When it comes to navigating the healthcare of children, the tricky part is getting the best service while controlling the costs-because they can skyrocket at any time. Given the usual state of panic in an adult, if their children are in for some sort of a medical ailment, the decision for a healthcare service is guided more by anxiety rather than sound, value-based decision. According to a study, five conditions among children were classified as highly costly. They were-expenditures of mental disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, trauma-related disorders, acute bronchitis and upper respiratory infections, and infectious diseases.

As far as health insurance for these conditions is concerned- they mainly cover expenses related to hospitalization. However, as many parents will tell you-these to make roughly 30% of the expenses. Most expenditure, that is about 70% is still in diagnostic tests, consultations with Haitian Doctors serving Miami and preventive healthcare. Poor parents are left running from pillar to post for bridging the gap between what is insured and what is not. This is where the services of a Discount Plan Organization comes to the fore in the form of a Medical Discount Card.

What is a Medical Discount Card?

A medical discount card also known as a healthcare discount card is a program similar to a loyalty program where you pay a membership fee in exchange for discounts on hospitalization and non-hospitalization related expenses. In Miami, discount plan organizations have a vast network of hospitals and diagnostic centers, the premier ones in Pediatrics being Comprehensive Health Center, Excel Aesthetics and Preventive and Primary Care.

Who is it for?

Basically everyone. Especially underinsured and uninsured ones. The idea behind a medical discount card is to provide affordable healthcare to people who do not have bargaining power. For pediatric procedures like Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy whose costs are driven up because of the perioperative care involved, medical discount cards are ideal.

What are the services included?

The umbrella of services covered under these cards is quite wide right from discounts on home, dental care, medicines, outpatient departments and doctor consultation fee. Not only this, certain cards also offer discounts on ‘wellness services’ such as diet programs and spa treatments for children. They also include ‘Second Opinion’ services from many  Haitian Doctors serving Miami before a major procedure, therefore you know for sure that the programme offers immense value to you. 

How do I sign up for one?

You can sign up for these kinds of services on the websites by filling out an application form. The firm contacts you within a couple of days and takes it forward. Alternatively, you could contact the affiliates of such programs and sign up for them. Do remember to evaluate cost and benefit before signing up for them. The idea is to save money on healthcare and not spend the money saved on bogus schemes. You should be aware of the regulations regarding these services in your area. Be also mindful of the number of family members covered under such programs.

While the world is advancing healthcare with the help of artificial intelligence, telemedicine and is striving to reduce costs by developing standardized costs utilizing big data, we can only hope that the goal of affordable medical care for all becomes a reality. Meanwhile, our entrepreneurs are out there solving this crisis with the help of medical discount cards and enriching our lives. The goal of affordable medical care for children is a just goal worth pursuing and discount medical cards are just a means to the end.