In the healthcare industry, there may be several turns during your life where you move from one location to another and need to pack up your medical supplies. Perhaps you are moving the location of a pharmacy, or maybe you are considering packing up your old doctors surgery for a new location. 

Today we want to help you with some tips on how to pack up your medical supplies safely and transport them to a new place without any risk of damage or issue. 

Here are some of the best ways for you to keep your stuff safe and get it to your new location with no problems. 

Keep it Cool 

The most important thing to consider when moving medical supplies such as equipment or medicine is whether or not you have anything which is temperature-dependent in your stocks. If so, you need to ensure that you get some cooling boxes at the ready and use these when packing up your things to keep them cool and safe during your travels. 

Wrap Everything Tightly 

It is important when you are looking to move medical supplies as well as equipment such as machines that you wrap everything securely and tightly to avoid any damage down the line. You can use both shrink wrap and bubble wrap to help pack your items securely and ensure that nothing is able to move around or get knocked over during transit. 

Add Labels to Chemicals 

When moving things such as medication or other medical supplies it is very important for you to add labels to them to ensure that regular folk don’t hurt themselves during the transport process. Make sure to add labels with warnings on them where appropriate and try to put all harmful chemicals in the same place to reduce the risk. 

Use a Trusted Driver 

When transporting medical goods it is important to use a trusted driver who will get the job done safely. You can look at a freelance load board to see what trusted drivers are available and choose one that has some experience of transporting these types of goods. It is important to leave a job like this is good hands to ensure nothing is damaged. 

Insure Your Load 

The great thing about using a shipping company or movers for your load is that you’ll be able to insure everything in the event of damage. If any of your supplies are damaged during transit we all know how expensive that can be and you can avoid this by having insurance right from the start. 

Be Careful Unloading 

If you are unloading and unboxing items yourself when you get to your destination you need to be incredibly careful and avoid damage. Glass bottles and jars of chemicals could smash and you always run the risk of damaging large medical machines. Take it slow and be careful with every single thing. 


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