Lockdowns, social distance, and closure of fitness centers made exercising difficult amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, that does not mean you cannot work out from the comfort of your home. You go for morning walks, do jogging, swimming, cycling, and even walk your dog, which is a great exercise to stay healthy and fit.

If you have dumbbells, you can tone up your muscles and do pushups to stay in shape, especially when you are working from home and have a sedentary lifestyle. Even walking around your block or in the park can help you stay fit. Here are some tips to help you exercise amid the pandemic:

Mike Giannulis thinks an exercise plan will help

When you are at home due to a pandemic, you need to think of a fitness plan. Focus on your energy levels, especially if you are experiencing tiredness and stress, of late. Ask a health expert online how what exercises you can try when you are feeling low amid the corona crisis. You need to set practical fitness goals, activities, and then start exercising. Do workouts that you will enjoy doing and not anything that makes you more tired and stressed.

You can simple exercises like walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator if that is comfortable for you. If you have a fitness app, use it to meet your workout goals and celebrate your achievement.

Exercise at a suitable time

Most people exercise early in the morning because it keeps you revitalized so that you can start your day on a positive note. Then, if you feel that early morning is not the right time, you can work out during the afternoon, taking a short break from your work. According to Michael Giannulis, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and pushups will arouse your brain so that you can manage home and professional work efficiently.

Prioritize your exercises

If you want to succeed in your workout plan, place your workouts or activities on a similar calendar as your daily appointments. Usually, you will not cancel your doctor’s appointment because you are feeling like it or tied up with work. Make the same rule when it comes to your exercises. This way, you can stick to the plan. On the contrary, you will exercise, feel better, and start the day with a refreshed body and mind. Try this strategy and you will benefit from the same.

Stick to your goals

Instead of thinking about how to have bulging biceps, aim for a 30-minute walk from Monday to Friday. Keep a fitness app handy to measure your progress or figure out where you are failing to meet your goals. Make improvements accordingly.

Keep a calendar so that you can determine how many months you are exercising and your effort level. When you monitor your progress, it will make you responsible, inspire you to continue exercising, and give you a sense of achievement. When you achieve your goals, you can post on social media. Your friends and loved ones will like the posts that give you much boost and support.


Try these tips to make workouts enjoyable. You must exercise daily and enjoy the experience and not because you have to do it.

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