Have you ever wondered why every woman must have a gynecology specialist? A gynecologist is a doctor who has a specialization in women’s health, mainly focusing on reproductive health. These exceptional doctors deal with various issues, including fertility issues, obstetrics, menstruation, hormone disorders, sexually transmitted infections, and many more complications related to women’s health.

When to Start Visiting a Gynecologist

Dr. A. Michael Coppa, one of the best Providence gynecology service providers, encourages visits to the women’s specialist to begin between the ages of 13 to 15. This is because it is essential to build a relationship with your doctor for effective treatment. It builds up your confidence to ask menstruation or sexually related questions that may seem embarrassing in other circumstances.

Also, it enables the doctor to offer long-term services such as counseling and guidance on important lifestyle and health issues. As a girl is becoming a woman, it becomes easy to trace any problem or complication as the medical history is readily available. Dr. Coppa designs care plans through accurate diagnosis, and you can expect one-on-one attention for every visit.

When to See a Gynecologist

Women are encouraged to visit gynecology for annual screening, and anytime they have symptoms that concern them. This includes if:

  • You get at the age of 14 without experiencing any puberty changes
  • At the age of 16, you haven’t experienced periods
  • Your periods are unusual; they are extra heavy or last more than a week
  • The menstrual cramps become severe, or you are experiencing other pelvic pains
  • You experience sores, swelling, redness, itching, discharge, or unusual odor from your vagina
  • You are pregnant
  • You need safe sex tips
  • Your periods become irregular
  • You are sure you are not pregnant but have missed your periods for three months
  • You have injured your pelvic area
  • You have been exposed to sexually transmitted infections

Why You Need a Yearly Gynecologic Exam

A gynecologist has special and extra training in menstrual regularities, birth control, pap smears, and pelvic exam. It is advisable to take advantage of such specialization and expertise to address common health concerns such as fertility issues, birth control, cancer prevention, and sexually transmitted diseases.

What You Should Note Before Any Visit with the Gynecologist

It is vital to give an honest and accurate account of your lifestyle and health concerns. It helps your doctor to have a better idea about your condition and therefore to help you more.

Please note that while you are preparing for your visit, shaving or waxing is not a necessity.

Some gynecological exams, such as pap smear, can be uncomfortable but aren’t painful.

Avoiding sexual activity before your appointment is a good idea.

There is no problem with going on with your appointment when your periods come around the scheduled time. However, it is best to postpone unless you need urgent care.

You can be accompanied by someone for a visit, even in the examination room.

As a woman, it is vital to have regular visits to an experienced gynecologist to minimize health risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle at each age. You can trust Dr. Coppa and get comprehensive gynecology services for your unique needs.