If you are struggling with weight loss, then it’s natural to look for a reliable weight loss supplement to help you in cutting the excess fat. However, it can be challenging to choose the right supplement that has sure-shot results with less or zero side effects.

The manufacturer of PhenQ claims that its weight loss supplement has got everything required to shed pounds naturally. But is it true?

In this PhenQ review, we have investigated the bold claims PhenQ makes about its supplement. Also, we will reveal whether the PhenQ really works, or it isn’t worth the hype!

What Is PhenQ? Is It Legit?

PhenQ is a dietary weight loss supplement that contains all-natural ingredients to enhance the metabolic process. The FDA and DMP approved supplement come in the form of pills, and you can consume it easily with water, or juices.

Generally, there are five claimed benefits PhenQ weight loss supplement will help your body with:

  1. Appetite suppression
  2. Enhanced energy levels
  3. Burns body fat to churn out energy
  4. Prevents body from storing more fat
  5. Boosts motivation and mental focus

Created by Wolfson Berg, PhenQ is a widely-used weight loss supplement. Also, all the ingredients present in the pills work on different aspects by helping it in shedding pounds naturally.

Berg claims that PhenQ has similar benefits and capabilities as Phentermine, but the supplement doesn’t render any side effects like Phentermine!

How Does It Work?

PhenQ weight loss supplement promises users weight loss with its potent and safe ingredients. The supplement acts on five mechanisms that help with weight loss and prevents the body from storing more fat around it.

To find out how PhenQ works, we investigated the official website to check the testimonies by existing users. Here is how PhenQ helps with weight loss.

  • Deals with Existing Body Fat

PhenQ improves the metabolic processes of the body while helping in burning fat quickly. Consumption of PhenQ pills increases Thermogenesis which is a natural process of increasing the heat inside the body. The fat starts melting with the rise in body’s temperature.

  • Reduces Fat Production

PhenQ curtails the accumulation of fat by burning fat cells for energy. The makers of PhenQ claim that it boosts energy levels inside the body, which seems to be true in our research.

  • Balances the Appetite

A significant reason behind weight gain is untimely cravings, and PhenQ works on it to keep the appetite balanced. The ingredients present in PhenQ act as natural appetite suppressant to control the consumption of calories.

  • Revives Poor Mood

In the initial phase of our research, this seemed nothing more than a false claim! But most of the users claimed that consumption of PhenQ improved their mood dramatically. Multiple ingredients present in PhenQ act against poor mood to improve it naturally.


  • All-natural ingredients with zero noxious chemicals
  • Easy to consume
  • Improves metabolism and mood
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Helps in building muscle mass
  • Proven results
  • Legitimate to use


  • Not available in offline stores
  • Contraindicated for breastfeeding and pregnant women
  • A single bottle costs more

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The list of natural ingredients present in PhenQ makes it a safe-to-use supplement, as all the ingredients are natural. Have a look at what makes PhenQ a reliable weight loss supplement.

Each weight loss pill of PhenQ contains the following ingredients:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Nopal Cactus
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Capsicum Extract
  • Piperine Extract
  • Niacin Powder
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • Copper
  • Cysteine

Calcium Carbonate

Multiple clinical studies have suggested that calcium carbonate has proven benefits in burning body fat, and that makes it a sure-shot ingredient that will help you in losing weight. The primary purpose of calcium carbonate is to prevent the body from storing fat by signaling it to the brain.

As a result, the consumer will get a feeling of being fuller, and it will curtail the amount of food consumed in an entire day. When a person eats less, then the brain will send a signal to burn the existing fat to convert it into energy.

When combined with a protein-rich diet, calcium carbonate suppresses the appetite to limit the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Also, it keeps the body weight balanced, and people who take calcium tend to gain less weight as compared to others of the same age.

As per a study, the cells with a high concentration of calcium burn fat faster. Calcium carbonate even curtails the release of calcitriol, which improves the oxidation of fat cells, and they burn quickly.

