If there was one breakthrough that medical science sorely needs, it would be to decrease the sheer number of cardiology related disorders in human beings. Such is the scale of the disease that in 2018 about 30.3 million US adults were diagnosed with heart disease. According to Healthline, about 647,000 Americans die from heart disease and 1 in every 4 deaths is due to the same reason. While most of the heart diseases are said to originate in the unhealthy lifestyles that humans lead, several new directions in clinical research have paved the way for hope to emerge for novel treatment of cardiological disorders. Several people are now participating in Paid Medical Research Studies in Miami to understand and evolve new defenses for our hearts. Let us look at some groundbreaking interventions.

Stem Cell Therapy

Of late several studies have confirmed the therapeutic use of stem cells to improve cardiac function and prevent myocardial injury. You got to be living under a rock if you have escaped the miracle that stem cells are. Stem cells are those cells in the body that have the unique ability to develop into specialised cell types in the body. Not only this, but they also proliferate incessantly to develop more stem cells. Their efficacy in treating heart-related problems are however underdeveloped even after two decades worth of research and over 200 trials. It has also been found that the efficacy of stem cells depends on individual patients. Even though still in the research phase, stem cell therapy is widely popular and is being considered to solve major cardiology issues.

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction

What if you could actually predict who is prone to more risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease? This would be no less than spiderman getting to know about his long jump powers. Several studies have been initiated in this regard and have shown promising deliveries. Cardiovascular diseases calculators determine an individual’s risk of developing a disease in the short term generally in 5 to 10 years. The efficacy and accuracy of such calculators are still being tested and the results would be out soon for us to be able to heed to the risk pointer. However, take it from us-the general advice of adopting a healthier lifestyle is not going anywhere. 

Enhancement of Current Drugs

According to this article of NCBI, drugs such as tolvaptan and omecamtiv mecarbil are being enhanced to increase their efficacy in treating heart failure. Tolvaptan reduces pre and afterload by decreasing systolic pressure and volume is therefore being studied to be adopted to heart failure therapy. Omecamtiv mecarbil helps in cardiac contractility. Apart from these many drugs are in consideration for enhancement to fight the deadly cardiovascular diseases and more importantly heart failure. 

Gene therapy for rare congenital diseases

According to Wikipedia, gene therapy focuses on the utilization of therapeutic delivery of nucleic acids into a patient’s cells as a drug to treat disease. Although this has not received spectacular success, several scientists are looking at it to cure congenital diseases as well as cardiology. 

All such interventions and development of novel methods would not have been possible if common people like you and me did not do their bit to contribute to the advancement of medicine by participating in clinical trials. Paid Medical Research Studies in Miami allow you to get compensated while being treated free of cost. Of course, there is the added benefit of being among the first to try a novel and groundbreaking treatment. Royal Research Corp in Miami is a clinical research institute that has been carrying out some interesting research in Cardiology apart from several other branches of medicine. Remember to carefully understand the risks and rewards of joining clinical research from your trusted medical practitioner.