Not long ago, everything fatty was considered bad. Some people still believe that, thinking that if they remove all fatty foods from their diet, they’ll be able to reach their body goals without issues.

However, that’s completely wrong. There are kinds of fats that are definitely bad for your health, such as trans fats. Trans fats raise the LDL, also known as the bad cholesterol, which is the main culprit behind heart diseases. So sticking to good fats should be your best go-to source for consuming enough healthy foods. So for that reason here are some tips on how to make that happen. 

Know your fats 

You don’t need to eliminate fats from your diet in order to see the progress. Your body needs fats in order to function properly, so if you must get rid of certain foods, try to reduce your consumption of processed stuff that is full of artificial ingredients and sugars. Instead, take your time to learn more about fats, so you’ll know which ones deserve your attention. Good fats can help you absorb vitamins, prevent overeating by making you feel fuller and lower the risk of obesity. 

Start with saturated fats

As we mentioned, saturated fats are good for you as they’re naturally found in animal fats and dairy products. Therefore, eating red meat like pork, beef, veal, poultry and lamb will definitely provide you with enough quantities of good fats. However, if you prefer to eat less meat, you can always stick to whole milk, high-fat cheese and ice cream. And in case you’re a vegetarian or vegan, there are a lot of saturated fats in coconut and palm oils, so feel free to start from there. 

Stay away from trans fats

Since trans fats are responsible for a number of diseases. Eating fried fast foods is the surest way to eat trans fats, so if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, then make sure to reduce your consumption, so you’ll be able to see better results. Even though there are other foods that contain trans fats, stuff like French fries, burgers and onions rings are fried in vegetable oil, that contain trans fats. And, since that oil is getting reused, that means that the trans fat concentration gets higher after each use. So feel free to treat yourself to such foods once in a while, but try to stay away from them in general. 

Find healthy sources of fats

Now that we’ve established that not all fats are bad, it’s time to determine what are the most healthy fats, in order to include them in your diet. If you want to use fats and oils to cook, then try to choose monosaturated fats that can reduce the bad cholesterol in your blood. Some of these oils are canola oil, olive oil, and sesame oil. And if you want to increase your intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, then you can opt for polysaturated fats. These fats provide the same benefits as monosaturated fats, with the addition of fatty acids. You can use oils like soybean and corn, or even better, try consuming sunflower seeds, tofu, flaxseeds and walnuts. 

Use these tips to ensure a healthy way of eating 

Now that you know more about fats, it’s important to learn how to incorporate them into your diet. Breakfast is probably one of the most important meals of the day, so rather than eating sugars and carbs, make sure to choose some oats instead. Oatmeal with some flaxseeds will provide you with enough fibres and omega-3s to keep you sustained until lunch. When it comes to lunch, feel free to go light by choosing avocado (another excellent source of good fats!), skinless chicken, and reduced-fat cheese. Dinner is also important, especially if you like working out late, so a piece of salmon with some nuts sprinkled on top will definitely keep you full. And if you like snacking in the evening, then it’s best to opt for nuts, healthy olives, fruits and seeds rather than potato chips, pastries and sweets. 


Some fats are beneficial for you, so it’s important to eat them more. However, in order to do that properly, you should learn the difference between good fats and bad fats. So feel free to eat more foods rich in good fats and soon you’ll see the benefits of your improved way of eating.