Did you have a personal injury case? Lounging a personal injury claim can be a challenge. For you to be successful, you need to work with an attorney. But not an attorney is a perfect choice. You must find a lawyer specializing in personal injury claim cases. Such a lawyer has the right skills in handling these cases. 

However, due to the demand and possibility of high returns in personal injury cases, many lawyers including quacks are joining this niche. You will come along to various professional websites of people posing as personal injury attorneys. To avoid falling into the trap of a quack, here are seven elements to check for when picking a personal injury lawyer:

 Area of specialization 

Can you hire a plumber to fix your car or a mechanic to work on a leaking pipe? Probably, your answer is no. the same case applies to the law. Just because someone is a lawyer does not mean you can go to the for friendly personal injury advice

A property and mortgage lawyer who has zero knowledge of handling cases involving personal injuries should not be your option. When finding an attorney, concentrate on their specialization. Getting the right lawyer will guarantee success in your case. So, assess the attorney’s specialization before engaging them in your case.

Experience and track records

Another thing to consider is the experience of the personal injury attorney. You need to know the length of time the lawyer has been handling such cases. Ask the attorney for a portfolio of past cases they have ever handled. If you ignore this aspect, you will end with a bundle of regrets. Apart from the experience, check the attorneys’ track record. 

How many cases has he handled and their outcomes? Did the cases succeed and claims settled? Dealing with an attorney who has a poor track record will mean that your case will have similar results. As such, always evaluate the experience and track records of a personal injury lawyer before subscribing to their services.

Lawyer body affiliations 

Like other areas, law changes from time to time. Parliaments make new laws while judges come up with new interpretations. For this reason, a good lawyer must remain up-to-date with any changes in their area. The best option for lawyers to update their knowledge is being part of lawyer associations and affiliations. 

The same case applies to the personal injury niche. Insurance companies keep on changing their tricks to avoid paying personal injury claims. A lawyer who is not at par with such a trick will always lose their cases. Being a member of personal injury attorney’s associations and related groupings is the only way a lawyer can learn the new tricks. 

Before engaging a personal injury attorney, it is crucial to assess their affiliation. If they do not belong to a lawyer’s association that aligns with their area of practice, then you should think twice. 

Past clients reviews and feedback

Clients’ feedback is another point when picking a personal injury attorney. These reviews are a sample of what you will get from the service. If you find a client stating that it took them ten years to settle the case and the outcomes were disappointing, you should consider moving to another attorney. 

Do not think that your case will be special in that you will get a real-time settlement. Like you do when buying products online, take your time to go through the service review page. Otherwise, consider referrals from peers and family who have had a successful personal injury claim settlement. 


Is the attorney accessible? This question should be in your mind when hiring a personal attorney. The legal process can be rigorous and requiring huge paperwork. Carrying the burden alone can be tiresome. Also, during claim filing, you need guidance on what to do at each point. 

For this reason, your attorney should be accessible. He/she should honor your appointments and meetings. They should be available to your through calls, virtual, and physical meeting at convenient times. If you find that the lawyer is unavailable during the hiring point, you have no reason to continue with the step. You should consider looking for an alternative. 

Inaccessibility is a sign of failure or delay of your cases. As such, the accessibility of the attorney should be a major concern when hiring one.   

Cost of the services

The good thing about personal injury attorneys is that they work on a contingency basis. You do not pay an upfront fee to start the case. Any payment comes after the case settlement. In most cases, the lawyers take 40% or a third of the compensation amount. 

However, some personal injury attorneys’ find ways of sucking amounts from your pocket. They will charge heft legal fees and leave you with a little amount of compensation. For this reason, do not hire a personal injury attorney blindly. 

Discuss the terms of payments and any other fees associated with the cases. Also, consider having several attorneys and compare their charges. This way, you will find a good lawyer who offers pocket-friendly charges. 

Readiness to listen and fight for you

Despite having all the above aspects, an attorney may not be ready to listen or fight for you. A successful case relies on how the lawyer tells your story and its impact on your life. For them to do it perfectly, they must give you an ear. A good attorney should take the time to listen to you and your story. 

Also, even with a good track record, some personal injury attorneys are not ready to fight for you. An accident comes with hefty impacts and losses. So, your lawyer should be ready to fight for you to get the right compensation. They should work hard to ensure you get justice and rightful settlement.  

Wrapping Up

In a word, a personal injury attorney should be there to ensure you succeed and get the right compensation. This task is only possible if you engage a lawyer with the right track record, knowledge, experience, and specialization in these areas. 

Also, they should be ready to stand for your rights and accessible when you need them. So, assess your attorney based on the above elements before engaging them in your case.