To correct crooked or raised teeth, dentists use braces, especially for children that help fix several teeth or even an entire row. Aligners and dentures can also help in teeth straightening, but braces are the most popular, and dentists have been using them for years. However, misalignment or poor shape of a single tooth is bad enough because it can affect the entire facial appearance, which you may not like. A crooked or poorly shaped tooth can damage your confidence so much that you would feel shy to smile freely, fearing what others would think about you.


An orthodontist would usually recommend braces, ceramic or metallic, for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth most effectively. Braces use a few brackets interconnected by tight wires, and when worn for the specified time, it gradually shifts the position of the teeth and helps regain proper and healthy alignment.  The orthodontist adjusts the braces’ tension and increases it gradually by considering the progress of the treatment to achieve the desired results. However, orthodontists consider using braces as the last resort only when other tooth straightening options do not work.

Sometimes patients look for other teeth straightening options without using braces, in which case the orthodontist might recommend any of the following.


If you have a single tooth that creates a sore sight due to its misalignment, then there is no need to think about braces which are usually effective when you have a problem with several teeth. One option of aligning a single tooth is to use retainers available in both removable and fixed varieties. Besides the recommendation of the orthodontist, consider your comfort level and lifestyle before deciding about it. Patients might prefer removable retainers that help them remove them when attending social functions or professional events. However, wearing them most of the time is vital to complete the treatment on time.

Palatal expanders

To widen the upper teeth arch, the orthodontist might use a palatal expander so that space is available for the teeth to move to a new position.  The orthodontist attaches the expander to the upper molars and uses a special key to apply to turn a screw and apply controlled pressure of the upper jaw in each half.


Invisalign treatment in Las Vegas consists of sets of aligners that are removable and, over time, straightens the teeth. The treatment’s biggest attraction is that the device remains invisible, which allows patients to wear it regularly without anyone knowing about it. Since people want to maintain confidentiality during many cosmetic dental procedures, Invisalign provides the right solution. Since patients do not remove the device except for meeting the conditions of treatment, the treatment’s success rate is higher than braces and retainers. According to this expert dentist in Pasadena, patients should wear Invisalign for 22 hours for the best results.

Leave the choice of treatment to the orthodontist because it is hard to ascertain which way will work best for you. However, tell the dentist about your preference to get what you want if the conditions permit.