If you are suffering from nerve pain, then you will agree that the pain is next to unbearable!

 The whole human body is interconnected with nerves, and these thin lines even go to the brain for the functionality of the body, so taking nerve pain for granted is not a good idea.

Most neuropathy patients rely on general pain-killing medicines to suppress pain. But these medicines don’t work on the root cause.

You need something that acts quickly and relieves you from the nerve pain immediately, so you don’t have to bear the excruciating pain anymore.

A supplement called the Nerve Control 911 is getting popular these days for its tremendous benefits to cope up with nerve pain.

So, we did a complete analysis to find out if the supplement really works. In this article, you will find a complete breakdown of Nerve Control 911.

We have explained what the supplement contains and what changes you can expect with it. This is a must-read review if you are planning to use the Nerve Control 911 supplement.

Nerve Control 911 Review: Overview of the Supplement

It can be intimidating to live with severe nerve pain. Tolerating the pain sometimes becomes out of control, and that’s where Nerve Control 911 claims to help.

The dietary supplement works on the affected nerves to help you get rid of the immense pain. The supplement contains quality ingredients such as marshmallow root and passionflower that naturally help you by correcting the nerve issues that lead to pain.

The other ingredients present in the supplement are also natural, making it a suitable choice. Moreover, the company behind this supplement is PhytAge Labs, which has developed some other highly-successful supplements such as Tinnitus 911.

When you start using Nerve Control 911, you can expect the following benefits:

  • It controls reflexes and voluntary movements.
  • Improves the quality of muscles
  • Transmits information from the CNS (central nervous system) to other parts of the body to locate and correct the pain.
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Copes up with insomnia
  • May lower blood pressure and anxiety

The supplement helps the body send the nervous system to act on the affected area where you are experiencing nerve pain. When the CNS releases nerve signals, it will help you in suppressing the immense pain.

Pros of using Nerve Control 911

  • Completely natural

All the ingredients present in Nerve Control 911 are natural, so you can rest assured that you aren’t taking any chemicals or other such ingredients that are harmful to the body.

  • Easy to consume 

The supplement is available in the form of pills, so it is easy to consume. You can bid goodbye to stressing exercises and preparing health drinks to battle nerve pain. Just take the pills as per the prescription, and you are good to go.

  • Suitable for adults

Nerve pain can happen to anyone and at any time. No matter if you are 40 or 60, Nerve Control 911 is suitable for you. The natural ingredients make this supplement work for all, so folks above 18 that need a promising solution for nerve pain can use this supplement.

  • Acts on the trigger pain points 

There are a plethora of trigger points in the human body. Any of these points can trigger severe nerve pain. The supplement acts on the nerve points by deactivating them to help you get rid of nerve pain.

  • Safe for use

Unlike painkillers that contain a lot of chemicals, Nerve Control 11 is safe to use. You can even continue the supplement for a considerable time as it is a dietary supplement.

  • Restores energy 

Aside from chronic pain, neuropathy can also result in loss of energy. When you start consuming Nerve Control 911, the supplement restores the energy again. In short, using this nerve pain correcting supplement will make you alert and full of energy.

  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

You get a 90-day money back guarantee with the supplement. If you think that results aren’t as good as promised by the manufacturer, then you can choose to return the supplement for a complete refund.

Cons of using Nerve Control 911

You can order the supplement from the official website only. If it gets stockout, then you have to wait for the supplement to get back in stock.

  • A single bottle cost more.

Purchasing a single bottle can cost you more as compared to buying a pack. It can be a little problematic if you want to check how the supplement works, as most starters buy a single bottle at first.

What is Nerve Control 911? Is it Genuine?

Nerve Control 911 is an entirely dietary supplement that claims to help you get rid of neuropathy pain. The supplement contains ingredients that work on the enzymes that result in triggering or activating the nerve pain points in the body.

When you start using the supplement, it activates the body’s natural process to heal the affected nerves by deactivating the pain points. 

Furthermore, the supplement helps in stopping inflammatory issues. The ingredients such as Malaysian Penan Tribe rapidly act on the trigger points that are active and are causing chronic pain.

Using Nerve Control 911 heals the body from inside out, and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Is Nerve Control 911 Genuine?

