If your face starts showing signs of aging, you should consider the significance of a facelift. At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, triple board-certified plastic surgeon Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, specializes in offering natural and rejuvenating face lift in Pasadena, CA.

Dr. Sasaki has worked with some leading research companies studying regenerative cells and factors influencing growth to enhance fat graft efficiency. He was among the pioneer surgeons in developing innovative technologies such as CoolSculpting and Ultherapy. To find out more about his private practice, call Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center or go online to request a consultation.

Who Is the Right Candidate for A Facelift?

One should consider getting a facelift if the effects of ageing start to show, taking a toll on their self-confidence. Some of the aging signs necessitating a facelift include sagging skin, drooping jawline, and a cheek fat pad. During an initial facelift consultation, Dr Sasaki lays out the effects of ageing and discusses with the patient about available treatment options to restore and enhance their appearance.

Dr. Sasaki offers patients both non-invasive and invasive options. Based on the unique needs and goals of the patients, he helps them arrive at a well-informed decision on the most suitable treatment. Under Dr. Sasaki’s care, you can achieve lasting and natural-looking rejuvenated skin. He applies innovative techniques and uses cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal results with treatments.

What to Expect with a Facelift?

During treatment, Dr. Sasaki begins by making small incisions around your face. He makes sure that the incisions are accurately done to result in minimal and hidden scars. Back in 1995, Dr. Sasaki came up with his suture suspension technique, which he still uses to date. It works to restore your cheek fat pad over your cheekbone. Following the completion of 1,000 successful procedures, Dr. Sasaki has published several manuscripts for this special suture system that has been taught worldwide.

Dr. Sasaki raises and tightens the superficial muscular aponeurotic system to manage the marionette fold stretching from the corner of one’s mouth down to the jowl and mandible. He may also recommend liposuction below and above your jawline to offer a sculptured and more contoured look. Finally, Dr. Sasaki repositions the skin to provide patients with a rejuvenated and natural-looking appearance.

How Long Is A Facelift Procedure?

The entire process will take three to five hours. It’s performed in house at the comfortable environment of Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center under general anaesthesia. Following your surgery, you might only experience slight swelling that generally resolves in about three weeks.

Because there are no drains or dressings, you can take a bath and wash your face every day following surgery. Dr Sasaki will remove some stitching from the front side of your ear in 10 days. Generally, most patients can get back to their routine activities by the sixth week.

What Are The Non-Invasive Alternatives to Facelift?

There are some non-surgical alternatives to invasive facelifts. Typically, these are meant for younger patients who are yet to show more profound facial aging signs, and/or those feel they are not up for an invasive treatment. These procedures include Ultherapy, dermal fillers, and Juvéderm.

In conclusion, Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility, offering both surgical and non-surgical treatments to reduce the signs of ageing. Call Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center or go online to schedule a consultation for a facelift procedure.