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Employee turnover in the healthcare industry is a real problem, and this will be something you will appreciate if you run any kind of healthcare business. There are all kinds of reasons why turnover is so high, and these include problems within the workplace, career dissatisfaction, and burnout.

Another contributing factor is the job fit. When an employee isn’t suited to their role, they will either leave of their own accord or be forced to leave by their employer. This is why it’s important to nail down the recruiting process. 

If you’re looking to recruit new hires soon, here are some suggestions that we hope you find useful. 

Outsource Your Recruiting

Instead of handling every aspect of the recruitment process yourself, consider the services of a recruitment agency. As we discussed here, there are advantages to outsourcing. For one, you will be partnering with a firm that has access to a pool of trained professionals in the healthcare industry, so you won’t need to spend a fortune on advertising. And secondly, you will be able to access the right talent quickly, as an agency will already have people on file. You will still have the opportunity to assess each candidate, of course, but it’s good to know that you have people on your side who can help you. 

Recruit From The Right Places

If deciding to advertise without the aid of an agency, you do need to source the best places for healthcare talent. Colleges that specialize in healthcare courses are a good place to start, such as nursing and other medical schools. Get in touch and arrange an appointment to visit students who are about to graduate, and perhaps organize an internship program within your workplace so you can attract the top students to you. 

Advertise on the relevant job boards too. JAMA Network and Health eCareers are just two examples within the healthcare industry but there are others online. 

And consider hiring from within your own organization. It might be that you already have people in place with the skills and training you require, and as they will know your business inside and out, they could be a good place to start. 

Screen Your Applicants

Whether you decide to work with a recruiting agency or not, you should still screen potential applicants. There are many ways you can do this, from going over resumes to taking up references. When you have shortlisted potential candidates, there are other screening stages you can go through. You might decide on drug testing, for example, provided you adhere to local drug testing laws. And you can also give your shortlisted candidates a trial run within your workplace. 

The key is to find people who have a calling to serve others, especially when you’re advertising for caring and medical roles. Look out for evidence of this when checking resumes and taking up references. And if you do offer a trial run, monitor how well your candidates interact with the clients in your care for evidence of their commitment and abilities. 

When you get the recruiting process right, you will acquire the hires who are the right fit for your business. So, consider our suggestions, and then commit to further research to improve your chances of hiring success.

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