Chiropractic medicine is becoming more and more popular as the years go by but at the same time, it is also viewed with skepticism and even ridiculed by professional medicine. There are definitely mixed reviews when chiropractic is the topic because despite the criticism it gets from medical professionals, people who have tried chiropractic medicine praises it for being able to relieve them from their ailments or illnesses.


Chiropractic medicine originated with Daniel David Palmer in Davenport Iowa in 1895. It all started when Palmer performed a spinal manipulative technique on a patient who was suffering from deafness. After the technique was done on the patient, his hearing returned. This made Palmer want to pursue and study further the developing and new profession which he named “chiropractic”. By 1925, there were 82 chiropractic schools established but after 44 years it decreased to 11 because of the increased standards of accreditation and licensure requirements. Fast forward to today, chiropractic medicine is the most used alternative to traditional medicine and there are currently 18 chiropractic colleges in the United States and 15 throughout the rest of the world. It is not as deviant or looked down on as it once was.


The most recent statistic is in 2002. It was reported that an estimated number of 15 million Americans sought chiropractic care. The demographic of the patients were mostly white, with an average of 42 years old, and are predominantly female. The most common reasons for seeking chiropractic medicine was because of problems such as neck and back pain.


To become a practitioner you must undergo a four academic year course so that you can be qualified to partake in the licensure examinations. There is a minimum of 90 units prescribed in the course.

Because of the growing popularity more and more people are seeking to become a practitioner. To be ahead and gain more patients, it is important that you are able to promote your services. The best way to do this is by making a chiropractic website design that is user friendly and easy on the eyes. Having a website also helps you become transparent to your patients which is what most people like so that they are able to trust you as their chiropractor.


Spinal manipulation is the most common treatment but there are also other techniques such as flexion-distraction, nimmo-tonus, gonstead technique, and activator. All techniques have the intention to improve joint function and/or decrease muscle tightness.

There are also techniques that are non-manipulative treatments such as patient education, being the most used, the others being exercise, ice therapy, massage, electrical therapy, physical therapy, ultrasound, heat therapy, and acupressure.

When it comes to safety, most techniques especially the most popular spinal manipulative therapy has been proven safe so far as there are no reported incidents of people experiencing serious or severer issues after the treatment. It is however or is possible to experience soreness that only feels similar to what you feel after an extreme exercise or intense workout.

Do watch out for practitioners who seem sketchy. These are practitioners who say that they use a special new technique or are able to cure serious conditions such as cancer, or chronic conditions. Pick chiropractors who are transparent with their treatments and who do not make false claims.