The short answer is, yes! The supplement is 100% genuine, and thousands of folks suffering from neuropathy pain are using it to relax the nerves. If you want to cut off the pain killer medicines from your life, then Nerve Control 911 can be a good choice.

The supplement helps you cope up with nerve pain naturally, and that’s what you need.

Below we have explained what ingredients are present in Nerve Control 911 and how they help your body in combating the nerve pain.

Shipping and Return Policy

You can order Nerve Control 911 from the official website. You can expect the delivery within 7-15 days, depending on your location or the delivery address you have selected.

Every purchase made from the official website comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. You will get a complete refund in your bank account in case you claim for a refund within 90 days from the date of order.

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Nerve Control 911 Ingredients

  • California Poppy 

This is an effective herb that’s widely used to help blood vessels and nerve pain patients.

The ingredient works well by relieving you from the nerve pain caused in feet, hands, fingers, and toes while reducing the inflammation in muscles and tandems.

Furthermore, the Corydalis Yanhusuo helps with a balanced mood and corrects insomnia. Various studies have shown the benefits of California Poppy such as it resolves insomnia, and is beneficial for aches.

  • Prickly Pear

There are tons of benefits that you can expect with Prickly Pear. The ingredient helps the immune system regain its strength naturally, and may help protect it from various types of cancers. 

Moreover, patients of hypertension will get benefits from Prickly Pear. The reason why Nerve Control 911 has used Prickly Pear is due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

 The ingredient comes packed with a multitude of antioxidants that the body needs to recover from nerve pain. 

In some regions, Prickly Pear is termed as Nopal Cactus as well, and it has a plethora of other health benefits as well.

  • Passion Flower

Passion Flower is one of the top ingredients present in Nerve Control 911 that curbs the nerve pain. The ingredient promotes peaceful sleep, and you feel relaxed, which is necessary after dealing with chronic nerve pain.

Furthermore, there are some other benefits as well, such as it helps in coping up with depression. And helps the muscles to relax so that you get a sound sleep.

As per a study, Passion Flower has a calming effect that soothes your stomach and helps in relaxing the entire body.

  • Corydalis Yanhusuo

As per a study, Corydalis Yanhusuo has proven benefits for nerve inflammation and neuropathy pain. The ingredient also works well in repairing the nerves, fighting severe depression, and stabilizing limb tremors.

Moreover, this ingredient has calming benefits and relaxes the muscles without causing any addiction as the regular pain killer does.

  • Marshmallow root

The ingredient is rich in the concentration of mucilage. Further, the ingredient helps the plats to store water. As a result, the organs get moist due to the stored water, and it helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles.

Another benefit of marshmallow root is that it fights inflammation, and improves the working of the urinary, digestive, and respiratory system for better functioning of the body.

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How Does Nerve Control 911 Work?

To understand how the supplement works, it is necessary to understand what causes nerve pain in the body.

There are various causes of nerve pain, such as pollution, poor water quality, the blue light emitted by your laptop and phone.  These factors activate the enzymes, which then results in neuropathy pain as the brain releases signals for it.

Nerve Control 911 helps in diffusing the pain pathways such as 5- Lox, COX-2, and NF Kappa, which are the main culprits for chronic nerve pain.

Below we have described the significant pain pathways and how the supplement acts on them to relieve nerve pain.

Pain Pathway No. 1:

When you start consuming Nerve Control 911, then it inhibits the COX-1 enzyme, which blocks the first pain pathway, thus blocking a site that causes nerve pain.

There will be severe side effects in your body when the COX-1 works by diffusing the pain activator site.

Pain Pathway No. 2:

Another enzyme that works similar to the COX-2 is Prostaglandin E-2, which forces the brain to send signals that make you feel the pain in the nerves.

Nerve Control 911 acts by deactivating this pain-causing site so that you don’t feel the pain. The brain will not send any signals, and you will not feel the pain. 

Pain Pathway No. 3: 

The third pain pathway is caused due to 5-LOX or 5-lipoxygenase, which results in inflammation in the body.

The ingredients present in Nerve Control 911, such as alpha nutrients, block the working of the pathway, and that’s how it helps in reducing the inflammation.  

