With the Covid 19 pandemic, many businesses struggled to cope with the broad world economy’s repercussions closing down due to lockdown restrictions and not being able to trade. COVID affected every company and its staff, many of which were never able to recover from the blowing effects. According to Yelp, more than 160 thousand businesses indicated that they had suspended trading. These are astonishing figures never before even heard of. The reality is, for the remaining companies that we’re able to keep their doors open through arguably the worst pandemic we have ever faced, we now need to start showing some productivity once again. The problem is, we have not yet removed the COVID risk, and that people are forced to begin working amid the global pandemic to save whatever we can. Let’s look at how you can keep your employees safe as well as productive during the pandemic. 

Supply enough PPE

One of the essential aspects thereof is supplying them with the required PPE products to protect your workforce. Ensure they are thoroughly screened daily and that they continuously sanitize their hands. They must be equipped to sanitize wherever they work, when they’re moving throughout the building, and even after taking a break. Provide sufficient space for employee workstations. It will mean that even if you missed an infected individual at screening, the odds of them infecting someone else remains as low as possible. Use as few people as possible indoors and when they’re on lunch, keep them separated, preferably outside the premises of operation. When you supply them with masks, and they don’t regularly wear them, you practically waste money. Ensure when your staff is indoors and working with one another to keep their masks on at all times. 

Assist Staff with Testing 

With all the measures put in place, it is also essential that you identify staff that may have been exposed to the virus. You must ensure they’re separated from other employees and that they can’t affect anyone else within the premises. To effectively conduct testing, many organizations use Private COVID Testing, which efficiently delivers accurate test results. Companies utilize the results thereof and ensure that their workforce doesn’t get infected by an employee who was missed at the screening. Private COVID Testing can deliver results within 4 hours of the tests being conducted and doesn’t offer anyone the opportunity to infect others. This will give all your employees’ peace of mind and ensure that they stay at the top tier of productivity without the worry of being infected by a colleague.

Image by wichai bopatay from Pixabay 

These methods will allow your employees to work freely without worrying about COVID the entire time. They should understand that they remain one of the most critical aspects of your business and that you would jump through hoops to keep it that way. It will ensure they stay loyal to the company and they keep giving it their all. Remember, nothing in your business is more important than having the right staff at the right place at the right time.

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