men perhaps causes impotence, which is an embarrassing disease.

Like other popular supplements, the Vital Flow manufacturers have included essential ingredients like Zinc to ensure they prove useful. A lot of these ingredients only have subtle effects that only provide little fixes. They have thus included all of them to fix major issues.

Does it Work for Everyone?

No, the supplement only works for adult men. Minors shouldn’t use this product. Moreover, it only solves prostate issues, and only older adults suffer from this issue most of the time.

Otherwise, all the ingredients used in the product are entirely natural. It won’t adversely affect any individual. If you are suffering from any prostate problem, this is the most viable solution you can have.

Shipping and Returns

You can order this product from anywhere in the world, but you’ll get it quickly in the US. You can get it in most of the states within a week, while it might take around 7-14 days for Europe and Australia.

The supplement also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can return the product within 60 days if you don’t find it useful. A lot depends on the severity of your problem, but the money-back claim is a testification that the product is genuine.

How Does it Work?

The Vital Flow supplement combines various natural ingredients to reduce the size of the prostate gland and bring it back to normal.

The use of natural ingredients ensures that older adults won’t experience any side effects that accompany surgical treatments and other medicinal procedures.

When DHT levels rise higher than the average amount, the prostate gland may enlarge. Your body should respond accordingly and decrease the size.

But, inflammation results in poor functioning of the body, and thus, your prostate gland will remain swollen. Perhaps inflammation results in more pain and swelling. 

Vital Flow Formula ensures the body counters these issues through a natural supplement. Your sexual life, as well as productivity, will increase through this dietary supplement.

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How to Use Vital Flow

The Vital Flow supplement comes in a package of 60 pills for a month. You have to consume two capsules every day to meet the target. 

The best way to consume it is by drinking it with water. You should eat your breakfast and swallow your pill. Take the next medicine with dinner and try to consume it with water for the best results.

Who Should Use It & Who Should Not?

Who should use it:

  • Men who are older than 60 and feeling a loss in libido should look for this one
  • Men who are suffering from a softened penis can also buy this pill
  • People who are suffering from frequent urination and can’t control their urine should look for such a solution
  • People above 60 having any issue regarding the penis like erectile dysfunction and involuntary urination

Who shouldn’t take it:

  • Women should avoid this supplement
  • People below the age of 18 are better off consulting doctors if they are suffering from involuntary urination

Vital Flow: Side Effects?

The Vital Flow supplement contains only bioavailable ingredients like green tea, zinc, and more. Our body is already equipped to absorb these elements, and thus they work quite quickly.

Since these are organic ingredients, they don’t have a significant risk of side effects. But you should note if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients. You should also avoid overdosage of any of the ingredients.

How to Buy Vital Flow?

Vital FLow

The Vital Flow formula is available online at their official website only. You would only find scam products on other websites.

A bottle of the supplement costs $69, although the three bundle package would cost $59 a bottle. You’ll receive a higher discount on a six-bottle package, but I’ll decide to try a bottle first.

Vital Flow Reviews: Closing Thoughts

Vital Flow is a natural formula to relieve men of symptoms of prostate enlargement. At $69, it does seem a bit expensive. But if you look at other options like surgery, it would seem to like a piece of cake. Indeed the treatment doesn’t seem guaranteed. But with the 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s a win-win situation that you can hardly avoid.

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