Nopal Cactus

Nopal Cactus is highly rich in fiber and belongs to a prominent species of cactus. Also, Nopal is a good source of fibers and amino acids that are beneficial for the body. This particular ingredient of PhenQ has multiple benefits, including lesser constipation-related problems.

As Nopal is rich in fiber content, therefore, it will help you with regular bowel movements, while making you feel satiated. As a result, you will eat less, and it will lead to loss of weight as the body starts burning the existing fat to get energy.

There are multiple vitamins available in Nopal that replenishes the energy and keeps you active all day long. Nopal works well in flushing out the excess fluids, which are contributing to a lot of weight in the body.

Here are some additional benefits offered by Nopal Cactus extracts present in PhenQ pills:

  • Maintains the ideal levels of blood sugar and prevents glands from secreting excessive insulin.
  • Make you feel fuller and prevent midnight food cravings.
  • Reduces the level of bad cholesterol
  • Promotes healthy digestion and helps in eliminating waste efficiently

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-Lipoic Acid has proven benefits for the body as it helps in detoxification. Also, the compound helps in regulating the levels of blog sugar and reduces inflammation inside the body. Some other perks of Alpha-Lipoic Acid are improved nerve function and faster weight loss process.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a common mineral present in most of the meats, whole grains, and vegetables. Some studies have proved that Chromium regulates the cravings for sugars and carbs, which are the main contributors to excess weight.

Moreover, the mineral helps in regulating blood sugar levels and minimizes untimely midnight cravings. Another benefit of Chromium is that it turns the sugars and carbs into energy and prevents them from accumulating fat around the body.

In a nutshell, Chromium is a necessary ingredient a body needs to lose weight. It even curtails emotional overeating, which is pretty common these days.

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum is beneficial in triggering a process called Thermogenesis to produce enough heat inside the body required to improve the metabolic process. The function of this ingredient is similar to what happens with the body when you consume chilies.

The extracts of capsicum are rich in Vitamin B6. Also, it blends with piperine and caffeine, which are excellent to enhance the metabolic processes required for burning fat due to increased body heat.


α – LACYS RESET is formed with the infusion of two synergistic compounds for weight loss, i.e., LYS and CYS. These two patented formulas bring the right balance between neutralization and the production of free radicals. Also, the compounds activate the mitochondria’s aerobic metabolism, which your body needs to burn fat.

α – LACYS RESET is one of the unique ingredients that are responsible for the considerable success of the PhenQ weight loss supplement. Another benefit of α – LACYS RESET is that it adds up muscle mass to the body, so you get multiple advantages with the weight loss pills.

Overall, there are no side effects of α – LACYS RESET, and it improves the quality of life by boosting up the metabolism and helping in burning fat.

Piperine Extract

Piperine Extracts work in combination with Capsicum Extracts by generating heat inside the body. The compound of piperine is derived from natural black pepper. Most of the promising weight loss supplements like PhenQ have piperine present in them due to its potential benefits.

Piperine curtails the accumulation of fat cells, and thus the weight gaining process comes to a halt.

Niacin Powder

Niacin Power is another essential ingredient present in PhenQ. This natural compound has adequate amounts of Vitamin B, which is necessary for the body. The powder works by converting the consumed calories into energy and prevents its storage.

Taking increased quantities of Niacin results in a boost in the appetite, and that’s why PhenQ pills have limited amounts of this compound.

Note: The consumption of Niacin requires exercising and other processes that lead to sweating so that the body can get rid of the excess quantities.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Many fat burners available in the market have caffeine anhydrous as a primary ingredient, and that’s due to its potential benefits in losing weight. There are multiple benefits of this ingredient, as your body gets the energy to do more work and feels active most of the time.

Moreover, caffeine is linked with the thermogenic effect, which raises the body temperature and enhances the working of metabolic processes.

