Many collagen dressings have been engineered to enhance wound repair. There is a range of advanced care wound dressings available, so it’s important to revisit the basics. Over the years wound treatment has advanced and changed, but ultimately the best dressing should contribute to rapid healing.

The importance of wound dressings is that they’re accessible, and not overly expensive, which means most people can have them available in their homes. If you’re unsure what collagen dressings are, or you want to remind yourself, then we’ve taken to answering the key questions below.

Where Can I Buy Collagen Dressings?

There is a range of collagen dressings available to buy online. Make sure to know your type of wound, and what it needs to be able to heal. There is a huge range of collagen dressings that differ in price and use different combining agents. If you’re unsure talk to your doctor about your wound before buying one.

What are Collagen Dressings?

The most plentiful protein in our body is collagen, and over 20 different types of it have been identified in our body.  So, it’s a key component of our healthy healing process by promoting growth. Collagen Dressings provide an extra collagen source to encourage rapid healing. They come as powders, gels, freeze-dried sheets, and pastes.

When Should I Use Collagen Dressings?

When you have a wound that fails to heal quickly then it’s a good idea to use collagen dressings. Many reduce the pain of the wound whilst encouraging wound repair. Use them when the wound has stalled in the healing phase. Remember to always ask your doctor if you’re unsure.

How Do I Use Collagen Dressings?

This often depends on the type of dressing you use, as they come in many forms. A professional can apply it for you and they will often recommend them. The wound bed needs to be cleaned and prepared before applying the dressing. The packet should come with instructions so read them carefully before use. The dressing should be changed every seven days, but that may vary.

What are the Pros?

There are more pros than cons, but it’s important to look at both sides. The main pros are that they accelerate wound repair, they’re easy to apply, and they can be left on for up to seven days. The cons are that you’ll need a secondary dressing, and the odour is unusual.


Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s direction on how to apply and remove the dressing. If you have a collagen dressing in your first aid kit at home, make sure to keep an eye on its expiration date. Also, ensure you store collagen dressings properly, as failure to store them correctly could hinder the effectiveness of the dressing.

Collagen dressing is an easy-to-use product that can help your wound to heal. The wide range of benefits of this dressing is that it can dramatically improve someone’s life, through healing a painful wound.