The things that people search online provide interesting insights into their thoughts – and when many people search the same questions, we can know that these are issues that concern a significant number of people. Although some may search, others may simply wonder about them without taking any further action. Are these health-related questions lurking in the back of your mind? Perhaps, some of the things that seem to trouble folks may surprise you. 

1. Questions About Root Canal Treatments

Although many of us have undergone root canal treatments, there’s a first time for everything. After leaving the dentist’s office, many people find themselves wondering about this dental procedure. Questions range from “Are root canals safe?” to “What is a root canal?” and “How long does a root canal take?” The easy answer is that root canals aren’t pleasant, but they’re perfectly safe and a matter of routine for the dentist who conduct them.

2. Wondering What to do About High Blood Pressure

Close to half the adult population of the United States has high blood pressure. It’s likely that their doctors already told them what they need to do to address the issue, but hey, who knows? Maybe people feel the need for more detail or are hoping for easier solutions. Some of the people who are asking this question may be concerned about the health of family members. What can they do? Apart from complying with treatments for high blood pressure, a change in diet is the best solution. Eliminating, or at least reducing, the intake of table salt is one of the most important of these dietary changes.

3. Enquiries About the Keto Diet

With so many people in the world being overweight, obese, or simply wishing they could fit into those skinny jeans, the latest fad diets are frequently googled. The keto diet aims to induce a starvation-response that burns fat. Sounds good? It isn’t! Placing your body under physical stress is not a healthy option, and doctors warn that ketosis can have severe consequences in people who are vulnerable to certain health conditions. What’s more, it’s a well-known fact that starvation diets promote weight gain as soon as the body can latch onto a few extra calories. The best way to lose weight? Exercise more and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

4. Seeking a Hiccup Cure

Ever had hiccups that don’t seem to want to go away? Maybe you were one of the people searching online to find out if there’s anything new to know about hiccup cures. The old folk remedies like holding one’s breath, drinking a glass of water, or trying deep breathing – still apply. Unlike high blood pressure, hiccups aren’t dangerous, although hiccups that won’t go away might be a symptom of deeper health issues. But don’t stress out if you start a bout of hiccups. They should go away before long. If they don’t, your doctor may be able to help. Is there anything new on hiccup cures online? Not really. It’s pretty much the same stuff your mom taught you when you were a kid.

5. Wondering How Long Flu Lasts

Ordinary flu is a little different every year, but in general, people should be feeling better within a couple of days. Some symptoms may last as long as two weeks, however, and there’s a chance of secondary problems like bronchitis. Presumably, most people who ask this question are dealing with symptoms that persist, are wondering if they should see a doctor, or they just want an indication of when they can expect to return to work. If you’re worried, if you’re a high-risk individual (for example, you’re pregnant, elderly, an asthmatic, or a person living with heart disease), if the symptoms won’t clear or improve and then get worse again, it’s time to seek medical attention.

6. Asking Questions About HPV

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is among the health issues that worry people enough for them to hit google. In this instance, it’s unlikely that they have any symptoms. Most probably, they’ve heard about the HPV inoculation for children and young people who are not yet sexually active. Since HPV is implicated as an infection that can increase the chances of getting certain types of cancer, and one in four people already carry it, often unknowingly, it’s wise to have kids inoculated before they’re sexually active. 

7. Looking for Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol in the blood can cause the formation of deposits that constrict blood flow through the arteries, placing stress on the heart, and increasing heart attack risk. It’s likely that people searching this term online are hoping for an easy answer. Unfortunately, although the answers are simple, they do involve lifestyle changes. You guessed it! A heart-healthy diet and exercise are the top ways to reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. 

Searching Your Health Questions Online? Beware of Fringe Opinions

With so many people resorting to internet answers to their health questions, it’s important to be careful about whom you believe. Choose mainstream websites and be very cautious of advice that seems to go against broadly accepted opinion. Not everything you read online is true, even if you want it to be. When in doubt, check with your doctor.