L-Carnitine Tartrate

Commonly found in meats and vegetables, L-Carnitine Tartrate is an essential amino acid beneficial for the breakdown of fat. The primary purpose of this ingredient is to transport the fat for the breakdown process. PhenQ contains the minimal quantity of L-Carnitine Tartrate, and that’s why it is 100% safe to consume.

The overall quantity of L-Carnitine Tartrate is just 0.15g per PhenQ pill.


A few studies have shown the benefits of consuming copper for weight loss, and more precisely, healthy weight loss. Copper acts directly on the metabolism and maintains an outstanding balance required to burn more fat.

PhenQ pills contain less copper mineral, so there are no ill effects at all. Also, the weight loss pill replenishes the requirement of copper minerals in the body.

These highly natural yet highly effective minerals make PhenQ weight loss supplement a viable option if you are looking to shed some weight.


N-acetyl Cysteine is the precursor to Cysteine. PhenQ doesn’t have direct Cysteine present in it, but your body will convert it after combining with α – LACYS RESET. Cysteine is a natural amino acid that helps the body with umpteen antioxidant effects.

Also, Cysteine improves the function of neurotransmitter pathways for better metabolic processes.

Check out this study that shows the correlation between neurotransmitters and weight loss.

PhenQ Side Effects?

Berg has stated that there are no severe side effects associated with the consumption of PhenQ as all the ingredients are natural, and there are no chemicals used in the supplement. However, in our research, we encountered some users that reported some mild side effects after using PhenQ.

The list of mild side effects includes:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Stomach issues

The users reported that the side effects were mild and only lasted a few days.

Note: It is suggested to consult a medical expert if you have any pre-existing medical history. Also, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant ladies should avoid using PhenQ!

 Who Should Use PhenQ?

Anyone can use PhenQ provided that he/she is at least 18 years or above, and is not dealing with any medical issues. As discussed above, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should avoid using PhenQ in the stage they are nursing the baby.

Also, these pills are vegan and made using natural ingredients without noxious chemicals. Moreover, PhenQ is FDA and DMP certified, and it is safe to use.

Any person with some serious weight loss goals can use PhenQ due to its natural composition.

PhenQ Reviews: What do Customers say about this Product?

“I used many smoothies and weight loss recipes, but nothing helped with my increasing weight. My dad advised me to consult the family doctor for the same, and he prescribed PhenQ.

I am pretty happy with my decision to opt for this supplement. Though I haven’t lost all the weight, the results are visible, and it’s only been a month since I am using the supplement.

Most of the claims made by PhenQ are true, and I feel more energetic than ever. However, I am following a strict exercising regime with the pills and hope to shed the belly fast in the coming months.”

Mark T., Utah, USA

“Fitting into my wedding dress was just a dream due to the excessive weight, but with PhenQ, I made it. Lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks, and I think that is awesome. Using PhenQ wasn’t tough at all, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Most of my friends are surprised by my results, and I’ve recommended PhenQ to them as well. I prefer the double bottle pack, as it is a bang for the buck. I’ll keep using PhenQ to achieve my weight loss goals in 2020 as well.”

Elena K., Paris, France

Also visit PhenQ’s website for more testimonials

Where to Buy PhenQ?

Throughout the research, we investigated some customer forums as well to find out the reliability and effectiveness of PhenQ, and the results were promising!

If you have decided to give PhenQ a try, then you can order it online. PhenQ is not available in any of the offline stores, but you can buy it straight away from the official website.

Steps to Order PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

  • Click here to go to the official website of PhenQ.
  • Select the pack you need as PhenQ offers three different packs.
  • Click on Buy Now and proceed to checkout.
  • Wait for the shipment to arrive at your door.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy PhenQ Supplement?

To sum up, the research ended with the conclusion that PhenQ really works, but the result varies from person to person. Also, there are no or mild side effects associated with the supplement, so you should be prepared about them if planning to give PhenQ a try.

Also, the supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you can get your amount back within the period if not impressed by the results. Thanks to the experts at Healthcarebusinesstoday for helping us put together this PhenQ review.