Furthermore, there will be no or less transmission of 5-LOX, so you will feel better every day when consuming the nerve pain control supplement.

Pain Pathway No. 4: 

The ingredients present in Nerve Control 911, such as Corydalis Yanhusuo, block the TNF-Alpha. There are many issues caused due to TNF-Alpha, such as skin psoriasis, high inflammation, and joint swelling.

Pain Pathway No. 5:

Here is another pain pathway that produces inflammation in the body. Patients suffering from nerve pain have iNOS, which is an enzyme that produces high amounts of nitric oxide.

As per some studies, the production of nitric oxide inside the body causes inflammation, which then causes chronic nerve pain in different parts of the body.

Pain Pathway No. 6: 

Another pain pathway that produces nitric oxide is reactive nitrogen species or RNS. The production of nitric oxide results in inflammatory diseases. 

Further, the natural ingredients present in the supplement helps in controlling the production of nitric oxide.

Pain Pathway No, 7:

The last pain pathways that Nerve Control 911 works on is NF Kappa. The pain pathways cause several issues like sepsis, arthritis, bowel diseases, and other inflammatory diseases that send pain signals to the brain, and you feel the chronic pain in your nerves.

The natural ingredients present in the supplement, such as Passion Flower and Prickly Pear, help reduce the pain by blocking the pain pathway.

Nerve Control 911 In a Nutshell

When you start consuming Nerve Control 911, then the natural ingredients break down in your body. Most of the ingredients work on the above-listed pain pathways to block the signals that make you feel pain.

The supplement works majorly on blocking these significant pain causing points that result in chronic nerve pain. Another benefit that you get with the supplement is relaxed sleep.

Nerve pain results in insomnia, and the ingredients such as the marshmallow root battles the enzymes that cause insomnia and other inflammatory diseases.

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How to Use Nerve Control 911?

If you want to get the best results from Nerve Control 911, then it is critical to take it the right way. Consuming the supplement is easy, and you can take the pills with water. Each bottle contains 60 tablets.

The manufacturer claims that to get the best results, you should consume two tablets every day, depending on your situation.

You should take the tablets after consuming food like you can take one pill after breakfast and another one after the lunch or evening snack.

All the ingredients present in the supplement are natural, and there are no chemicals at all.

Who Should Use Nerve Control 911? And Who Should Not?

Anyone suffering from diabetic neuropathy or neuralgia can use this supplement to get positive results. Even if you suffer from minor nerve pain, then you can use this supplement to suppress the neuropathy pain.

Using the supplement will curtail the chances of neuralgia, and you can make sure that you don’t suffer chronic nerve pain.

Can anyone use this supplement? 

Not everyone can use this supplement, as there are a few limited people who should not use this nerve pain control supplement. 

If you are pregnant, then it is advisable to skip the supplement until the time you give birth to the baby. Some ingredients, such as Passion Flower, can cause drowsiness, which can cause issues during the pregnancy.

If you have any medical history of you are allergic to any of these ingredients, then consult a good doctor before using the supplement. 

Side Effects of Nerve Control 911

In our research, we checked numerous customer reviews to find out the real side effects that people may have encountered while using this supplement.

There were no severe side effects found, and that means using Nerve Control 911 is safe. However, in people below 35, drowsiness can occur due to the ingredients. 

In short, there are no life-threatening side effects of using this supplement, so it is safe to use.

Where to Buy Nerve Control 911 and the Deals You Can Get?

Nerve Control 911 is available on the Official Website only. You can order the supplement on the go using your credit card. 

The best deals available right now are as the following:

    • 1 Bottle (60 Capsules): $69.95
    • 2 Bottles (120 Capsules): $119.90
  • 4 Bottles (240 Capsules): $199.80 (Best Deal)

Nerve Control 911 Review: Closing Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

The nerve pain can ruin your life’s special moments, and you might have experienced it many times! Taking pain killers isn’t a good idea as the body can get habitual, and there is no going back.

Using Nerve Control 911 is a smart decision, as the natural product doesn’t make your body habitual and the reviews are positive. Also, it impacts on the root cause and helps you feel better. 

In short, you should use Nerve Control 911 to get rid and win the battle against chronic neuropathy pain. 

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