Firstly, you need to understand what counts as dental emergencies. Some people are very confused about it. They do not understand the thin-line difference between a normal dental issue and an emergency dental issue. And so it is very important for them to know what exactly dental emergencies are. 

What is a Dental Emergency? 

A dental emergency is any dental problem that requires immediate attention, action, and treatment in order to stop bleeding, reduce the level of pain, and save a chipped, broken, or knocked-out tooth. 

In other terms, if your dental problem is getting out of your control or you are unable to bear that pain or stop that gum bleeding, it will be considered a dental emergency. Some of the best examples of dental emergencies are as follows:

  • Severe tooth pain 
  • Traumatic dental injury
  • Gum bleeding 
  • Oral infection and inflammation in the gums and chicks
  • Cracked, chipped, broken, and knocked out teeth
  • Pus in and around the mouth

Now, let’s talk about what is not a dental emergency. 

What is Not a Dental Emergency? 

Any dental problem that can be delayed for treatment and check up or can wait for a few hours and days for treatment is clearly not a dental emergency. 

In other terms, if your dental problem is in your control and does not cause severe pain, continuous gum bleeding, and loss of teeth or dental crown, it will not be considered a dental emergency. 

Now, you would have a clear understanding of what dental emergencies are and what are not. 

Now, let’s discuss when you should meet emergency dentists McKinney

Dental Situations When You Should Meet An Emergency Dentist

When You Feel Severe Dental Pain- If you have ever experienced severe dental pain in your life so far, you must have known how painful and sore it is. It often gets out of control. And if it occurs to someone who is physically weak, it can turn into a very serious dental problem for him/her. That’s why it is considered a dental emergency. So, whenever you feel severe dental pain, call an emergency dentist right away to book your appointment on the same day. 

When You Meet A Dental Injury- Dental injuries can occur while playing, practicing, or doing any physical activity. They can also occur due to sudden fall and sleep on the floor. It is very common especially in children as they very actively perform several physical activities like running and playing. They can cause knocking out your teeth, breaking your teeth, cracks in teeth, continuous gum bleeding, swelling, wounds in the mouth, etc. 

So, whenever you meet these types of dental emergencies, just contact your emergency dentist right away to get dental treatment as soon as possible. 

When Inflammation Occurs in Your Gums- Dental injuries, continuous gum bleeding, and severe dental pain lead to gum inflammation. It is also considered a dental emergency because it is painful. And sometimes, a patient can’t even open his/her mouth to say something or to eat and drink something when having dental inflammation. So, whenever dental inflammation bothers you, contact your emergency dentist immediately and get the best treatment.