Hospitals and clinics are confusing places for most visitors, especially when they are stressed due to illnesses and injuries or worried about the health of the loved ones. Finding the way to the various facilities, checking in for treatment, or simply waiting to get updates on the health of a family member is usually not an experience that people enjoy. Implementing digital signage solutions can significantly improve the customer experience, shorten their wait times, improve their information access, or simply make waiting for a more pleasant experience. A quick look at how your healthcare facility can benefit from a digital signage solution:

Makes the Healthcare Facility Appear Modern

When you install digital media screens in your healthcare facility, they immediately enhance the looks of your facility making it appear modern. It is usually a huge reassurance to patients who might be tentative or apprehensive about the quality of the treatment they can expect to receive. Digital signage gives the impression that the facility is professionally managed and places a lot of emphasis on serving patients well.

Accelerates the Intake of Patients 

Waiting to check-in or set up an appointment can often be a frustrating process for patients as they need to queue up uncomplainingly and get themselves registered. By using interactive touch-screen kiosks, the patients can themselves undertake the intake process instead of waiting to be attended to by one of the staff. Not only can patients check-in but also schedule future appointments, update their records, pay their bills, print receipts, and access their health records.

Reduces Perceived Wait Time

Waiting to see a doctor can be very annoying for patients, especially when they are stressed out. According to, a majority of patients report that waiting was the most stressful thing about meeting their doctors. By implementing a solution using Raydiant’s digital signage for healthcare facilities, the hospital can not only keep the visitors and patients better informed about new products and services or special offers but also deliver high-quality entertaining content that makes the time they are waiting seem shorter.

Eases Anxiety and Tension 

It is natural for patients to feel nervous and stressed out while waiting to get attended to by a healthcare professional. By having digital signage display entertaining content, you can help them to take their mind off whatever is distressing them and help them to relax. When patients are less anxious and more relaxed, healthcare providers can achieve better outcomes. A relaxed patient is liable to be able to tell the doctor their symptoms in greater detail or be able to listen to the doctor’s advice regarding how to take care of them.


Any discussion on the benefits of digital signage in healthcare facilities would be incomplete without mentioning how it can help the clinic to share important announcements, new services, and other important health-related information. You can also share wellness tips, health advisories, and general medical advice for better patient health. Another common use of digital signage is to provide directions so that visitors can find their way through the facility without getting confused or lost.

Aside from its uses in healthcare facilities, digital signages are also used for digital marketing ads and in business establishments like hotels, restaurants, offices, boutiques, and news outlets. If you plan to use digital signage to promote your business, you can log into to learn how to drive more clients to your store with this technology.